Monday, December 9, 2013


Well tis the season for the cold!
We had a lot of rain and some ice here, but not much snow. It hasn't been that bad.
great things for the week:
- well I am the queen of backing up! haha. Yes, since I don't drive I get to back Sister Heywood up everyday. I get really into it and make it fun. I will do dances and who knows what else... I love getting strange looks from people when I back the car, it is the best!
- We went to a members house, and she just kept giving us food. We tried to say No, but she wouldn't let us. It was funny! Then the next day we helped her print some things off on the computer. To repay us for doing that she took us to cracker barrel. It was hilarious. We try so hard to just serve people, but they never let us go without returning the favor!
-Sister Heywood and I bought footie pajamas last monday! They are the best thing I have ever invested in! They are Minnie mouse and pretty much awesome! 

- We love to jam out to our lovely church music when we are in the car! It is great! Nothing better then jamming out to Kenneth Cope or Hymns. haha....
Work work work:
 A few investigators we are working with are Cinamon, Derrick, and Kyla.  They are so nice! It is cool because every question they have, I am like THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR!! It is like that for everyone, but it is very prominent with them. They are so prepared, it is unreal.  I am excited to continue working with them!
We met with another investigator who the elders were working with named Gale. She is so great! She talks a  lot, but id hilarious!! As we were talking I asked her if the Elders told her to read the Book of Mormon. She replied, " oh yeah I read like they told me too." Then I say, "sweet! What did you read?" She replied, " Well all of it." Sister Heywood and I sat there SHOCKED for a few minutes! I wanted to run around the room and jump up and down! We continued on, and she said she is going to read it again. She is super busy, so we aren't meeting with her for a couple weeks. I am so pumped to continue teaching her though!
We are working with a lady named Claudia as well. Her husband is a member, but not active. She speaks hardly any English, and understands some. We taught her with a Spanish pamphlet, and it was slightly difficult. It is cool though because even though there is a language barrier the spirit is still strong in the lessons. 
We were able to meet with Amy this week! She is so ready to be baptized. She knows the Book of Mormon is true! The only problem is she doesn't keep her commitments.. urg... She said she would this time, so hopefully she does. We are going to keep working with her, and help her in anyway that we can.
We went to visit a less-active last night, and we came at the perfect time. Her name is Mary Cahill, and she is in her 70's. Her husband is a truck driver, and is never home. When we got there she was trying to set up her Christmas tree. We offered to help, and she let us. She kept telling us that we were a " God Sent" the whole time we were there. It is amazing to see that we were prompted to go over there, and she needed us. She kept saying how it would have taken her days to put it up. I love serving others! It is the best! It was really fun to put up the tree, and decorate it!
   We are working with a lot of less-actives in the branch! There are so many of them. I didn't realize it until I was in the car area because we only had 5 in our biking area. If all the less-actives came to church this branch would be a good sized ward. Well don't worry we will make that happen! Work work work!
challenge for the week:
Everyone strive to be more charitable and giving! tis the season!

There are a few things or updates for the week!
I hope you all have had a good, cold, fun week! 

Have a fantastic week!!
I love you all!
Sister Bradley

Monday, December 2, 2013


My dearest Family and Friends,
We come together read this lovely e-mail of Sister Breanna Bradley. (you all thought I was going to quote princess bride...fooled you) 
This week was great! New area, new transfer, new apartment, new companion! My new companion like I told you last week is...drum roll please.... Sister Heywood!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HER so much!!! We already share clothes, finish each others sentences, and dance around in our apartment together. We have only been with one another for 6 days. This is going to be a great transfer! She is from Heber, Utah. She went to Utah State before her mission. She is going to be a nurse. She is a dancer, yoga instructor, and my chauffeur. She has been out for 10 months, so she is the senior companion. She gets to drive everywhere since she is senior companion! haha. It is great to be the passenger!  We drive and make up songs in the car or sing our hearts out. We dance and do sweet workouts on the mornings! This transfer is seriously going to be fantastic! 
This week was crazy! We switched apartments and said goodbye to people in downtown Somerset. On Tuesday I spent the day in Richmond with Sister Heywood while our companions went up to Louisville. I bike Monday night and Tuesday in the snow and rain. It was freezing, but epic! I enjoyed the miserable cold. We are in a car now, so I don't have to worry about wearing ten layers to look like an Eskimo!  

