Monday, December 29, 2014


I HOPE ALL OF YOU HAD A SUPER DUPER CHRISTMAS!!!!!! I know I did! I love being on a mission for Christmas because I get to just focus on Christ and the real meaning of Christmas without all of the gifts and things. It is the best!!
Since I didn't e-mail last week I have a lot to say for this e-mail!! I hope I can say everything that I want too! haha...if time permits!
So, The week before Christmas I got to go on two exchanges. I was in the other area for both of them and it was so much fun!! I love these sisters so much, and I learn a ton from them! I went to Hodgenville Kentucky for the first one with Sister Herald! She has only been out for 2 months and is amazing! I was blown away! We had a great day full of miracles and laughter! I got to teach someone in Sign language while I was there! Who knew that my 2 years of sign language in High School would come in handy for my mission!
I then got to go to Highlands, which is downtown Louisville, on a bike! That was super fun! It felt so great to be on a bike again! I miss it! I was with Sister Griffiths who has only been out for a few weeks! We had such a fun time together! I just love these exchanges because I get to learn so much from the other sisters! We saw so many miracles from talking with people on the street and had great success that day! It was fabulous! I was really sore the next day because we biked about 40 or 50 miles. She got lost a lot since she has only been out for a few weeks, which made sense.
This last week:
 We had a mission conference/party as a whole mission like we did last year!! It was so much fun!!! I love being able to see all the missionaries I have served around or with and talking to them! We had some great musical numbers, and then played some hilarious games! Our team was Comet, and we totally won! It was great! The tetons came into play because I got volunteered to do the egg toss for our team with another missionary. We totally won! That is one thing that has not changed about me...I am still competitive! haha  That night we spent at the mission home with President and Sister Brough, and Sister Ellsworth. Sister Ellsworth was going home a couple weeks early, so she could start school. We were her companions for the night! It was great to be able to just sit down with President and Sister Brough and hear stories! I love them so much!
Tuesday: We went on an exchange with Shephardsville Sisters! I was in our area with Sister Galloway that day! We came out together, so it was an amazing day to say the least! We talked about miracles, and stories from our mission! It was amazing! We have this family that we are teaching, the Bonamou's, they are so prepared! They are from Africa and they are so smart! We are teaching the mom, and the two daughters. They know it is true, but can't get baptized until their dad gets here from Africa. They are going to be one powerhouse Mormon family!  ANSWER TO PRAYER: The night before Sister Goodrich and I decided to pick out some members in the ward that we wanted to see that week, so we could build relationships with them. We picked like 5 and two of them were the Mushala's and the Hall's. Well, while we were on the exchange we get a call from the Mushala's inviting us to come over for dinner that night. It was the exact hour that we didn't have an appointment and the Hall's were going to be eating with them too! CAN I SAY PERFECT! They are amazing families, and we had a great dinner appointment with them! We saw a lot of other people, but I don't have time to talk about it all.
CHRISTMAS EVE!! We painted a closet at a recent converts house! That was fun! We taught a few investigators some awesome lessons!  We then went to the Moons and had dinner with them! They are hilarious! The mom is a recent convert and the son is not a member. It was a really good dinner, and they are super sarcastic, so it was hilarious to say the least!  We weren't allowed to proselyte after 6, so we went over to the Hebdons, who are members of the ward! They are sooooo FUNNY! We ate dinner with them too! SO FULL! It was delicious though! We frosted cookies, and then acted out the nativity scene! The spirit was really strong and it was a great time!
We spent that day at the Thorns! All 8 of us missionaries in the ward spent pretty much the whole day there! It was fabulous! We got to Skype, play games, and nap! It was a great relaxing day, but I was ready to go to work on Friday!
We had a great district meeting about consecration and developing Christ-like attributes! We had a great lesson with our wonderful investigators the Coffey's. Brother Coffey cracks all these cheesy jokes all the time it is funny stuff! They are progressing so well in the Gospel and want us to come over everyday! We did some more service at the Revolus house! We taught a few other people as well.
Saturday: I loved this day because we got to do a little bit of every aspect of the work! I love those days! We had some great lessons!
Sunday: Was amazing! I received so many answers to my prayers at church! I love being able to receive revelation at church!
It was a great couple of weeks!
I met a boy named ZION!
President during the chubby bunny game yells..." we will go until they gag."
I challenge you all to study Repentance. We had to give a training on it, and I have learned a lot about repentance and experiencing repentance! It is really cool! We really have to change our thoughts one day at a time!
Pray: For Jamie to be able to make it to church
I love you all! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Sister Bradley

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Wow, what a whirlwind of a week! It was crazy busy, fast, slow, exhausting, exciting, happy, sad, cold, hot, wonderful week of being a missionary in the GKLM!!!
Let me tell you a little about my crazy wonderful companion Sister Goodrich!!!!!
1. She is from Kaysville Utah...2nd companion in a row from there.
2. She was a dancer...also 2nd in a row!
3. She has a super fun boisterous laugh! It is great!
4. She has a super powerful testimony and is a fabulous missionary! I have already learned a ton from!
5. Really we are literally the same person...Our personalities are the same, we already finish each others sentences, and it is great fun!
6. She has been out for a little over a year.
7. She has 6 siblings
Yeah, she is awesome and we get along great!
The funny/interesting things of the week!
-  Our area  is literally the melting pot of Louisville! I have met people from.....Africa, Haiti, Jordan, Russia, Turkey, Colombia, and  Mexico!! There are probably more places, but those are a few!! CRAZY! We teach so many people that speak hardly any English, so the pamphlets are our best friend! I love these people so much already! It is so cool!!
- That moment when a recent convert gets a blessing after church from the elders, and they ask her, " who do you want to give the blessing?" She replies, " the tall one because he is the closest to God." hahaha!!! So funny!
- After transfer meeting a family in the ward has all the missionaries come over because there are 4 sets in our ward. Two Spanish and two English. They have what they like to call, " Breakinf Bread at the Thorns!" It was hilarious! They are a hilarious couple from New York that was baptized a few years ago.
A few of the SPIRITUAL aspects of the week:
- When a person, named Bobby, that I got to teach in Evansville lives in Louisville. I taught him during a bible study at a halfway house for people getting out jail. I sent a picture once! He isn't a member, but I got his address from a member in Evansville before I left and he lives across the street from the church! The elders are going to teach him because he lives in their area, but so cool!!!
- Sister Goodrich and I were teaching these two girls, Marie and Veronique the other day. They are 10, and 14! We taught them and they asked great questions and everything! To give you a background there mom is being taught as well. They can't get baptized until their dad comes here from Africa, and we have no idea when he will get here due to immigration. Sister Goodrich said that sisters have never taught the daughters, so we decided to focus on them as well. We taught them and it was a super powerful lesson! At the end Veronique prayed and asked if the Book of Mormon was true. After she asked she sat in silence for about 3 minutes, and the spirit was so strong!! It was amazing! She looked up after the prayer, and just said, " I know, wow." The spirit was so strong! I love them so much!
 It was a great week and I love being able to serve those around me! I love the work of the LORD! It is the best thing ever!!!!  I especially love this season because everyone is more focused on Christ, which makes them happier! I hope that you all are remembering the real reason we have Christmas! It was a such a wonderful Miracle that the Savior came and was born, lived a perfect life, atoned for every one of us, over came death, and was resurrected! He is the one we should be turning to all the time! I can only imagine what this world would be like if everyone  remembered the Savior the whole year round! It would be amazing!!!
I love you all and hope that you have a fabulous week!!!
Sister Bradley

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Welll, I can't believe it is December today! CRAZY! I hope you all had a wonderful THANKSGIVING!!! I know I did!
Monday- The very unusual and short P-day! We had a lesson with Brody at 2:30 and it was great! We brought the Hermana's because Hermana Butts is a convert and we wanted her to share her testimony and conversion with him. We had a super great lesson with him! He told us that if he knows without a doubt that the Gospel is true he would get baptized no matter what and would talk to his dad about it since he is only 16.  We went and helped a member move, and that was also fun! One of the members that was with us helping us move the other member invited us over for dinner. We went over to the Kennedy's house and they are awesome!! I love their family! They totally remind me of my family when I was younger! They are simply hilarious! We had them act out a Book of Mormon story and I am pretty sure it was the most hilarious thing ever!

