Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Wow, what a whirlwind of a week! It was crazy busy, fast, slow, exhausting, exciting, happy, sad, cold, hot, wonderful week of being a missionary in the GKLM!!!
Let me tell you a little about my crazy wonderful companion Sister Goodrich!!!!!
1. She is from Kaysville Utah...2nd companion in a row from there.
2. She was a dancer...also 2nd in a row!
3. She has a super fun boisterous laugh! It is great!
4. She has a super powerful testimony and is a fabulous missionary! I have already learned a ton from!
5. Really we are literally the same person...Our personalities are the same, we already finish each others sentences, and it is great fun!
6. She has been out for a little over a year.
7. She has 6 siblings
Yeah, she is awesome and we get along great!
The funny/interesting things of the week!
-  Our area  is literally the melting pot of Louisville! I have met people from.....Africa, Haiti, Jordan, Russia, Turkey, Colombia, and  Mexico!! There are probably more places, but those are a few!! CRAZY! We teach so many people that speak hardly any English, so the pamphlets are our best friend! I love these people so much already! It is so cool!!
- That moment when a recent convert gets a blessing after church from the elders, and they ask her, " who do you want to give the blessing?" She replies, " the tall one because he is the closest to God." hahaha!!! So funny!
- After transfer meeting a family in the ward has all the missionaries come over because there are 4 sets in our ward. Two Spanish and two English. They have what they like to call, " Breakinf Bread at the Thorns!" It was hilarious! They are a hilarious couple from New York that was baptized a few years ago.
A few of the SPIRITUAL aspects of the week:
- When a person, named Bobby, that I got to teach in Evansville lives in Louisville. I taught him during a bible study at a halfway house for people getting out jail. I sent a picture once! He isn't a member, but I got his address from a member in Evansville before I left and he lives across the street from the church! The elders are going to teach him because he lives in their area, but so cool!!!
- Sister Goodrich and I were teaching these two girls, Marie and Veronique the other day. They are 10, and 14! We taught them and they asked great questions and everything! To give you a background there mom is being taught as well. They can't get baptized until their dad comes here from Africa, and we have no idea when he will get here due to immigration. Sister Goodrich said that sisters have never taught the daughters, so we decided to focus on them as well. We taught them and it was a super powerful lesson! At the end Veronique prayed and asked if the Book of Mormon was true. After she asked she sat in silence for about 3 minutes, and the spirit was so strong!! It was amazing! She looked up after the prayer, and just said, " I know, wow." The spirit was so strong! I love them so much!
 It was a great week and I love being able to serve those around me! I love the work of the LORD! It is the best thing ever!!!!  I especially love this season because everyone is more focused on Christ, which makes them happier! I hope that you all are remembering the real reason we have Christmas! It was a such a wonderful Miracle that the Savior came and was born, lived a perfect life, atoned for every one of us, over came death, and was resurrected! He is the one we should be turning to all the time! I can only imagine what this world would be like if everyone  remembered the Savior the whole year round! It would be amazing!!!
I love you all and hope that you have a fabulous week!!!
Sister Bradley

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