Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy, Healthy, and Hopeful

This week boy oh boy was once again AMAZING!!

Jeremiah got Baptized! WOO HOO! It went really well!  Samantha in my last area also got Baptized! 

COOL story: We were eating dinner at the Stokes on Thursday and guess what they told me? Well, Brother Stokes Dad and my Dad both teach Seminary and know each other. Well, Brother Stokes has a twin brother named Bradley. he told me that his twin brother Bradley was named after my Grandpa James Bradley. He said that his parents has my grandpa as their institute choir director! That is awesome and crazy! Small world! Tell grandpa that there is someone named after him! 

We went and saw a less-active couple yesterday. They are only less-active because they are deaf. They have no one to interpret for them at church. It is really sad. I met them for the first time, and had to use my sign language that I learned in High school. It was cool! I wish I could remember more! I hope we can find an interpreter for them soon! 

We  are teaching this mom and daughter April and Makayla. April is  Crystal's ( a member) sister. They now have a baptismal date for April 29th. They are so great! We have such a fun time with them! April decided to move back in with her husband, so she lives 30 minutes away. She told us she didn't want anyone else to teach her, so we have to get special permission to teach her. I am excited to continue teaching her and her 11 year old daughter. 

We met this Girl Danielle last week. We were looking for an unknown member and Danielle lives where the member used to live. Miracle! She is getting Baptized on April 26th! It is amazing the way the Lord works! I am way excited to teach her more because she is 21 and super cool!

Marie was an investigator that we taught for only a little while. Most prepared person ever! Well, she had to move this last week, so we helped her and her mom pack. They are amazing people! We had a lot of fun with them! Her mom actually lives in Texas close to Becky! A cool thing about Marie is she was a Jockey! She went to Jockey school, but had to quit because she had serious knee problems. She showed us all her stuff! It was sweet!

Jada gets baptized this Saturday! I am stoked for her baptism! She is ready for baptism! She is so excited, and the Gospel has truly changed her! It will be great!

Jeff is well on his way to being Baptized! He is golden! He challenged himself to read the whole Book of Mormon before he gets Baptized! Yes, he is awesome! He tells Sister Durfee and I that we are gangstas! haha

funny story.... So we meet with our investigator Michelle this week with a member. The one who says my name a million times and is obsessed with me as Sister Durfee puts it. Well, she asked us about the Gist of tongues and if we believed in it. She asked a lot of interesting questions. Well, in the middle of the lesson while we were discussing things she starts saying all this Gibberish. She was " speaking in tongues" according to her. It was so funny, but I couldn't laugh because they take it seriously. Then she stood up and was yelling praise the Lord, Glory be to God, Hallelujiah!  I just came to a conclusion that my life on a mission should be a movie! It would be a great one because there is never a dull moment. 

We had interviews with our misison president this week. Sister Durfee and I came up with this genius idea that we should co-train. There is only one sister coming in this next transfer, and we told President Woodbury about our idea. He liked the idea too, but we will see. haha! It would be super fun though! 
I just found out this crazy news! Somerset, my last area, is getting closed down with Sisters. They are taking sisters out, closing the bike area, and just having elders again. CRAZY! 
Nicki officially quit smoking on Saturday! Sister Durfee and I are giving up sweets, candy, and dessert until she gets Baptized. It is our sacrifice since she is sacrificing. It is hard, but it is healthier anyways! 
It was another crazy, eventful, amazing, miracle week! 

I love you all! 

Sister Bradley

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

hola Como esta????

 I cannot even put into words this past week, or the last four weeks. Heavenly Father just keeps blessing Sister Durfee and I. I am so grateful for all that he is doing with the people here in Richmond. I am filled with gratitude for all that he is continually doing for us. I sometimes wonder how all of this great work keeps happening. It seems so unreal, but then I remember that I have a Father in Heaven who has all power. I know with 100 percent surety that this is his work, and that I am simply a servant in his hands. I was reading one day in the Book of Mormon where the Sons of Mosiah are "made" instruments in His Hands. I feel as if we have to be made instruments in his hands. We can't just simply be instruments. We have to work for it. They were made instruments in his hands as they converted many souls to the Gospel. I want to continually strive to be "made" in instrument in Heavenly Fathers hands. I want to do anything I possibly can to help him with His work. I expect miracles and Baptisms. Miracles are happening everyday! I need to continually work with all my heart, might, mind, and strength so those miracles and Baptisms can continue to happen! I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ!

