Thursday, April 10, 2014

Christ-like love can change the world!...20 years old!

My dear family and friends,

I loved General Conference!!! It was simply AMAZING! I loved all the talks! How we need to simply be more like Christ! Develop more charity, faith, and hope. Be more obedient and diligent. Always remember do the simple things. Going to Church, studying Scriptures, and Praying. It is CPR for a reason. It truly helps us to stay solid in the Gospel! Love everyone, and truly exercise faith. I hope all of you own a Preach my Gospel or are going to soon! It will help you grow in the Gospel as well as become a better missionary! I love this Gospel! 

I can't believe I am 20 years old!  I had more of a Birthday Week than day! Kara brought a cake, card, and Balloons on Monday. On my Birthday I got a package from my parents, a present from Sister Durfee, a card from Sister Heywood, a gift from the Sorensons, a gift from the Marchants, and another from the Christensens! (members)  They were all so nice for even getting me something! It was far more then I was expecting. We went out to Dinner with a less-active to a mexican place. Well, they put a sombrero on my head, sang Happy Birthday to me, and put whip cream in my face! It was funny!  On Thursday the Christensens took us out to eat for my Birthday dinner. It was delicious! Then on Friday Nickie (the one that gets Baptized on Saturday) made us fajitas for my birthday and her sons birthday. It was fun! She also gave me a gift. She is so precious! It was a great 20th Birthday! Oh and mom Sister Sorenson gave me a big long hug on my Birthday and said it was a "mom" hug! So you hugged me on my Birthday don't worry! The best Birthday Present I got is we picked up a family! We are teaching the Mcmurry family. It is a husband, wife, and two daughters! 

UK is in the finals for Basketball! Awesome! This place is going to be a mad house tonight! Go UK!

Jeff called us on Thursday and told us that he stayed up all night and finished the Book of Mormon. He read it in 3 weeks! He told us that he couldn't put it down from the moment that we gave it to him! It was so cool! He also told us that he prayed about it for two hours, and he knew it was true! All he could say was, " I believe, you got me, I believe." It was funny! We are excited for him to get Baptized this Saturday!

Nickie Sawin is also getting Baptized this Saturday. She is doing really well with everything. Her health is starting to get better, which is fantastic! She came to General Conference, and loved it! She asked us if there was a temple in Kentucky because she wants to go there. It was precious that she doesn't know that much about temples yet, and has such a strong desire to go there. She is so ready to be Baptized! We are stoked for her Baptism!

The work is great! I love being a missionary every single day! I am so grateful for everything that I get to learn as a missionary! It is truly life changing. I am grateful for all the wonderful people I get the opportunity to teach and meet. I am so grateful for all the support I have from you all back at home. I am so grateful for everything in my life that has led up to me being on a mission. I am extremely grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who sent his Son Jesus Christ to come to earth and Atone for us. I am grateful for this Gospel. For the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Thank you to all those who have ever played a part in my life! 

I love this Gospel with all my Heart and will forever be grateful to a loving Heavenly Father! 

I hope you all have a splendid week! 
Sister Bradley! 

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