Monday, April 14, 2014

Peace and Blessings Ya'll...Peace and Blessings!

Hello dear friends and kinfolk!

I hope youins are having a great Monday! I don't care to tell you how my week went. Oh, and guess what I warshed my windors this morning. 

All of those words and phrases I just used is what I hear daily! It is so strange when people say " I don't care to." To them they are saying "I would like to do that, or I don't mind." Everyone calls their family Kin or kinsfolk. The rest are self explanatory. haha! 

I thought you would all enjoy the Hick language I am picking up!  

Nickie and Jeff got BAPTIZED!!!! It was amazing! It is so humbling to know that Heavenly Father trusts me enough to help bring His sons and daughters to the waters of Baptism. I have been so so blessed! It was an amazing Baptism! They both bore their testimonies, and they were so simple but powerful! The assistant ward mission leader set up a temple trip for Friday with all the recent converts! It will be an amazing experience for them! I really wish Sister Durfee and I could go, but they will have a great time without us. haha.

We are teaching a Spanish family. It is a husband, wife, and two little kids. They are so ready for this Gospel! We have to give them to a set of elders though because they actually don't live in our area. We didn't know that because we have been meeting with them at the church and we found them contacting.  It will be fine though! I am excited to see them progress! 

We were visiting with a less-active last week, and she was telling us how much she is struggling with math. Well, we told her we would help her with her homework. We went over the next night, and I sat and taught her how to do her math. I never thought I would be teaching someone math on my mission! haha. It was really fun though, and she really appreciated it! 

We had dinner with an awesome family last week! They are the LaFontaines. He is a convert and she grew up in the church. They are such strong members, and great missionaries too! They own their own private school that they started a few years ago. It is amazing to see their passion for missionary work! I love when members share the Gospel! We got to help them paint their house the next day too, which was fun! We listened to a few conference talks while we did it. 

We were out walking and contacting one night when we got a call from a girl named Anna. She is a nonmember who is roommates with a member. They wanted us to go on a walk with them downtown. We met them at the Christensen's home. Well, the Christensen's ended up taking us all out to dinner! We taught a simple lesson during dinner, and we are excited to see what happens with Anna. She is ready for the Gospel! 

CREEPIEST thing ever:  We were at the library one morning on the computers doing what we call " time." Well There are four computers to a table, and when you sit at them you face the two people at the other computers. We were almost done, and the guy ( probably in his 50's) slides a note to me across the table. Sister Durfee and I read it, and this is what it said, " I hope this doesn't offend you, but I think you are very attractive!!!! with a few smiley faces." CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY!! I was so furious! I also wanted to just laugh my head off! When we first started reading where it said " I hope this doesn't offend you." I thought he was going to ask what church we were from or something. Yea...NO not at all. Lets just say I wanted to run, and Sister Durfee was on the floor laughing! 

Then about an hour after the Creepy story, we got a great compliment. We were knocking on a persons door, and they weren't home. A lady that had just left her house and was driving by stopped and rolled down her window. She says, " I know this isn't your purpose or anything, but I just really wanted to let you know that ya'lls outfits are super cute. You look like you just came out of seventeen magazine. seriously though. I just had to tell you that." Then she drove away. It was so random but super nice! That was such a weird morning! 

Everything is fantastic! I love the work and everything about a mission! 

I love you all! have a super duper week!


Sister Bradley

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