Monday, April 28, 2014

Professional Painters

Why Hello good ole friends and family!

We did quite a bit of service this week. It was fantastic! We stained a fence for some members. It took forever and isn't quite finished yet. What is funny is that the member pretty much told the whole ward what a great job we did. We now have a few more painting and staining offers from other members! It is awesome! 

I was being batman with my cardigan.
I learned how to play chess and crochet! Sister Durfee and I crocheted while we played chess last Monday. We felt like two old people. It was the best! 

 We were able to see Charlie for the first time in a month. He was an investigator that progressed pretty far, but had some hard trials in his life that kept him from continuing. We are going to meet with him this week! I am stoked!

We are still teaching the Lyon Family. They are doing very well. Sam, the father, has read half of the Book of Mormon already. They are becoming friends with many people in the ward. They have such a strong desire to learn and grow. It is amazing to see how much they want the Gospel in their lives. They already consider themselves members. They were unfortunately unable to come to church yesterday due to sickness. They are fantastic though! 

We were able to find a few new investigators this week, and many potentials. The new investigators we found are in the same neighborhood. They are both families with young children! We had been prompted to tract in this neighborhood for the last couple of weeks, but have been unable to do so. We finally were able to go, and we saw many miracles! 

Travis from last week moved back to California sadly. He gave us his address though so missionaries can teach him in Cali.

We are having an Ultimate derby car racing this Saturday with the ward. They are doing it because the Kentucky Derby is that same day.   We are making a derby car for it! It is going to be awesome! Sister Durfee and I bought these awesome Derby outfits for it last Monday. 

The Lord continues to bless Sister Durfee and I. Miracles continue to happen. I love seeing His hand in every aspect of the work! This Gospel is amazing! I love Richmond! 

Keep being great and strive to be missionaries to everyone around you! It is probably the last person you think would need or want the Gospel!

Love you all!

Sister Bradley

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

There can be MIRACLES... When you Believe!

 Hello all you wonderful marvelous people that get to read this!

I would like to give a shout out to my sister-in-law Mindy Bradley!!! HAPPY  BIRTHDAY on FRIDAY!!!

Another Shout out to Karlee Bodily! HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!!
This week has been wonderful! We had an amazing MIRACLE this week that I am super stoked to tell you about!
Well, a couple weeks ago Sister Durfee and I decided to focus more on finding families. We are always looking for families to teach, but we wanted to really focus on it. We prayed constantly for a family. We fasted for a family. We studied about it. Sure enough Heavenly Father answers prayers! We got a call last Wednesday from a guy named Sam. He told us that they have recently moved here from California. They left everything they had and went on a Greyhound bus for 5 days to get here. He told us he knew some people of our faith, and asked if we could come over. We went over that day and they are amazing! They have 3 kids. Trinity who is 6, Brian who is 5, Wyatt who is 9 months, and one on the way. We talked with Sam and his wife Roxy. They moved out here to be with family. Sam was taking the lessons in California  before they moved out here! We taught them the first lesson on Friday and committed them to Baptism for May 24th!!!! After the lesson Sam asked us if after they joined if they would have to get married in the church because a lot of churches do that. They are already married by the way. We then explained briefly that they wouldn't have to get married, but that with the Priesthood authority they could be sealed as a family so they could live together forever. That the priesthood authority would bind their marriage on earth and in Heaven! Their faces lit up when we told them that! It melted my heart to see them so excited about it all!  They came to a members house on Saturday with us for a BBQ and Easter egg hunt.  Sister Durfee and I had quite a bit of fun with the Kids playing games! Then they came to Church yesterday too! It is amazing how willing they are to do things! I am super EXCITED for them!!!!
    On Friday we were on an exchange, and I was with Sister Dickerson here in Richmond. We were biking to a lesson from a members home when we saw two guys and stopped to talk to them. Well, they asked us a lot of questions and said they had been looking to get back into church. We set up a time to meet with them the next morning. What was hilarious about it all is one of them named Travis kept telling us we were Beautiful. Literally every minute he would say that! He was obsessed with Sister Dickerson and asked her to marry him! It was so funny, but we just kept talking and telling them about the Gospel. It didn't even phase us. Towards the end of the conversation one of them asked, " What is the one thing that your church offers." I just looked at him and said, " Eternal Salvation." He laughed and then went on and on about how Sister DIckerson and I knew our "stuff." The best part is we went to their house the next morning with a member and they were hungover so we couldn't teach them, but we invited them to church. Travis totally came to Church! We weren't really expecting him to, but he did! It was awesome! He met almost the whole ward too! It will be interesting to teach him, but I am excited to see how the Gospel changes him for the better.
While on the exchange we locked ourselves out of our house. The landlord, who is a member, wasn't answering his phone. The maintenance man wasn't answering his either. So, we decided to try and go through a window. I climbed on our roof, and on a garbage can it was pretty funny. None of the windows were open though, so that was an epic fail. We had to walk half of the day until they called us back and opened it, so we could get our bikes.
We had zone meeting this last week! I love zone meetings because I get to learn and grow. We had a great meeting on how to better work with members, and how to expect Miracles! Sister Durfee and I had to tell our Miracle story about the Lyon family!
Nickie, Jada, and Jeff all went to the temple on Friday with our ward mission leader. They called us and told us it was like walking into Heaven! They loved it and want to go back soon!
It was a great week, and it is only going to be better this week! I am getting tan, and some super interesting tan lines! haha. It snowed last Tuesday though, but it was sunny the rest of the week!
I hope you all have a fantastic week! I can't believe I have been out for 8 months!
Sister Bradley