Tuesday- We did some service for an investigator Jo. We went over and helped her make pies! Super fun! We made pumpkin pie and apple pie!  She is soo great! She is one of the most selfless people I have ever met! She told us some very personal things and said that we have brought so much peace into her life! So wonderful! She told us she has adopted us as her granddaughters! We then had to go and help set up and serve food at the VOA, which is a halfway house for prisoners. That was really fun too! We enjoyed talking to them and being able to serve them! We got to eat with them too! We had a lesson with a member, Esteban, after! He is so funny! He has taught us some Spanish! We had a great lesson with him and I even shared my favorite scripture in Spanish with him, and prayed in Spanish!
Wednesday- We had our last District meeting of the transfer! It was the most powerful district meeting I have ever had! We have 12 people in our district, so it is pretty big! We were talking about how when we talk to people that a great way to start off a conversation is a compliment because everyone loves compliments! We discussed how they have to be sincere compliments though. For part of the training they had each of us stand up front and everyone in the room had to give a sincere compliment to the person up front. It was so powerful! The spirit was really strong! I learned a lot about myself and the strengths that I have through that! There are strengths that I didn't even know I had been blessed with! It was super cool!  We then did more service for another member and we helped her make wontons! She gave us some to take home and they are so good! We had a great lesson that evening with the Filson family! They moved her from Alaska a year ago and were taught by missionaries there. They fed us dinner and then we taught them a lesson. It was really good and I am excited for them to continue to progress in the Gospel!

Thursday- THANKSGIVING!!! We weren't allowed to do any proselyting that day. We woke up and did the usual morning routine of working out and studying! We then went and played Basketball at the church with the elders and Hermanas! It was fun! We got ready and went to a Thanksgiving meal at the Isaacsons! There were about 15 of us and it was soooo good!!! We then played the minute to win it game with the cotton balls afterwards! So funny! We stopped by a few investigators houses that told us to say hello on Thanksgiving! We got a ton of food from everyone!! We then played Volleyball as a district and then us and the Hermana's went shoe shopping because they had a great sale at one store and they were super cheap!

Friday- We went on an exchange and I was with Sister Priebe! She is awesome! We spent the day
tracting, trying new people, talking with people, and we didn't teach any lessons. It was okay though. We talked to some great people! We had dinner at a member of the other wards house because they had an open invitation to all the missionaries to come and eat, so we did! It was really good! We taught a lesson to Brother Schoot who is a less-active! It was really great! We are going to start teaching his wife who isn't a member this week, so excited! Then we traveled to Mt. Vernon so I could get my companion back! haha
Saturday- We were able to go and help at the soup kitchen that our church is in charge of every 5th Saturday. We went and got to serve the homeless people, and it was really great! I am full of gratitude every time I am around such humble people. I have been blessed with so much in my life! It made me think of the talk from Conference by Elder Holland. "Aren't we all Beggars." We then had to plan for the coming week because we weren't able to any other day! We met as missionaries to discuss a lesson we were going to teach on Sunday and then we all had dinner at Logan's roadhouse with Sister Andrade! She is our ward missionary! She is amazing and I love her so much! She is a convert of about 3 years and is not afraid of sharing the Gospel! While at Logans' roadhouse Elder Adams ate 38 ounces of steak! It was crazy!!
Sunday- I love Sundays! They are so spiritually uplifting! We got to teach the 5th Sunday lesson as Missionaries to help members use Preach My Gospel in their own missionary work! It was a great lesson! We even role played with them! haha After church we had to fill up the font for the baptisms that the ward was having. We had the Baptism of Saul, Elise, and Moses! It was great! I love Baptisms!!!  We had dinner with Kiersten Taylor and she just has a heart of Gold! I love her!
It was a great week!!!

I am so GRATEFUL for all the prayers, support, and encouragement that I constantly get from all of you! I am grateful and blessed that I have you in my life and for the things that you have taught me!!
Prayer- Please pray that Brody will receive his answer and that we can find some new investigators.
I love you all!!!
Sister Bradley

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


HOLA Hermanos y Hermanas,

yes, the Hermanas are teaching me some great Espanol! By the time i get home I will be fluent in Bearing testimony in Spanish! oh yeah! haha!

Let me tell about this wonderful week because I know you are all waiting in anticipation..haha! Probably not! 

- It was another week in the Cold GKLM!! 

- We were at the recycle center this week and it was literally so cold! We were layered, but by the end my hands and feet were completely numb. I couldn't feel my feet for a good hour after that! Hello winter!!

- BRODY- He is soooooooooo FANTASTIC! He has the strongest spirit ever! Seriously, I could picture him as an apostle! He is simply amazing! So humble, gentle, loving, kind, etc. He has so many Christ-like attributes! It was his Birthday this week and he turned 16! We celebrated with him on his Birthday and brought him a treat! 

-We were with a member last week, and found out that her anniversary was this week and her Husband passed away 6 years ago. I felt prompted to get her flowers and a card and deliver it to her on their anniversary. So, us and the Hermanas did and we doorbell ditched it. She loved it! She was so appreciative! It was so touching! 

Sister Andrade is now a ward missionary! So stoked! She has been a member for 3 years and is such a great member missionary! She is on top of everything missionary it is awesome! She got back from her vacation in Thailand this week and she got us all gifts! She is so cute!

We went to visit a less-active on Wednesday and while we were there she was really stressed out with everything she had to do. We offered to help, so we helped her order Christmas gifts over the phone. It was great! 

We had a lesson with the part member family, the Martins, in Fort Branch. Sister Martin showed us all her gem/rock collection! It was so cool! She gave us earrings that she made from rocks she has polished and made. We taught them a lesson and they took us out to a place called the Log inn for dinner. It was a restaurant built in 1825, and Abraham Lincoln ate there! So cool! It was so good too! 

We went to a members home for dinner with the Hermana's. During dinner the mom told us that sometimes in life we meet people that we feel like we knew  before this life. She then said, " I feel that with you four. I truly love you in my heart and feel that bond and trust." It was such a huge compliment! I just love Sister Rathfon! She is an amazing member and inspires me to be better! 
Friday we had zone conference with President Brough! It was amazing! We had such an amazing conference on Planning, Setting Goals, and seeking Revelation! It was amazing! 

That night we had a lesson with Our investigator Ty Wilson! She is amazing! She is so open with her concerns and questions! It is so great! the lessons with her are always so spiritual! It was cool too because her daughter who is 9 brought out her Bible and asked us questions. She was fully involved in the Gospel Discussion! It was cool! Ty told us that her daughter had been asking for a week when we were coming back. It is so cool because children just know that we have the truth! It is so cool! 

