Tuesday, April 22, 2014

There can be MIRACLES... When you Believe!

 Hello all you wonderful marvelous people that get to read this!

I would like to give a shout out to my sister-in-law Mindy Bradley!!! HAPPY  BIRTHDAY on FRIDAY!!!

Another Shout out to Karlee Bodily! HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!!
This week has been wonderful! We had an amazing MIRACLE this week that I am super stoked to tell you about!
Well, a couple weeks ago Sister Durfee and I decided to focus more on finding families. We are always looking for families to teach, but we wanted to really focus on it. We prayed constantly for a family. We fasted for a family. We studied about it. Sure enough Heavenly Father answers prayers! We got a call last Wednesday from a guy named Sam. He told us that they have recently moved here from California. They left everything they had and went on a Greyhound bus for 5 days to get here. He told us he knew some people of our faith, and asked if we could come over. We went over that day and they are amazing! They have 3 kids. Trinity who is 6, Brian who is 5, Wyatt who is 9 months, and one on the way. We talked with Sam and his wife Roxy. They moved out here to be with family. Sam was taking the lessons in California  before they moved out here! We taught them the first lesson on Friday and committed them to Baptism for May 24th!!!! After the lesson Sam asked us if after they joined if they would have to get married in the church because a lot of churches do that. They are already married by the way. We then explained briefly that they wouldn't have to get married, but that with the Priesthood authority they could be sealed as a family so they could live together forever. That the priesthood authority would bind their marriage on earth and in Heaven! Their faces lit up when we told them that! It melted my heart to see them so excited about it all!  They came to a members house on Saturday with us for a BBQ and Easter egg hunt.  Sister Durfee and I had quite a bit of fun with the Kids playing games! Then they came to Church yesterday too! It is amazing how willing they are to do things! I am super EXCITED for them!!!!
    On Friday we were on an exchange, and I was with Sister Dickerson here in Richmond. We were biking to a lesson from a members home when we saw two guys and stopped to talk to them. Well, they asked us a lot of questions and said they had been looking to get back into church. We set up a time to meet with them the next morning. What was hilarious about it all is one of them named Travis kept telling us we were Beautiful. Literally every minute he would say that! He was obsessed with Sister Dickerson and asked her to marry him! It was so funny, but we just kept talking and telling them about the Gospel. It didn't even phase us. Towards the end of the conversation one of them asked, " What is the one thing that your church offers." I just looked at him and said, " Eternal Salvation." He laughed and then went on and on about how Sister DIckerson and I knew our "stuff." The best part is we went to their house the next morning with a member and they were hungover so we couldn't teach them, but we invited them to church. Travis totally came to Church! We weren't really expecting him to, but he did! It was awesome! He met almost the whole ward too! It will be interesting to teach him, but I am excited to see how the Gospel changes him for the better.
While on the exchange we locked ourselves out of our house. The landlord, who is a member, wasn't answering his phone. The maintenance man wasn't answering his either. So, we decided to try and go through a window. I climbed on our roof, and on a garbage can it was pretty funny. None of the windows were open though, so that was an epic fail. We had to walk half of the day until they called us back and opened it, so we could get our bikes.
We had zone meeting this last week! I love zone meetings because I get to learn and grow. We had a great meeting on how to better work with members, and how to expect Miracles! Sister Durfee and I had to tell our Miracle story about the Lyon family!
Nickie, Jada, and Jeff all went to the temple on Friday with our ward mission leader. They called us and told us it was like walking into Heaven! They loved it and want to go back soon!
It was a great week, and it is only going to be better this week! I am getting tan, and some super interesting tan lines! haha. It snowed last Tuesday though, but it was sunny the rest of the week!
I hope you all have a fantastic week! I can't believe I have been out for 8 months!
Sister Bradley

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