 So...we  are meeting with a man named Carlos. He speaks Spanish, and has a wife and two kids. We are having members who speak Spanish teach for us, but it is a little difficult. It is weird because we have a great investigator, but we can't communicate with him. He said he wants to be Baptized, and he is reading the Book of Mormon too. He is going to drive to Lexington to the Spanish Branch for church. He is amazing, and I am excited for him and his family as well! It is my dream! He is going to get Baptized, then he is going to Baptize his family, then they will get sealed next year as a family! WOOP WOOP! That is what I am talking about! It will happen don't you worry!

THE PEOPLE THAT I LOVE: aka investigators. 
 Jeremiah is a 15 year old boy. He gets Baptized this Saturday!!! WOO HOO!! He was the Berea North Elders investigator, but he moved into our area. He has a great spirit about him, and he is so humble and loving. He is so ready for Baptism even though we have a few lessons to teach him. I am so excited for him! 

Jada is doing great still! She gets baptized next Saturday March 29th. We are super excited for her. She is such a strong person. I am amazed by here everyday, and how the Gospel is changing her. She is almost done with Mosiah already too! She is so willing to do anything that has to do with the Gospel. She came to the fireside last night in Lexington. She has come to four Baptisms. She came to a relief Society activity as well. I love her so much, and am so excited to see her enter the waters of Baptism! 

Nickie  is still doing good. She now has a Baptismal date for April 12th. We are excited for her because she is finally quitting smoking! It is the last hurdle she has to jump, and she is ready for Baptism. She is super involved in the ward already, and loves this Gospel. 

Jeff is doing great as well! He is still on track to get Baptized April 12th. He came to all of church yesterday, and he is reading 6 chapters or more a day in the Book of Mormon! He loves the Book of Mormon! He is so prepared for this Gospel, and is doing fantastic! 

Charlie's baptismal date we had to move to April 12th. He relapsed on a couple things because of the environment that he is living in. He is going to try and change his living conditions this week, so he can really progress. He has such a kind loving heart though. He has such a strong testimony of this Gospel!

Those are all of are most progressing investigators! 
We had an exchange this last week, and I got to be with Sister Bayles again! It was awesome!  We were going to knock on this guys door who was a referral. I saw this lady standing outside her door out of the corner of my eye across the street. I was prompted that we needed to talk to her after we contacted the referral. Well, the referral wasn't home, and she yelled over to us to tell us that. We then ran over to talk to her. Well, Her name is MIchelle. She has been through a lot! She is so wonderful. We taught her and she just has this great spirit about her. You can just tell that she is looking for the truth! I loved it! As we talked with her in her home, she said my name probably a million times. I felt bad because she didn't mention Sister Bayles once or really look at her. I felt really bad! She just kept saying " sister Bradley.. well...  sister Bradley... oh and what do you think about this Sister Bradley." It was funny! She is so sweet though! We get to teach her again tonight! I am stoked! 

Last Monday this less-active and his wife (who isn't a member) took us to play softball. It was way fun! When I was out on the field I just tumbled haha! Then we made tie dyed shirts with them, and a steak dinner. It was so much fun! I loved it!

I hope you all have had a great week! I love you all!
Sister Bradley

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Give me Mountains to Climb!

first of all... SHOUT OUT too....  Team Revolution and Justen Millerbernd! Good luck this weekend at the KLI! I love you all! Happy Birthday Kalon Ludvigson! 

hmmmm.....This week..... equals.... amazing, great, weird, crazy, every emotion you can feel.