We had a Birthday celebration for a spanish member in the ward Esteban. It was awesome because during the lesson even though I couldn't understand anything i could feel the spirit! It was awesome!

We had a lesson with our amazing investigator JO! She is so adorable! She is in her 50's and just loves us! She is such a devoted Christian! We are going to do service for her this week and help her make pies for thanksgiving! 

It was a great week! I love the work of the Lord so much! It is such a blessing to be able to share the Gospel everyday!!!

Prayer: Please pray that the Libbs will have a desire to continue to learn. 

Challenge: Remember that the Heavenly Father loves you! 

Have a fabulous week! 

Sister Bradley

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Love makes the world go round!!

It has been a cold week here in Indiana! It was in the 20's and 30's all week and we got a few inches of snow last night! CRAZY! Wasn't expecting that this soon here. It is marvelous though because It feels like winter and snow is so pretty!!
Let me tell you about the exciting adventures of Sister Bradley and Sister Hinton from this week!


    We had dinner with a member Dana Mills! She is wonderful and just became active again! She is a convert like most people in our ward, and is just so straight forward and hilarious! Then we had a wonderful first lesson with Jeremy and Erica! They are so adorable!!! They have a little boy named Dillon who is 2. They are seriously  a perfect little family! We had a great lesson with them, and they are going to read and pray, but unfortunately we can't meet with them again for a few weeks because they are super busy. Figure that one out..haha! Sometimes as a missionary I forget that people have a life besides meeting with us and just  engrossing themselves in the Gospel!  We then had a great lesson with the Cathro's. They are a family in the ward. They have a great sense of humor and I am pretty sure I die laughing every time we go over there! They have over 300 board games it is ridiculous and super awesome! So we had a discussion on Christ-like attributes, and started off with a question of what are the Christ-like attributes? Brother Cathro being a the way he is replies, " well, his beard, long hair, nail prints in the hands and feet, robe." It was so funny! We obviously were looking for the answers of faith, hope, charity, etc. It was pretty great! 


We had zone meeting and talked a lot about the Atonement and the importance of the Sacrament! It was super great and I think there is a lot of times in our lives where we take the sacrament for granted. It is the most important ordinance we do in the church! We should be crawling on our hands and knees to want to partake of it. it is a time to think about the atonement, our baptismal covenants, repentance, and gratitude. We went to see Brody after at the library and he was at home, so we ended up teaching Noah Raleigh who was the member that came out with us to teach him.  Noah is super cool and is getting ready to start his papers for his mission! We saw the Meyers again and let me tell you how much I love them! They are so amazing!!! We are only teaching the mom and daughter right now, but they are beyond prepared! We taught her a lesson on the Book of Mormon and it was funny because before we even started the lesson she was asking us for "assignments."  What person asks us for reading assignments and for things to do. SHE DOES! She is beyond prepared for the Gospel! Every question she has screams, " THE GOSPEL IS TRUE THE GOSPEL IS TRUE." It is great!  She and her daughter have baptismal dates for January 31st. They are amazing! We then had dinner with the best older member in the ward! She is a lady in her 70's and her name is Sister Coomes! She fed us salmon.... Ya'll know that I hate seafood! Yea, I tried it and it was okay, but I would prefer not to eat it. She is a super spunky and loving lady!  We then tried a few less-actives and got a call from the elders to come help someone in the ward move. We went and just helped the member move things to the downstairs, to prepare for the move the next day. 


We did pretty much a day of service! We went to the usual recycle center! It was good as always! We had lunch with a whole bunch of old men again and it was hilarious! Before the meal they had a little 2 minute dedication for a new waterfall that they put in. Then we ate and halfway through the meal of pizza and chili...yea random... they pass around a bottle of Apple pie moonshine! It was really funny! Then we did service at the adult day care center. We had a good time playing bean bag toss with all the old folks and lifting them up. We saw the great Sister Holmgren and taught her the Word of Wisdom. It stinks because she has such a strong testimony, but she justifies everything to make things sound okay and right. She committed to live it though!  We then were super cold and went to eat at Jason's deli for a nice bowl of soup, fruit, and a half sandwich! It was really good! We had to go help Sister Aubenque in the ward move and it was funny because it was us, the elders, and a few of the men in the ward. They men in the ward kept making fun of the elders because I kept carrying more than both of the elders! It was pretty great! Well, we were about done with the move and we were waiting for a few things when Elder Adams asked if I could do a gymnastics trick since I was in jeans and could. I said yeah sure I could do a back tuck or something. I had done one the other morning during workout, so I thought I would be fine. Well, I didn't take into consideration my circumstances. 
1. I had leggings and jeans on which equals restriction of movement
2. I had boots on=heavy and slippery
3. I had like 5 layers on top
4. It was dark with a small light on and I was in the grass
5. It was freezing!
Well, I go and do it and I landed sort of on my neck and sort of just did a forward roll out of it.  I WAS FINE DON'T WORRY. I just laughed and got up and everyone literally thought I died or something.... Sister Hinton thought I would have to go to the hospital. It was honestly just super embarrassing because that is something I can do in my sleep! haha! I won't do something like that again as a missionary, so yeah... Dumb Sister Bradley. 


We had weekly planning, where for those who don't know, we plan every hour of everyday for the next week. We saw Brody and we taught him the Word of Wisdom! It went well, and then I helped him with his Chemistry!  We had coordination meeting with our ward mission leader, and did an hour of Family History! I love family History! 


We went and helped set up for the Relief Society Fantastic Friday and were there from 9:30-1:30, and then we had to be back at 4:00 to help again! They were very very appreciative though and the members are really starting to use us as a resource! It is a amazing!! Fantastic Friday went well, and we made cute crafts! There were 4 non-members there and they all live in our area! So stoked!


We went and tried a lot of members on the roster that we have never met that are father out in our area. We met one of them and he is awesome! He grew up in the church and has a lot of talents and skills!  He is sweet and we are going to meet with him hopefully again this next week! We met with a few other people and then saw the Martins! We love seeing them! They are so sweet! Brother Martin is really funny and Sister Martin makes jewelry that is super pretty! They are funny because we always have a lesson with them and then they take us out to eat. I don't know why, they just love too! He is not a member and she is by the way.  We saw Sandy that night and she is a less-active! She is so adorable and hilarious! She has migraines and so it is hard for her to come. 

So cool! The Bishop thanked us personally over the pulpit in sacrament for the service and work that we do! We have been focusing on the members lately and working with them more and serving them. Bishop saw our service at Fantastic Friday and said he was overwhelmed with gratitude for us because we sat and helped! That was huge and such a miracle!!!  So every week we as missionaries in our ward coordinate and where the same color! UNIFIED! The members love it and this week was Pink. Because on Sundays we wear Pink! We saw Keirsten Taylor and she is wonderful! She has such a strong testimony of the Gospel for only Being 17! 

 POSITIVITY is amazing!! People listen and love positivity! I already knew that, but there was a less-active that we met with this week and her heart totally changed just because we sat there and told her all of the things that she was doing right and that were good! She said it made her feel like she was worth something and that normally missionaries are telling her all the things she is doing wrong and she already knows what she is doing wrong. It was wonderful!

I love the work of the Lord so much!! I love just getting to go out, follow the spirit, and work hard! It is the best thing ever!!! 

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Pray: FOR THE LIBBS and that they can continue forward in the Gospel! 

