Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Derby Day!

Shout out to my cute niece Macie Barnum! Happy 8th Birthday Macie!! Love you! Love, Nana!  

This last Saturday was Derby Day! Sister Durfee and I are so awesome that we made hats and had great dresses to go with it! They were total derby style! I hope you enjoy the lovely pictures of it. To go with the Derby the ward had an Ultimate derby race. It was a derby car race with no rules and for all ages. It was fun! We made a car, and it got 5th place. Not bad... haha.

The Lyon family is doing well. Destiny Sawin, a recent convert, came with us to their lesson yesterday. It was amazing to see Destiny teach and testify of what she knew to be true. I think  she is the best fellowship for them! She hasn't been coming to church, so we think this will help motivate her. She brought toys for the kids, and was able to really relate to them. We will definitely be teaching a family home evening lesson when we meet with them tomorrow. We are excited to see them continue to progress.

We were able to meet with a girl named Jessica this last week. She is very open minded and said that her and her husband were looking for a church. We will be meeting with her again this week  with a member to teach the Plan of Salvation. We are excited to teach this because she has two young children. It will help her understand that her family can be together forever. We are trying to get the Husband involved as well, but he works quite a bit. She has the cutest little girl named Addison who is 2. While we were there last week they showed us a cool thing that Addison and Jessica's husband do. Well, he throws Addison up in the air and stunts her. So she stands on one leg while he is holding her with one hand. She was solid too! It was amazing to see a 2 year old do that! CRAZY! She also could almost do a straddle press handstand, and she is 2!!! I told Jessica that she better get her in classes quick because that little Addison has talent!
We were also able to see Charlie Walling. We taught him a very loving but bold lesson last night. He is ready to make all the steps to Baptism, but he is struggling with procrastination. He keeps thinking that he will when the time is right. When he is settled. We are truly focusing on his needs as we meet with him tonight. The Gospel is truly what he needs in his life right now.
I love seeing the tender mercies of the Lord. It is humbling to know how aware the Lord is of every detail. Saturday was a rough day with many things that happened. I saw so many tender mercies throughout the day that I was just happy and hopeful. I knew that God was still helping us and blessing us, but it was just in other ways than what I thought it would be. We met with two amazing members on Saturday evening. The husband is suffering from cancer, and we were asked to go and visit them. They had a strong spirit in their home. It was amazing to teach and talk about the Restoration of the Gospel with them. It was a very touching experience for Sister Durfee and I.
We had our last interviews with President Woodbury, and Sister Woodbury. It was sad... They were really great interviews though! They have one more transfer left until the new ones come. We had a great training about how we can focus on Church and getting investigators to Church! We need to be fully converted in the Gospel before we can expect to truly help others come unto Christ!
Everything is going great! I love the Gospel! It is amazing to see people change as we are lead by the spirit! God knows us personally and perfectly!  We have been sharing what we call a faith ladder with a lot of people lately. It is a great thing that can apply to anything in the Gospel!

One example could be Charity.
step 1: Desire- It has to start with a Desire to have Charity.
step 2: Belief- As we study the scriptures we can gain a belief of Charity by reading Moroni 7.
step 3: Action- As we gain a belief we want to act on it by Praying for Charity and being more Charitable.
Step 4: Trial- as we act we go through trials.
Step 5: Witness- We receive a witness that what we are doing is real and true!
I just wanted to share that because I love how the Faith ladder really applies to everything!  I invite you all to apply the faith ladder in your own lives!
I hope you all Have a great week! Love you all!

Sister Bradley

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