Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rainbows, tongues, and Baptism Oh My!

Dear Family and Friends,

Jada was Baptized this last weekend! It was marvelous to see her all dressed in white, and enter the waters of Baptism. She was glowing the whole time. She has been so welcomed by the ward, and is continually going to grow in this Gospel. 
 I am grateful, happy, and excited that I get to be with Sister Durfee for another transfer. We are excited to see what Heavenly Father has in store for us this next transfer together. We made a goal as a companionship with Heavenly Father that we want 7 Baptisms this next transfer. That is a high goal, but we know that we can achieve it.
The morning of her baptism we had to go to the church a couple hours early and fill up the font and set things up. Well, it was pouring rain, so we decided to walk. We didn't want to call for a ride because it was late notice. It was a long, cold, wet, rainy walk!  We only got half way  half an hour later when Two super nice ladies pulled up and drove us to the church! Blessing. They were so nice! Yes, I did take a ride from two strangers in a mini-van!
This is how we act everyday.
 STORY: We had to sadly drop Michelle this last week. The one who says my name a million times. It was sad,but she wouldn't listen! We went over there last Monday evening. We go in and there are three older ladies there with Michelle. They were praying over her house. She tells us to come in and sit down, so we do. They were all talking at the same time saying hallelujah and praise the Lord. We just sat there. Then one of the ladies starts yelling and so called "speaking in tongues." She was flailing her body around all crazy. It was nutso! Then the other lady started too as well. Then the other lady came over to us and put her hand on our foreheads and was praying for us. It was CRAZY! I just wanted to jump up and tell them how blasphemous it was, but I refrained! I was just trying to hold in my laughing because it was hilarious! Just picture 75 year old ladies flailing their bodies around, speaking gibberish, and yelling. Yea it was quite a sight to see! 

The Womens conference was amazing! It was adorable! I wish I could have seen little miss Mia get up and sing teach me to walk in the light! SO CUTE! I loved it all! It was such a great meeting! I hope you all learned from the talks. 

This week is going to be so nice! The weather is supposed to be in the 70's finally! Spring is finally here!

Jeff is doing fantastic. He is still living the Word of Wisdom, and keeps every commitment. He is almost finished in Alma with his reading. He is striving to finish the Book of Mormon before his Baptism on April 12th.

Nickie is also doing well. She has had a lot of health problems the last week which caused her to miss church, and a few other things. Hopefully she will feel better soon, so she can come to church. She is doing well with the Word of Wisdom, and is on track for Baptism on April 12th. 

My district. I didn't know everyone else was being funny...oops.
It was another great week! I love being a missionary! I am so blessed to be out here! I love it!
Some awesome tie die shirts that we made.
p.s. UK is in the final four!!!! Whats up! Kentucky represent! haha. Yes, I am a UK fan now. What do you expect! It is my home!

Sister Bradley

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