Monday, April 28, 2014

Professional Painters

Why Hello good ole friends and family!

We did quite a bit of service this week. It was fantastic! We stained a fence for some members. It took forever and isn't quite finished yet. What is funny is that the member pretty much told the whole ward what a great job we did. We now have a few more painting and staining offers from other members! It is awesome! 

I was being batman with my cardigan.
I learned how to play chess and crochet! Sister Durfee and I crocheted while we played chess last Monday. We felt like two old people. It was the best! 

 We were able to see Charlie for the first time in a month. He was an investigator that progressed pretty far, but had some hard trials in his life that kept him from continuing. We are going to meet with him this week! I am stoked!

We are still teaching the Lyon Family. They are doing very well. Sam, the father, has read half of the Book of Mormon already. They are becoming friends with many people in the ward. They have such a strong desire to learn and grow. It is amazing to see how much they want the Gospel in their lives. They already consider themselves members. They were unfortunately unable to come to church yesterday due to sickness. They are fantastic though! 

We were able to find a few new investigators this week, and many potentials. The new investigators we found are in the same neighborhood. They are both families with young children! We had been prompted to tract in this neighborhood for the last couple of weeks, but have been unable to do so. We finally were able to go, and we saw many miracles! 

Travis from last week moved back to California sadly. He gave us his address though so missionaries can teach him in Cali.

We are having an Ultimate derby car racing this Saturday with the ward. They are doing it because the Kentucky Derby is that same day.   We are making a derby car for it! It is going to be awesome! Sister Durfee and I bought these awesome Derby outfits for it last Monday. 

The Lord continues to bless Sister Durfee and I. Miracles continue to happen. I love seeing His hand in every aspect of the work! This Gospel is amazing! I love Richmond! 

Keep being great and strive to be missionaries to everyone around you! It is probably the last person you think would need or want the Gospel!

Love you all!

Sister Bradley

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