Challenge: Really prepare for and be engaged in the Sacrament this coming week!! 


Sister Bradley

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Children of the Popcorn!


Well, I can't believe another week has gone by! Time flies when you are doing the work of the Lord. I absolutely love being a missionary! It is just so nice to wake up every morning and think I am a missionary. I am representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!
 At Sandy's Pizza

I know that this week we saw a lot of small and simple miracles. We had more of our progressing investigators drop sadly. I know that the Lord has other people in store for us that are ready right now to hear this great message!

 We were able to do a lot of unplanned opportunities of service this week. I love love love service! It is great because when you're helping you're happy! We were walking around a neighborhood one afternoon tracting and contacting because our appointment fell through. We were able to help a few people rake their leaves and bag them. It was great too because it was a blessing in their lives. One was an older couple and they were tired, so we came at the perfect time to help. They were so grateful! I loved it. The other was a man that let us help and we had a 30 minute conversation with him about God after because he is atheist and he committed to read the Book of Mormon!  We were also able to do service for a few members this week as well! It was great! We broke down boxes for a family that just moved in! They are the Hallings! They are awesome! It is a mother and father with their daughter and son in law and grandson that all moved in together. They are so so wonderful and are going to be a great asset to this ward!!  We helped clean out boxes that hadn't been touched for 15 years for another...lets just say I couldn't breathe after that. Then we raked leaves for another family! It is so cool to see the Lord's hand in our everyday lives! We went out to rake leaves for non-members, but the members were the ones who needed us that day, and were so grateful for it. After we raked for them they asked if we were good at taping for painting. I told them that I had done a lot of it in my life because that is what my dad always made me do. I taped a whole room for them in like 10 minutes and they just said," thank you, that would have taken us an hour." It was funny! Thanks dad for making me tape and paint all growing up!  We are building great relationships with the members of this ward! It is amazing because we are starting to see them use us more as a resource which is exactly what we want them to see us as!!!
Stokes Grandkids

We are starting to work with some new amazing people! I know that we are going to find many new investigators this week and see more miracles!

Brody is doing well and he is now reading a chapter every night. He is doing all the things he needs too. We love Brody and totally see him as a future apostle or something!

Us and Brody at the Library
We went out tracting one night and it was pouring down rain and super dark. Almost every person we tried was home and let us in! We taught a couple lessons on porches since we can't go in if there isn't a female present, but it was great! We met this awesome lady named Peggy. She was sitting in her garage and we contacted her. We talked to her for a while and she doesn't have a set religion. She said she wanted to find a church for her family and doesn't feel like she knows her purpose in life. Every question she asked and every concern she brought up pointed directly to the Gospel! It was amazing! She has 6 children form the ages of 5-16! She also told us that she would have never talked with missionaries before. We asked her what changed and she said she just felt like she needed to! MIRACLE! She is very prepared! We will trey her again this week and see what happens!
We went up to Fort Branch on Wednesday and had dinner with the Martins! We don't go to Fort Branch very often because it is 45 minutes from our house. It is a less-active woman and her non-member husband. They are hilarious! I love teaching and meeting with them! We also so our investigator Matt. Boy oh Boy does he have some interesting stories that I do not want to hear! haha! He tells us all about his life in detail. He would progress so much faster if he was out of his living situation,but hopefully that will change soon.
On Thursday we saw Brody! We met with him and a member at the library. His dad walked in during the lesson and told him he needed to work on his homework. We then dropped the lesson and helped Brody with his homework because he needs to obey his father. It was a miracle that we finally got to meet his dad though!
We went to the Ruperts that night for dinner! They are an amazing family! They had a good friend over Brother Dave Armstrong. He was a mission president in Uruguay and came home after a year because his wife got injured badly. He was awesome! We talked with him about all the things of a mission. He gave us great idea's and tips! It was wonderful! 
We saw an older widow lady in the ward on Saturday night and she is amazing! We taught her and then she asked us if we could play dominoes with her, so we did!! She is so cute and we built a great relationship with her because we were able to do that with her!
Also, last Monday we got our haircut and I became best friends with two of the girls. They both said that they would come to church and friended me on facebook because they want to be friends after my mission! haha
What we do when are bored!
Mission life is the best life!! I hope you all have a great week!
talk of the week: Read Elder Oaks talk from conference! It is amazing about how we need to just love everyone!
Challenge: Pray to know what your weaknesses are.... humbling experience.
Prayer: Pray for Brody and that Brody's dad's heart will be softened. Pray that we can find new investigators this week!
I love you all!!

Sister Bradley

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!

Well, I can't believe another Halloween has passed and that the Holiday Season has started!  CRAZY!

Hello Hello! I hope you are having a marvelous day! This week has been interesting to say the least.... It was one of those missionary weeks where almost all investigators are ignoring us, dropped us, or aren't keeping any commitments. It was a very humbling week, but we all need those or have those. I know that we definitely saw miracles still! 

One miracle. We got a referral from Headquarters, and it is a family who was taught by the missionaries in Alaska. They have lived here for a year now, but we just got the referrral for them because some members in Alaska got it and sent it in. It is a husband, wife, and 13 year old daughter. They know so much! They were taught all the lessons and have been to church, and a baptism. They had many friends who were members in Alaska. They also know all the missionary lingo, such as dying and being born. It was hilarious. We are going to start from square one with them since it has been over a year. We are super excited, and they are even feeding us in the next couple of weeks! 

Another Miracle: We were eating at a members home last Monday for dinner. We shared a message with them and talked to them about how we are and want to be a resource to them. They loved that and then gave us a referral without even asking. I know it was because they trusted us, and knew we were here to help. We tried the referral which was their next door neighbors. They are a new family in our investigator pool! So exciting! It is a husband, wife, and a 2 year old baby. We will be meeting with them tonight to teach the Restoration. They are awesome!

We had a ward trunk or treat and it was super fun! Brody came with us and the ward had booths set up. It was great. The Hermanas and us did the donut on a string game! It was hilarious. I wish I could send videos because we recorded it. 

We saw an investigator Ty, and she had so many questions. She is reading a book that has some anti about the church, so we told her to just read the Book of Mormon. She is so awesome! She is so lost and confused in life. She broke down crying and is trying to find out what to do with her life. 

We ate at this members house the Rathfons. She is like wonder woman! She makes everything from scratch and studies the science behind nutrition and everything. It was super cool! We learned a ton from her and a lot of tips and hints about eating healthy.  She is pretty amazing!! 

We went to a members house on Halloween and ate dinner with them! It was great! 

It was another great week! We did a lot of finding and saw miracles! 

I hope that you all have a fabulous week! 

Prayer: Pray that Brody's dad's heart will be softened and let Brody get Baptized!

I love you and all!

Sister Bradley 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

There is Sunshine in my soul today!!

Hello Hello!! 

This week!!