Oh my goodness! Lets just say 12 years of elders living in the apartment makes for a lovely disgusting dirty apartment for me to clean. It was hard to sleep in the new apartment Monday night because I was very disturbed by the filth. Sister Heywood and I scrubbed the apartment down. It is very clean now! 
On the bright side, the apartment is a lot nicer! I have a washer and dryer now! Woop Woop!  There are two floors. The top floor is just one big room with our beds, dresser, couch, workout stuff, and space! The main level is a family room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom with study desks. We each have our own closet. It is pretty great!The best part is....... It doesn't smell like SMOKE!! YEAH! All my stuff smells like smoke still, so I have been washing and wiping everything I own down so it doesn't.
We were driving the other day trying to find a less actives house that is out in the boonies. Well, we got to a  gravel road and were driving on it when we came across a river. The river separated the road, so we obviously could not get across. It was really funny. 

We ate thanksgiving at the Bohannons. It is a family in the branch. The food was pretty good! They had a ton of different dishes. I didn't try a lot of them. I stuck with the basic yummy thanksgiving food!
We got to meet with a couple named Derek and Cinamon this week. They are investigators that the elders had, but are now ours. They are so cool! We are meeting with them again tomorrow. I am excited.
We are trying to build up our investigator pool this week. We feel like we are opening a new area, but we aren't. We are just really low on investigators.
That was about it for the week! It was a crazy, fun, awesome, hard working week!
I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!
Have a great week!
I love you!!

Sister Bradley 


Dear family and friends,
Boy oh boy there is a lot of news this week!
first and foremost...... I have been out for 3 months!! that is so weird and crazy! Time is flying by!
Well, Sister Peterson is being transferred. I will miss her a whole lot! Here is the twist.... I am also being transferred...sort of... They decided to switch the Elders and Sisters in Somerset. I will now be in a car with my new companion. The elders will be on bikes now. We are switching apartments and everything tonight. I will still be in the same branch, but new investigators and area. The elders will have downtown Somerset, and we will have the rest of Pulaski County.  It will be different. I have very mixed emotions about it all! I feel like this area is my baby since we opened it. I know the Elders will take good care of it though!
My soon to be new companion is Sister Haywood ( I don't know how to spell it). She has been  with Sister Hall, my MTC companion, for the last two transfers. Someone told Sister Haywood where she was going, so she told me yesterday. I am super excited to be companions with her! We will find out where Sister Peterson is going tomorrow at transfer meeting.
We had stake conference yesterday. Our whole zone got to sing during it. It was really fun! Sister Peterson and I also sang at Young Womens in Excellence.
Last Monday I got to go to the gym, and play around on the equipment. There equipment was older, so I couldn't do everything. I did all the things that I could though! It was a lot of fun!!! I haven't really lost any skills. It was great!
Sister Peterson was really sick again this week. We had to go to the doctor twice. She is doing better now that she is on antibiotics. It was turning into bronchitis.
The weather here has been rainy and cold this week!
Do you remember the guy I told you about last week named Brother Lequire? He is the one we sang to in the hospital. Well, he passed away on Monday night. It was sad, but he is in a better place.
We had some great lessons this week. One of them was with April. She is keeping every commitment we throw at her! She reads, prays, and comes to church. She is so willing to do anything. She always talks about how we are going to do fun things with her after we are off our missions. It is funny.
We also met with Amy...finally!  Her life has been so hectic lately, so we haven't been able to meet with her. We had a great lesson with her, and she knows the Book of Mormon is true! What what!!! oh yeah! That is what I like to hear! We will meet with her again this week. I am super duper excited!
We had a few investigators drop us this week. It stinks, but oh well what do you do. We had one investigator named Mary. She is an older lady. She sat there for 20 minutes trying to convert us to her apostolic penicostal church. It wasn't the first time someone has tried to convert us to their religion. She wouldn't let us talk because she jsut kept reading scripture after scripture from the bible. We then got a chance to talk, and just bore our testimonies. She sat there and looked stunned. We told her we loved her and said goodbye. She did not seem to happy.
Congratulations to Karlee and Tyler on getting hitched! I hope the wedding was marvelous!
I hope you all have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
What are you grateful for?
I am grateful to be out here serving the Lord. I am grateful that I get to be bringing people closer to Christ. I am grateful for all the wonderful people I get to meet. I am grateful for all the little things in life. I am grateful for all of you that are reading this! I am especially grateful for my family, and all that they do for me. I hope you are all grateful for the things you have in life. Don't take anything forgranted because you never know when you might not have it anymore. Someone always has it worse than you, so be grateful for what you do have. Being grateful is the best!
I love you all!
Eat lots of turkey and pie.... don't get fat!
Have a great Thanksgiving!
Sister Bradley