Monday, April 14, 2014

Peace and Blessings Ya'll...Peace and Blessings!

Hello dear friends and kinfolk!

I hope youins are having a great Monday! I don't care to tell you how my week went. Oh, and guess what I warshed my windors this morning. 

All of those words and phrases I just used is what I hear daily! It is so strange when people say " I don't care to." To them they are saying "I would like to do that, or I don't mind." Everyone calls their family Kin or kinsfolk. The rest are self explanatory. haha! 

I thought you would all enjoy the Hick language I am picking up!  

Nickie and Jeff got BAPTIZED!!!! It was amazing! It is so humbling to know that Heavenly Father trusts me enough to help bring His sons and daughters to the waters of Baptism. I have been so so blessed! It was an amazing Baptism! They both bore their testimonies, and they were so simple but powerful! The assistant ward mission leader set up a temple trip for Friday with all the recent converts! It will be an amazing experience for them! I really wish Sister Durfee and I could go, but they will have a great time without us. haha.

We are teaching a Spanish family. It is a husband, wife, and two little kids. They are so ready for this Gospel! We have to give them to a set of elders though because they actually don't live in our area. We didn't know that because we have been meeting with them at the church and we found them contacting.  It will be fine though! I am excited to see them progress! 

We were visiting with a less-active last week, and she was telling us how much she is struggling with math. Well, we told her we would help her with her homework. We went over the next night, and I sat and taught her how to do her math. I never thought I would be teaching someone math on my mission! haha. It was really fun though, and she really appreciated it! 

We had dinner with an awesome family last week! They are the LaFontaines. He is a convert and she grew up in the church. They are such strong members, and great missionaries too! They own their own private school that they started a few years ago. It is amazing to see their passion for missionary work! I love when members share the Gospel! We got to help them paint their house the next day too, which was fun! We listened to a few conference talks while we did it. 

We were out walking and contacting one night when we got a call from a girl named Anna. She is a nonmember who is roommates with a member. They wanted us to go on a walk with them downtown. We met them at the Christensen's home. Well, the Christensen's ended up taking us all out to dinner! We taught a simple lesson during dinner, and we are excited to see what happens with Anna. She is ready for the Gospel! 

CREEPIEST thing ever:  We were at the library one morning on the computers doing what we call " time." Well There are four computers to a table, and when you sit at them you face the two people at the other computers. We were almost done, and the guy ( probably in his 50's) slides a note to me across the table. Sister Durfee and I read it, and this is what it said, " I hope this doesn't offend you, but I think you are very attractive!!!! with a few smiley faces." CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY!! I was so furious! I also wanted to just laugh my head off! When we first started reading where it said " I hope this doesn't offend you." I thought he was going to ask what church we were from or something. Yea...NO not at all. Lets just say I wanted to run, and Sister Durfee was on the floor laughing! 

Then about an hour after the Creepy story, we got a great compliment. We were knocking on a persons door, and they weren't home. A lady that had just left her house and was driving by stopped and rolled down her window. She says, " I know this isn't your purpose or anything, but I just really wanted to let you know that ya'lls outfits are super cute. You look like you just came out of seventeen magazine. seriously though. I just had to tell you that." Then she drove away. It was so random but super nice! That was such a weird morning! 

Everything is fantastic! I love the work and everything about a mission! 

I love you all! have a super duper week!


Sister Bradley

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Christ-like love can change the world!...20 years old!

My dear family and friends,

I loved General Conference!!! It was simply AMAZING! I loved all the talks! How we need to simply be more like Christ! Develop more charity, faith, and hope. Be more obedient and diligent. Always remember do the simple things. Going to Church, studying Scriptures, and Praying. It is CPR for a reason. It truly helps us to stay solid in the Gospel! Love everyone, and truly exercise faith. I hope all of you own a Preach my Gospel or are going to soon! It will help you grow in the Gospel as well as become a better missionary! I love this Gospel! 