  Once upon a time there were two sister missionaries named Sister Hinton and Sister Bradley. They served in the best area in the mission, Evansville Indiana. They worked and worked and tried their hardest and Miracles started happening. They begin to happen every week, and there was a huge one in the last week! Okay, so I do really want to tell you about this miracle! A couple of weeks ago we were led by the spirit to knock on a house as we were walking to a referral. This wonderful lady named Leeta answered and we said a prayer with her. This prayer brought her to tears because she felt the spirit so strongly. We set up an appointment and invited her to order a free DVD about Christ. We went back to the appointment and no answer. She called the number and ordered a free DVD, so they sent her as a referral from headquarters. We set up another appointment and went back this last week. We briefly taught Leeta because she wasn't feeling well, and set up another appointment for a few days later so her husband could be there. We went back and this was no ordinary lesson. This lesson was a powerful lesson with two of the most prepared people I have ever met! Leeta and her husband asked many great questions and they felt the spirit strongly. They had a strong desire to read, pray, come to church, and be baptized! It was the first time we had met her husband Joe and he had already read everything in the beginning of the Book of Mormon up to chapter 2 in 1 Nephi. It was amazing! He loved it too! Leeta said she felt something different in her life since we came and prayed with her. She has already received anti from people and has blown it off! They are elect!! There Baptismal date is for November 30. They are simply AMAZING!! I love them so much already! 

 Beautiful Fall

Brodie- He is doing well. He is struggling and searching to know what is right. He has such a strong desire to know what is true. He is a lot like Joseph smith. We are trying to help him the best way possible. At this moment we feel that he knows it is true, but is scared to admit it because of everyone around him. Everyone around him besides those of us who are members are trying to sway him different directions. We expressed Heavenly Fathers love for him and how Heavenly Father wants him to know the truth. We are being patient with him and are praying for him all the time. He is wonderful!

Mark- He is great! He was taught by missionaries last year and we are teaching him again. The best part is, is that he already knows half of the ward and is dating a member. We had a super powerful lesson with him last week with a couple members. A light bulb came on in his mind and he recognized the things he needs to do to experience happiness. It was great! 

Nick- He over thinks everything! We finally met with him after a couple of weeks, and he told us he would get Baptized! It was sweet! He came to a baptism yesterday and enjoyed it a lot! He is so awesome! 
Me preaching to the ghosts! HAhA.
There were so many wonderful miracles and blessings that happened this week!! Too many to write

We had so many people come to church this week! Less-actives and investigators! It was great! 

Things here in good ole Evansville are fantastic!!! We are working hard and praying harder!

Quote: " If you are ever unhappy you need to look in the mirror and decide what you need to change to be happy." 

Challenge: Everyone should write a letter or card to someone that is in need!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Sister Bradley

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


WOW OH WOW CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved absolutely every second of it!!! I feel as if conference because 100 times better when you are on a mission! There were so many talks that I felt were just for me, but we all think that right? haha!
Lunch between conference sessions
I loved so many of them that I don't know even where to begin... 
I observed that many talked of Prophets and following them, also about the sacrament! 
I absolutely loved Elder Godoys talk, Elder Jorg Klebingat,  Elder Lynn G. Robbins, and Elder Bednars since it applied to investigators! Let's face it...I loved all of the  talks! There was something from all of them that I was able to apply to myself and to our investigators.  I hope you all loved conference as much as I did! It is seriously the best! I was more excited for General Conference than I am for Christmas! haha! 

 This week was full of MIRACLES!


Nick- He is continuing to progress! We have super deep lessons with him because he over thinks everything. We are trying to help him see things simply and understand the plain and simple truths. 

Sherrie- She is doing wonderful!! She is quitting smoking and is trying her hardest in everything! She is so great and hilarious!! 
Cute little Abby wearing our nametags
Matt- He really is growing his testimony! We taught his friend and Matt was like a member at the lesson. He bore testimony and everything! It was great! 

Joe- She is new and is amazing! We had such a powerful first  lesson with her this last week! She is so intune with the spirit and what God wants her to do. She is a very very devout Catholic, but she is so open too! We shared so many great scriptures with her from the Book of Mormon. One of them was Moroni 10:32! She started crying while she read it because she felt the spirit so strongly! It was amazing! I love the spirit!

Jean- She is as wonderful as ever! She is doing great and still making those baby steps! 

So we had an exchange this week and I was with Sister Sperry, who came out with me! She is awesome!!  We had an amazing day here in Evansville and saw so many wonderful MIRACLES!!! The spirit is amazing!! We gained some great new families to teach!! I am so excited to meet with them this week!! 

This week was pretty amazing!! I love the Work of the Lord and doing everything his way!! He Guides us in so many ways and I am always amazed by his perfect timing in all things. I have noticed that a lot here lately! I love the scriptures and the words of the Prophets! They really do teach us so much and answer our prayers! I especially love in Conference how every single person mentioned the Atonement! That is because it is the center just like Russell M. Ballard stated!  We need to always be focusing on the Atonement of Christ! This Gospel is GREAT!

Prayer: Pray for Nick that he may understand the simple truths. 

Scripture: Since all of the talk of this scripture over conference. Helaman 5:12! Build your foundation on Christ!

Challenge: Sister Hinton and I are challenging all of our family and friends to make a profile! DO IT! 

Have a fabulous week! 
Remember who you are and remember who I am! 

Sister Bradley

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

two to four in one day!

So, this week there were many great things that happened!
The Hermana's are now living with us! They moved in with us due to some circumstances that they were living in. It is super great to have them! I love it!
2-The wonderful QUAD!

We got to see and preview the movie coming out called "Meet The Mormons." It was amazing!! I totally recommend everyone seeing it opening weekend. It comes out on October 10th! 
The Women's Broadcast was amazing! I loved it! I love when Elder Uchdorf talked about how we are all Children of God and he truly has a perfect love for us always! No matter what are weaknesses are or what we do in this life...HE LOVES US! I also loved how he did the Umbrella analogy with blessings. Heavenly Father never withholds blessings from us. It is us that put up umbrellas to stop them from pouring upon us! So great! We had a dinner and chocolate fountain thing before hand which was awesome!
Investigator status:

Nick - He is doing well! He finally came to a conclusion during our lesson with him at a members home that he lacks faith and doesn't trust God. We committed him to live like a Mormon for 3 weeks by reading and praying everyday and coming to church. He is trying and we know that he also loved the Fireside last night in Louisville. He is going to know it is true soon enough!

Jean- She is so wonderful! We had a wonderful lesson with her on Friday with Sister Hartgrove and she set a Baptismal date. She set her own because she wanted to do it six months out. We know that she will be baptized way sooner though. She came to church way sooner than she thought already, so Baptism is next. She is loving everything! She reads and prays everyday. She wanted to come to the Broadcast and church this last week, but couldn't because she was sick.

Sherrie- She is doing fantastic! She came to church and the fireside yesterday and loved them both! She is reading and praying as well! She is so willing to do everything God asks of her.  She was sick this last week and received a priesthood blessing from the Elders. She loved it and felt the spirit so strongly! It was great! She is awesome!

Tiffany- She is so amazing!!! I can not put into words how Elect she really is! She is reading whenever she gets a chance since she is a mom of three. We taught her the Plan of Salvation this last week and she absolutely loved it and thought it was intriguing. She grew up in Church of Christ and converted to Catholicism later. Well, there are things in both of those faiths that she does and does not agree with. What is great is that everything she disagrees with such as infant Baptism we can answer! Everything she does agree with in the other faiths we also believe! It is wonderful! Now we just need her to realize that this is exactly what she is looking for. Her husband is slightly holding her back because he is satisfied with his faith. It will all work out though!