DESTINY GOT BAPTIZED!!! WOO HOO!!! That girl has been on a long road to Baptism. She is your typical 13 year old. She is super funny though and blunt! I love it.  It was an amazing experience to see her enter the waters of Baptism and get confirmed a member. Her Baptism  gave Nicki, her mom, a big push to quit smoking. I think that by watching her daughter get baptized, and receiving a priesthood blessing she will really quit this time around. There are quite a few people praying for her as well.  We were able to have three investigators at the Baptism. They all were able to feel the spirit, and recognize what they will be doing soon. 

   Jada is right on track to get baptized March 29th. We could move her date up a week because she is so on track. She finished the 15 step program successfully, and has come to two baptisms. She is also coming to church every week, and staying for all three meetings. The Gospel is changing her. Everyday I am so grateful for her desire to grow more and more in this Gospel. She is already in Mosiah, and has only been reading for about two weeks. I am amazed at her testimony, and how much it grows from day to day. I love her and being able to watch her grow and learn. 

 Charlie is also right on track for his Baptism on March 29th. He came to Church for the first time yesterday, and loved it. He was able to feel the spirit really strongly. The members were able to really befriend him and love him. He will be finished with the 15 step program today! We taught him the program in a members home last Monday. It was the most spiritual lesson with the 15 step program ever. The members were so supportive, and it really helped him build the confidence to quit. He is so great, and his testimony is already so strong in this Gospel! 

Jeff is a newer investigator. He has a Baptism date for April 12th. We have taught him a couple times now. He is so willing to do anything we ask or commit him to do. He came to the Baptism on Saturday, and to church yesterday. We taught a lesson to him last night with a member. It was amazing to see him feel the spirit strongly during the lesson. I love being able to point out the spirit to people, and help them recognize it. He is progressing really well. 

We also made this thing called snow cream. BEST THING EVER! All you do is add some vanilla flavoring or any extract or flavoring of your choice, sugar, and milk. You mix it with some fresh snow and it is ice cream! It is so good! 

We are continuing to work hard, and I know that the Lord is blessing us. The Richmond ward is fantastic, and so willing to help. I love this work! I don't think I will be able to ever say that enough.

I hope ya'll have a fantastic week! 
Sister Bradley

Layers Anyone??

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR SISTER AMBER!!!!!! Have a super duper day hip hip hooray!!!

Well, this week was fantastic!! I am e-mailing today because we had a snowstorm and the Library was closed yesterday. We got 6-7 inches of snow plus ice. It has been really fun walking/sliding. We wish we could just sled down the streets, but unfortunately that is against the rules. haha.

We wore our Pajama's under our clothes to stay warm...haha
I am sad to say that in exactly one year from today March 4th, I will be flying home... That is sad. I know you won't like this mom, but I wish they made Sister Missions for two years. Time just flies by so fast.
I am now an professional at helping people quit smoking. We have taught the 15 step program to quit smoking three times in the last week. That is a lot! It is great though to help them make such a huge step in their lives.
investigator time:
Destiny: She is a 13 year old girl. We are teaching her Mother as well. She is awesome, and she gets Baptized this Saturday!!! OH YEAH!! SO exciting!! Her mom will get Baptized in a few weeks when she finally quits smoking.
Charlie: Is this awesome guy who has super strong Faith! He is doing really well! We contacted him on the street, and have already taught him a few lessons, the word of wisdom, and the 15 step program. He is so strong! He bore his testimony to us the other day, and it was so powerful. He couldn't thank us enough for bringing the Gospel into his life. It made me so happy inside! Man, this Gospel is true! He is getting Baptized on March 29th
Jada: Is one of the strongest people I have met! she is so strong willed it is great! She has read 1st and 2nd Nephi already. She is on her 5th day out of 7 of quitting smoking! She is doing so great! She also came to a Baptism last Saturday, and has been to church twice! She will be Baptized on March 29th, but at the rate she is going it will be March 22nd.
Those are just a few of the many wonderful people we are teaching! I can never thank Heavenly Father enough for all the people he is blessing me with to teach! It is so amazing to see the Gospel change their lives more and more everyday!!
Sister Durfee and I are really crazy! We are both just balls of energy... I feel like we overwhelm people sometimes, but oh well! They will just have to get used to us! haha.
That is some of the happenings from this week! I hope you all have a great week!
Sister Bradley