I can't believe I am 20 years old!  I had more of a Birthday Week than day! Kara brought a cake, card, and Balloons on Monday. On my Birthday I got a package from my parents, a present from Sister Durfee, a card from Sister Heywood, a gift from the Sorensons, a gift from the Marchants, and another from the Christensens! (members)  They were all so nice for even getting me something! It was far more then I was expecting. We went out to Dinner with a less-active to a mexican place. Well, they put a sombrero on my head, sang Happy Birthday to me, and put whip cream in my face! It was funny!  On Thursday the Christensens took us out to eat for my Birthday dinner. It was delicious! Then on Friday Nickie (the one that gets Baptized on Saturday) made us fajitas for my birthday and her sons birthday. It was fun! She also gave me a gift. She is so precious! It was a great 20th Birthday! Oh and mom Sister Sorenson gave me a big long hug on my Birthday and said it was a "mom" hug! So you hugged me on my Birthday don't worry! The best Birthday Present I got is we picked up a family! We are teaching the Mcmurry family. It is a husband, wife, and two daughters! 

UK is in the finals for Basketball! Awesome! This place is going to be a mad house tonight! Go UK!

Jeff called us on Thursday and told us that he stayed up all night and finished the Book of Mormon. He read it in 3 weeks! He told us that he couldn't put it down from the moment that we gave it to him! It was so cool! He also told us that he prayed about it for two hours, and he knew it was true! All he could say was, " I believe, you got me, I believe." It was funny! We are excited for him to get Baptized this Saturday!

Nickie Sawin is also getting Baptized this Saturday. She is doing really well with everything. Her health is starting to get better, which is fantastic! She came to General Conference, and loved it! She asked us if there was a temple in Kentucky because she wants to go there. It was precious that she doesn't know that much about temples yet, and has such a strong desire to go there. She is so ready to be Baptized! We are stoked for her Baptism!

The work is great! I love being a missionary every single day! I am so grateful for everything that I get to learn as a missionary! It is truly life changing. I am grateful for all the wonderful people I get the opportunity to teach and meet. I am so grateful for all the support I have from you all back at home. I am so grateful for everything in my life that has led up to me being on a mission. I am extremely grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who sent his Son Jesus Christ to come to earth and Atone for us. I am grateful for this Gospel. For the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Thank you to all those who have ever played a part in my life! 

I love this Gospel with all my Heart and will forever be grateful to a loving Heavenly Father! 

I hope you all have a splendid week! 
Sister Bradley! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rainbows, tongues, and Baptism Oh My!

Dear Family and Friends,

Jada was Baptized this last weekend! It was marvelous to see her all dressed in white, and enter the waters of Baptism. She was glowing the whole time. She has been so welcomed by the ward, and is continually going to grow in this Gospel. 
 I am grateful, happy, and excited that I get to be with Sister Durfee for another transfer. We are excited to see what Heavenly Father has in store for us this next transfer together. We made a goal as a companionship with Heavenly Father that we want 7 Baptisms this next transfer. That is a high goal, but we know that we can achieve it.
The morning of her baptism we had to go to the church a couple hours early and fill up the font and set things up. Well, it was pouring rain, so we decided to walk. We didn't want to call for a ride because it was late notice. It was a long, cold, wet, rainy walk!  We only got half way  half an hour later when Two super nice ladies pulled up and drove us to the church! Blessing. They were so nice! Yes, I did take a ride from two strangers in a mini-van!
This is how we act everyday.
 STORY: We had to sadly drop Michelle this last week. The one who says my name a million times. It was sad,but she wouldn't listen! We went over there last Monday evening. We go in and there are three older ladies there with Michelle. They were praying over her house. She tells us to come in and sit down, so we do. They were all talking at the same time saying hallelujah and praise the Lord. We just sat there. Then one of the ladies starts yelling and so called "speaking in tongues." She was flailing her body around all crazy. It was nutso! Then the other lady started too as well. Then the other lady came over to us and put her hand on our foreheads and was praying for us. It was CRAZY! I just wanted to jump up and tell them how blasphemous it was, but I refrained! I was just trying to hold in my laughing because it was hilarious! Just picture 75 year old ladies flailing their bodies around, speaking gibberish, and yelling. Yea it was quite a sight to see! 

The Womens conference was amazing! It was adorable! I wish I could have seen little miss Mia get up and sing teach me to walk in the light! SO CUTE! I loved it all! It was such a great meeting! I hope you all learned from the talks. 

This week is going to be so nice! The weather is supposed to be in the 70's finally! Spring is finally here!

Jeff is doing fantastic. He is still living the Word of Wisdom, and keeps every commitment. He is almost finished in Alma with his reading. He is striving to finish the Book of Mormon before his Baptism on April 12th.

Nickie is also doing well. She has had a lot of health problems the last week which caused her to miss church, and a few other things. Hopefully she will feel better soon, so she can come to church. She is doing well with the Word of Wisdom, and is on track for Baptism on April 12th. 

My district. I didn't know everyone else was being funny...oops.
It was another great week! I love being a missionary! I am so blessed to be out here! I love it!
Some awesome tie die shirts that we made.
p.s. UK is in the final four!!!! Whats up! Kentucky represent! haha. Yes, I am a UK fan now. What do you expect! It is my home!

Sister Bradley