We met a new awesome family! It is the Moerce family! They are so great! We had a great time meeting them and we are super exciting to start teaching them this week!
One little tender mercy of the week... We were buying construction paper, so we could heart attack a member of the ward. Well, we met a guy while we were getting the paper and had a lovely discussion with him. He was so grateful for us being out here and sharing a message of Christ. He then bought the paper for us! It was super nice! I felt like I was in Utah for a minute as a missionary!
We had interviews with President and Sister Brough this last week! They are just so wonderful! I love them so much!
Everything is great in good ole Evansville! I hope everything is going well for all of you!
1- My man from the hood BOBBY!!!
Love you!
Sister Bradley


Monday, September 22, 2014

There's a first for everything!

This week was simply...FABULOUS!

-Is 19 and just graduated from high school this year.
- Is a dancer :) 
-Has a younger brother and sister. 
-Is from Kaysville Utah
-Loves licorice and anything chocolate
- Wants to be an elementary school teacher
- She loves to have fun and hates seafood just like me!  

So, pretty much she is awesome!!! I love her to death! 

The things that are a first from this week....

1. Driving for the first time in a year! 
2. being with a new missionary
3. Eating Toroni's amazing pizza!
4. Taking an investigator's vodka away from them because she asked us too and because we might have slightly persuaded her because she was already drunk..haha...sly! 
5. Helping someone move in one hour
6.Having an investigator tell us that they went to Jail in the week that we didn't see them
7. Tracting into a members home...( look at bottom of e-mail for story)
8. Tracking down family history all the way back to Adam and Eve. 
9. Having someone tell me that I was super hip and asking if I grew up in the hood! He is pretty much my favorite person! His name is Bobby! He is legit! 
10. Last but not least... Having a bird fly super hard into our patio door and break its wing. It was seriously like on the movies where a bird just hits a window. It was a brand new sliding door that they had just put in, so it was super clean. It was HILARIOUS!! Also, it was really sad because we are pretty sure it broke it's wing. We called to see if we could take it anywhere and no one takes wild birds. Hopefully it is okay! 

p-day skipping rocks
The investigators are doing well! This area like I have said before is about to explode! 

Sherrie- She is an investigator that I have only met with a couple times until this last week. We helped her move, we taught her, comforted her and strengthened her. She is going through a lot  and is having a rough time. We were able to teach her the plan of Salvation and she absolutely loved it! She agreed with everything and believed it was God's plan. I had Sister Hinton commit her to Baptism and it was super powerful! It was Sister Hinton's first time and Sherrie said YES! It was so great! We set the date for October 26 and she wrote it down on her calender. She wants to tell everyone that she is getting Baptized and is super excited! She then came to church on Sunday and loved it as well.

Nick- He is doing well! We were able to teach him a couple times in members homes this week and we taught him the Plan of Salvation! He had quite a few questions. They were great questions and we were able to answer most of them. He is a thinker and really desires to know that this is true.

Jean- She is an investigator we have been working with since I have been here. She is wonderful, but always wants to take baby steps and not be pushed. Well, she has been reading and praying everyday so we convinced her that she needed to come to church. MIRACLE- SHE DID!! She was so defiant last week about coming to church, and then this week she came! HALLELUJIAH! It was amazing! She didn't answer our phone calls Saturday or Sunday morning, so we didn't know if she was going to come. She did though!! It was awesome! At our lesson on Friday a member, Sister Hartgrove, came with us for the third time. Jean told us a story of how she needed a car part for her car and someone to fix it. She knew this man and paid him to do it all and he spent the money on other things not pertaining to the car. She was very distraught about it and said how she would have to work weeks to make up that money again. When we promised blessings after committing her to church Sister Hartgrove promised blessings as well. After Sacrament meeting on Sunday Sister Hartgrove came up to Jean and said, " You know how I told you that you would be blessed for coming to church?" Jean replied, "yes." Sister Hartgrove then proceeded to give Jean an envelope and said, " Here is for your car part." She then got up and walked away. Jean was in complete shock. She didn't know what to say or do! Neither did I for that matter. Jean had just been telling me how much she loved sacrament meeting and then you add that to it and her mind was blown. Jean was shocked that a person whom she had only met a few times would give her this good chunk of money for her car part. It was a miracle and tender mercy in Jean's life. She was so grateful. She just looked at me and said, " what church is this?" I replied, " Welcome to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." I really believe because of the whole church experience and the car part miracle that Jean will get Baptized soon enough. She is wonderful!

We had a few minutes to spare before we needed to go to a dinner appointment one evening. We decided to drive and tract a few doors on the way there. We were driving and we both looked at this house and decided we should try it, so we did. We pulled up and knocked on the door. They welcomed us right in without even asking who we were, so I was a little confused because no one does that. We sit down with them and we offer a prayer. They then proceed to tell us that they were members or are members. We don't know for sure yet because they aren't on the roster. It was really cool though that we decide to try one house and it just happened to be a members home! They said that they don't come to church because they work night shift. They were very welcoming though! We had a great discussion with them and said a prayer. We will hopefully go back in the next couple of weeks because they are busy.

Brodie- He is an amazing 15 year old that we are now teaching! He heard at his Lutheran church people talking bad about our faith. He said he was really confused because he knew a girl and she was not anything like the things that they were saying about our faith. He then at school asked this girl about our church. This Girl is Ana, and she is in our ward. She invited him to church and he agreed to come. He came once and we as missionaries all noticed him, but they left before we could talk to him. The next Sunday I introduced myself to him and told him who we were and what we did. That week we got a text from one of the youth and said that Brodie wanted to meet with us. We met with him for the first time this last Wednesday and it was a super powerful lesson! We taught him the message of the restoration and the spirit was so strong! The two youth Ana and Cody were there and they bore powerful testimony as well! It was so cool! Brodie has now been to church 4 times and he committed to Baptism yesterday for October 26th. He wants to be baptized, but he has a father that might not let him. We called and talked with his father and we are going to meet with his dad in a couple of weeks. We are excited! Brodie is awesome!

We had so many investigators at church once again! It was amazing!!! 
The primary program was yesterday, and it was so precious! I love the plain simple truths that they sing and bear testimony of! It is so cute! 

Well, I have another companion down. Sister Vikari has gone home! I will have two more companions going home in 5 weeks! CRAZY! 

Last P-day we went down to the river to that song.. Anyways It was really fun! We had lunch, took pictures, and skipped rocks. We were going to go to a trampoline park and I was stoked, but they are closed on Mondays! Yea I was super upset! 

 I hope that you all have a fabulous week!

Prayer: Please pray for Jean and Nick will receive their answers!

Challenge: I invite you all to try and write down 10 things you are grateful for everyday! 

Scripture: Moroni 10: 32

Love you!
Sister Bradley


Monday, September 15, 2014


We got transfer calls on Saturday and I am super sad that Sister Stacey will be leaving me this next transfer! I will miss her tons and have learned so much from her! She is an amazing sister!

