Wednesday, October 22, 2014

There is Sunshine in my soul today!!

Hello Hello!! 

This week!!

  Once upon a time there were two sister missionaries named Sister Hinton and Sister Bradley. They served in the best area in the mission, Evansville Indiana. They worked and worked and tried their hardest and Miracles started happening. They begin to happen every week, and there was a huge one in the last week! Okay, so I do really want to tell you about this miracle! A couple of weeks ago we were led by the spirit to knock on a house as we were walking to a referral. This wonderful lady named Leeta answered and we said a prayer with her. This prayer brought her to tears because she felt the spirit so strongly. We set up an appointment and invited her to order a free DVD about Christ. We went back to the appointment and no answer. She called the number and ordered a free DVD, so they sent her as a referral from headquarters. We set up another appointment and went back this last week. We briefly taught Leeta because she wasn't feeling well, and set up another appointment for a few days later so her husband could be there. We went back and this was no ordinary lesson. This lesson was a powerful lesson with two of the most prepared people I have ever met! Leeta and her husband asked many great questions and they felt the spirit strongly. They had a strong desire to read, pray, come to church, and be baptized! It was the first time we had met her husband Joe and he had already read everything in the beginning of the Book of Mormon up to chapter 2 in 1 Nephi. It was amazing! He loved it too! Leeta said she felt something different in her life since we came and prayed with her. She has already received anti from people and has blown it off! They are elect!! There Baptismal date is for November 30. They are simply AMAZING!! I love them so much already! 

 Beautiful Fall

Brodie- He is doing well. He is struggling and searching to know what is right. He has such a strong desire to know what is true. He is a lot like Joseph smith. We are trying to help him the best way possible. At this moment we feel that he knows it is true, but is scared to admit it because of everyone around him. Everyone around him besides those of us who are members are trying to sway him different directions. We expressed Heavenly Fathers love for him and how Heavenly Father wants him to know the truth. We are being patient with him and are praying for him all the time. He is wonderful!

Mark- He is great! He was taught by missionaries last year and we are teaching him again. The best part is, is that he already knows half of the ward and is dating a member. We had a super powerful lesson with him last week with a couple members. A light bulb came on in his mind and he recognized the things he needs to do to experience happiness. It was great! 

Nick- He over thinks everything! We finally met with him after a couple of weeks, and he told us he would get Baptized! It was sweet! He came to a baptism yesterday and enjoyed it a lot! He is so awesome! 
Me preaching to the ghosts! HAhA.
There were so many wonderful miracles and blessings that happened this week!! Too many to write

We had so many people come to church this week! Less-actives and investigators! It was great! 

Things here in good ole Evansville are fantastic!!! We are working hard and praying harder!

Quote: " If you are ever unhappy you need to look in the mirror and decide what you need to change to be happy." 

Challenge: Everyone should write a letter or card to someone that is in need!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Sister Bradley

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


WOW OH WOW CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved absolutely every second of it!!! I feel as if conference because 100 times better when you are on a mission! There were so many talks that I felt were just for me, but we all think that right? haha!
Lunch between conference sessions
I loved so many of them that I don't know even where to begin... 
I observed that many talked of Prophets and following them, also about the sacrament! 
I absolutely loved Elder Godoys talk, Elder Jorg Klebingat,  Elder Lynn G. Robbins, and Elder Bednars since it applied to investigators! Let's face it...I loved all of the  talks! There was something from all of them that I was able to apply to myself and to our investigators.  I hope you all loved conference as much as I did! It is seriously the best! I was more excited for General Conference than I am for Christmas! haha! 

 This week was full of MIRACLES!


Nick- He is continuing to progress! We have super deep lessons with him because he over thinks everything. We are trying to help him see things simply and understand the plain and simple truths. 

Sherrie- She is doing wonderful!! She is quitting smoking and is trying her hardest in everything! She is so great and hilarious!! 
Cute little Abby wearing our nametags
Matt- He really is growing his testimony! We taught his friend and Matt was like a member at the lesson. He bore testimony and everything! It was great! 

Joe- She is new and is amazing! We had such a powerful first  lesson with her this last week! She is so intune with the spirit and what God wants her to do. She is a very very devout Catholic, but she is so open too! We shared so many great scriptures with her from the Book of Mormon. One of them was Moroni 10:32! She started crying while she read it because she felt the spirit so strongly! It was amazing! I love the spirit!

Jean- She is as wonderful as ever! She is doing great and still making those baby steps! 

So we had an exchange this week and I was with Sister Sperry, who came out with me! She is awesome!!  We had an amazing day here in Evansville and saw so many wonderful MIRACLES!!! The spirit is amazing!! We gained some great new families to teach!! I am so excited to meet with them this week!! 

This week was pretty amazing!! I love the Work of the Lord and doing everything his way!! He Guides us in so many ways and I am always amazed by his perfect timing in all things. I have noticed that a lot here lately! I love the scriptures and the words of the Prophets! They really do teach us so much and answer our prayers! I especially love in Conference how every single person mentioned the Atonement! That is because it is the center just like Russell M. Ballard stated!  We need to always be focusing on the Atonement of Christ! This Gospel is GREAT!

Prayer: Pray for Nick that he may understand the simple truths. 

Scripture: Since all of the talk of this scripture over conference. Helaman 5:12! Build your foundation on Christ!

Challenge: Sister Hinton and I are challenging all of our family and friends to make a profile! DO IT! 

Have a fabulous week! 
Remember who you are and remember who I am! 

Sister Bradley