                                       Sister Stacey and I!
I received the news that I will be training this next transfer. I am going to be a mom of a brand new missionary!  It will be an exciting adventure! The thing I was scared of most when I received the call was that I have to drive and I haven't driven in over a year! I have been on a bike for most of the mission...haha! We will see how my driving skills are this next week! haha. My child will be born into the mission tomorrow!
This last week was fabulous!! We had over 6 investigators at church and let me tell you that hardly, if ever, happens! It was so exciting!!! We had three people come that we weren't even expecting! We also are going to start teaching a friend of a member in the ward that has come to church a few times! So exciting!! His name is Brody and he is so prepared! We get to teach him on Wednesday!
The Investigators are doing well!
Nick- He came to church again and he is continuing to find direction through the Gospel!
Grandma Robisons Birthday Party
We got to teach one of the Cundiff children at her mom's house because it is a split family. Her name is Sharandah and she is 11. We taught her and her friend and they both came to church and brought two other friends! So, we had four children at church and we had to entertain them/ teach a lesson during the Sunday School hour because the primary was practicing for the primary program...Super exciting! She loves the Gospel and is excited to learn even more! Now we have to get the parents and other children to come to church.
Eric is new and he is hilarious! He always tells us all these bible jokes! They are fantastic! He is doing well and I am excited to work with him more!
We had dinner with members every night this week! It was amazing to get to know more of the members and build relationships with them! There is one person in the ward that is from Pocatello! Her name is Emilee Wood. Her maiden name was Cook, so if any of you Pocatellians know her I am in her ward! They are an amazing family!
Our District!
The Dixons are another family in the ward! They were baptized three years ago and they have 3 children! They are sooooo cool and super strong in the Gospel! I love seeing convert families!
So, I want to mention how much I love Family History work!!! It is the best! It has only been 2 weeks since we started doing an hour every week of Family History, and I love it! I have read so many cool stories of ancestors!! I invite you all to go to and look up your family members! See their pictures, read stories, and add things that you know about them! It is so cool to see what our ancestors went through and did!
Here is a story from my ancestors that I want to share with you all!

Maria fends off wolves
MARIA CHARLOTTA ANDERSON SHORT STORY as remembered by Lynne Warford Maria Charlotta and John Alfred Newren lived in a log cabin in a densely wooded area of Utah. The cabin wasn’t much. Just one room with a cook stove, table and chairs, a bureau of drawers, a bed, dirt floors, and a stone fireplace. It was a snowy, bitterly cold winter afternoon.. They didn’t have much food and wouldn’t be going into town any time soon, so Newren had taken their only rifle and left the cabin to try to find some kind of meat to get them by for a few days. Maria lay in bed and nuzzled Alfred, her new born son. He was perfect; but he certainly took his own sweet time arriving. Other women had warned her that the first child was usually the most difficult to deliver. She hoped they were right! She carefully got out of bed and added some wood to the fire. It had been a hard, cold, winter and the wolves had been bad that year. She could hear their sounds in the distance. She worried about Newren. He should be home by now. She crawled back into bed and fell asleep. She was awakened by a thud, then a scratching sound at the cabin door. “Newren?,” she said. No answer. “Newren?,” she said more loudly. More scratching. It wasn’t Newren at the door; it was a wolf trying to dig under the cabin door. There were more wolves nearby. Newren had the gun, but what kind of a match would he be against a pack of wolves? Now she was afraid he WOULD come home. The wolf continued to dig and claw at the frozen earth. Slowly the tip of a nose appeared. More digging. Nose, then eyes and ears appeared slowly. She realized there was no safety anywhere. How could she protect her baby, and, how could she stop the wolf? She knelt at the side of her bed. She prayed for Newren to be safe and she prayed to know how she could stop the wolf from digging in any further. She prayed that, somehow, they could all be safe. Maria looked around the cabin. The cook stove had an oven. It hadn’t been used that day, but was still somewhat warm. She could put the baby in the oven, and maybe, maybe, she could prop the oven door open just a little with a small piece of wood to allow air. There was no way of saving herself, but maybe she could save Alfred. He was asleep now, but for how long? Frantically, she looked around the cabin one more time. There was a straw broom leaning against the stonework of the fireplace. She may have had a dirt floor, but she keep it swept and free from other debris that was walked or blown into the cabin. She knew what to do! She could now see most of the wolf’s head. She put the straw of the broom into the fireplace. It caught fire instantly. She then shoved the flaming broom into the wolf’s face. With a howl, the wolf backed out from under the door. She could hear its cries as it ran from the property, the other pack members running after it. Newren came home. He had found game. He lost his breath when he saw wolf tracks and the hole under the door. Miraculously, his little family was safe for now. But then, they were only beginning their life journeys.

Isn't that cool!!! I think it is!! That is a story from my Great Great grandpa on my Mothers side! SO AWESOME!
It was another amazing week in the life of a sister missionary!
Prayer: Pray that The cundiff family can continue to progress all together!
Challenge: Do family history!
Scripture: Ether 5: 3-4. This scripture can be compared to member missionary work! How three of us together is always better! (missionary companionship and member)

Have a fantastic week!!! Remember who you are and...Remember who I am!
Sister Bradley

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Go Go Evansville Sisters!!

Go Go Evansville Sisters...bum..bum ( sing to power rangers). So, I made up jingles for everyone in our district. Every time we call each other we have to sing the other companionship's jingle! It is great! I did it with Sister Vikari in Richmond as well. Our theme here is superheros!

​This week was simply busy busy busy and crazy!!!

Let me tell you a little bit about it in a summed up version without the mundane things...
Monday- We tracted for a couple hours and got some free tomato's! It was cool because our 8:00 appointment fell through, and so did all of our backups. After that happened a random members name popped into my head. I have never even met this member yet because she has surgery. Well, we decided to follow that and she was home and let us in! Perfect! I love promptings! Heavenly Father is great!
Tuesday- We had the beloved zone conference! It was amazing! I learned so much! It was cool because one of the trainings was on how literal and important our calling is! These two sisters did the most amazing musical number! It was a Joseph smith medley! We recorded it another day, but I can't send videos in e-mail. We taught Nick afterwards with a member! It was a little weird at first because we taught him at the church and sister Stacey was with Sister Brough in an interview when he and the member got there. I had to teach part of the lesson by myself which was weird. haha! He committed to being baptized on October 19th though! President Brough is having us do an hour of Family History each week now! I am excited for that!
Wednesday- We did service at the recycle center and had lunch with all of the volunteers after. It was great because they all asked us a ton of questions!  We saw this wonderful member Sister Holmgren! She is amazing! and has a powerful testimony! We also had an awesome lesson with an investigator Sister Kuhlenhoelter. She is married to a member and she is so wonderful! We taught her the Plan of Salvation! It was powerful when we got to the atonement!
Thursday- We saw a new investigator Rebecca. She is super sweet! She is getting Baptize in October as well! We had a meeting and also had dinner with a member. We saw one less-active member named Sandy! She is so cool! I just love meeting with her! She has so much charity!
Friday-  We did service for a member that was recently activated.  We helped her clean out a bunch of boxes. I suffered because I didn't take my allergy medicine and she has cats...bad mistake!  We had a great lesson with an investigator and some members! His name is Mark. He used to be an investigator last year and we are teaching him again. He is so prepared! It was a powerful lesson! Then the craziness happened... We went out to eat with two members at a buffett with the elders and Hermanas. Well, the hermanas were going to be late and then we got a call from them saying that they got a flat tire and neither of them had fixed one before. Then the elders had to leave because they had to fill up the font for a baptism. So, one of the members goes and picks them up and brings them to the buffett. Then one of the members sits down in her chair and falls over to the ground and gets injured from falling. It was a crazy night! All because we were going to a baptism after dinner! The baptism was amazing!! It was super powerful! We had an investigator come and he loved it!
Saturday- We did a whole lot of service. We cleaned and organized for a member. Then we went and helped an investigator paint their deck. We had dinner and then has an amazing lesson with the CUNDIFF FAMILY! So, whenever we teach them the parents haven't really been paying attention. So, Sister Stacey went and taught the mom while I taught the children. It was a super powerful lesson! Just picture me and 4 children ages 8, 9, 10, and 11 talking about the plan of happiness! It was amazing! They told me that there uncle had died this last week and started to cry. it was so sad. They started crying when they found out that they get to see their uncle again! It was so tender and precious! The spirit was really strong! Sister Stacey also had a powerful lesson with their mom! While she was teaching her we finished and I played games with the kids to keep them entertained!
Sunday- Church was great! I had to teach Gospel Principles, and it went well! We had a great lesson with some less-actives! We also had dinner with the Isaacson's! They are amazing! I love them so much! We had a great time together!

Have a fabulous week! I love you all!
Sister Bradley

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


We had a conference this week with Elder Cardon of the seventy! It was fantastic!  I learned so much! We talked a lot about how to recognize and understand the spirit. We also talked about praying with families and how key it is to have the head of the household pray in lessons. It was really great!!
We had a power outage this week and some really crazy storms. The lightning is seriously so cool here!!! One storm was CRAZY! There was lightning everywhere! Our power went out while we were making eggs, so we had to go out to eat. It was funny!

Abby and I! She decorated my face!

Evansville is fantastic and continuing to progress!! We were talking to the Hermana's this last week and we decided that Evansville is truly about to EXPLODE! There are so many people here who are just waiting for us to knock on their door or contact them! There are also many that we are teaching that are definitely going to get baptized as they continue to progress and gain their testimony. I just love this work so much! There truly is no better work than the Lord's work! We are teaching three FAMILIES! Best thing ever! I dream everyday about seeing a family get baptized, but ultimately sealed in the temple! I know that is going to happen here in Evansville!

We were able to do quite a bit of service this week! I absolutely love service! Like the primary song says, " When you're helping your happy and we sing as we go." It warms my heart to be in the service of others 24/7! It was very touching because twice this week we got to work with older folks. They are so precious and have lived such wonderful lives! It was really cool as well because they were so kind and loving. We made cards with one group and then we played bingo with another! It was fantastic! It was definitely a tender mercy from Heavenly Father by being around them. We also did service for a soup kitchen. It was great! We had a great time with the members and people!
FUNNY STORY: We knocked on this house and she was like you are in the wrong area, and was waving her finger around everywhere. Then we drive and are stopped at a light but can't go through the intersection because there is a train. The person behind us does some rude gestures and then gets out of his car and starts dancing! It was hilarious!


Matt- He came to church again yesterday! That was great! He is so wonderful! He is trying to find his place and direction in life.

Jean- She is just going with the flow. We are trying to push her a little more, but she wants really little baby steps. She is reading everyday and praying. Her next step is coming to church, so hopefully we can help her get there this next week.

Nick- He came to church yesterday! He only stayed for the first hour, but that is better than nothing. He enjoyed it and hopefully he will come again. He is really searching for the truth and wants answers to his prayers. He is really great and has such a sincere heart. He played professional soccer! Isn't that cool!

Freda and children- We picked them up this week! They are AMAZING! We felt prompted to teach them the plan of salvation first, so we did. It was one of the best Plan of Salvation lessons I have ever been apart of! She has three children. They are Jillian (10), Justice (10), and Jackson(13). They were so enthralled in the lesson, and asked the best questions! They also knew more than most people about the plan! It was amazing! The children wanted us to come back the next day, but unfortunately they were going out of town. We won't be meeting with them again for a few weeks, because the children will be at their dad's house. Right as we were leaving, Jillian got out a piece of paper and said, " I am going to write down all of my questions for next time." It was so cute! I love when people really have a desire to learn, especially children!

I wasn't able to attend most of church yesterday because I went and took care of Hermana Butts. She had the flu and Hermana Hopwood had to translate at church, so I went and stayed with Hermana Butts while they went to church. She was not doing so well, but she is feeling better now. It was really weird missing church as a missionary.
Sister Short! She is going home soon!
Prayer: please pray for Nick to be guided and directed!
Challenge: I invite you all to really pay attention to how Heavenly Father speaks to you, and strive to recognize the promptings of the spirit.
I love you all and hope all is going well! Have a fantastic week!

Sister Bradley

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I can not believe that I have been out for one year! That is simply crazy!
This week was sooooooooooooooo HOT and HUMID!!! I literally could not be outside for 1 second without sweating. It was great though! I am getting used to it.

This week has been full of so many tender mercies and miracles. I am full of gratitude to my Heavenly Father who hears and answers my prayers every single day. We have been led to many people who are truly ready and prepared for the Gospel. I know that we are going to continue to be led to those that are ready.
We were tracting one evening this week and here are some experiences from it:
1. We knocked on one door and a man answered it and instantly went " pound it to my fellow Christians oh yeah." It was hilarious! He then went off about Christianity and then offered us a bottle of water. It was great! We had a nice chat with him.
2. We then knocked on another door and a mom with two young children answered. We offered to say a prayer with them and they said Yes. We then proceeded to ask them if they wanted us to pray for something specifically. The little girl ( age 6) whispered something into her moms ear. Her mom then says, " She wants you to pray that her Daddy will find Christ." It was so tender! The little boy wanted us to pray for his ninja turtles! HILARIOUS! Well, we pray with them and they thank us. We then say a few things and ask if we can come back. The little girl instantly says, "tomorrow, come tomorrow." Her mom said that they had a church and no thank you. The little girl continues to beg her mom and says," Mom I like them, please come back tomorrow." The mom told the daughter that she likes us too, but that they had their church. We said alright and told them to visit We are definitely going to be going back another day. It breaks my heart when children know that we are representatives of Jesus Christ, but the parents don't listen to their children because they don't realize how close to the spirit they are. They will get baptized one day though!
Here are some of our great investigators:

Myer Family- They are a wonderful family that we felt prompted to try. They were a potential in the area book. We stopped by and Sister Myer let us right in. It was amazing! We taught her and her 9 year old daughter the first lesson! It was a super powerful lesson! I love when sometimes you teach and words come out of your mouth that you personally would have never said. It is such an amazing thing to know that Heavenly Father was truly guiding that lesson. They committed to Baptism and set their own Baptismal date for January 31st. They want to read the whole Book of Mormon. We all know that they are going to find out it is true way before January though.

Cundiff family- They are so great! We were able to teach them again this last weekend. We just taught the children this time, and we are going to try and see the parents during the week. When we try and teach them all together the parents don't usually participate. The children have such a strong desire to be baptized and come to church. They are adorable! They are an example to their parents as well! It is simply amazing!

Nick- He is Golden! He met with missionaries last year before he went to Oregon for 8 months. He got back in contact with the Newburgh elders and they gave him as a referral to us. He is super duper prepared! We met with hi m the first time and he remembers a lot about the lessons he was taught. He said that he felt as if the spirit was nudging him this way. It was fantastic to hear that! He also had many questions about Baptism that we were able to answer and help him understand. He was a professional soccer play too! So legit!

Jean- She is doing well still! She is reading and praying everyday, which is amazing! We are really hoping to get her to church this week. We have had to move slow with her and church is the next step! She is soooo funny!
There are some fun things for the week! We are going to Lousiville tonight because we have a conference tomorrow with Elder Cardon of the Seventy. It will be great!
Prayer: Pray for the Myer family and Cundiff family to continue to accept the Gospel.
Scripture: Alma 27:27
Challenge: It says in Alma 27:27 that they had ZEAL! I invite you all to have ZEAL or EXCITEMENT in the things that you do! Be distinguished for your zeal!!
I love you all and hope you have a fabulous week!
Sister Bradley