Wednesday, May 21, 2014

living Vikariously!

Why hello my dear family and friends! ( say in British accent)

I know you are all excited to see who the new companion is! Drum roll please.... Sister Vikari, hence living Vikariously. It is spelled wrong on purpose. She is one amazing sister! She is from North Bend Washington which is close to Seattle. She is super fun and it is going to be another great transfer! She is actually 25 and has graduated from BYU Idaho in Vocal Performance. She is an amazing Opera Singer, and I make her sing to me all the time. She is going to teach me to sing better as well! I love to live Vikariously because it is the way to go! haha:) 

This week was another amazing week! I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to be companions with Sister Vikari! This is going to be a great transfer working with her. I know that miracles are going to continue to happen here in Richmond! 

Last night we went to a fireside in Lexington with Nikki and Destiny. It is a fireside for investigators and recent converts. Well, after the speakers they allow anyone to bear their testimony. I told Destiny that she should bear hers, and she did! It was a powerful testimony! She said that she wanted to go on a mission one day. She said how she loves coming out with us, and how grateful she is for the Gospel in her life and us. It was so precious! She has such a strong testimony for only being 13. I got to see some former companions too! I saw Sister Durfee and Sister Peterson there! I also got to see the Cook family from Somerset! It was awesome to see all of them. 

This last week a member from our ward passe away. It was Brother Adams who I wrote about a few weeks ago that we went and saw. It was a beautiful funeral service. I talked to Sister Adams on Sunday when I saw her. She cried and  told me how grateful Brother Adams and her were for when we came. She said it was a blessing for them and especially him because we brightened up his day. She said that we brought the spirit into their home and really helped them forget about the hard time they were going through. It was so touching. I told her how grateful we were for their strong testimonies. It was a very tender moment. 

We are still working with the Lyon family. Sam still has not come to church. We were only able to meet with them once last week, and it was only with Roxy. They aren't finding the Gospel very important in their lives, so they don't meet with us very frequently. We have been doing a lot of praying and studying on their behalf, and are going to try many things this coming week. They are still interested and know that this is what they need to do, but it is not urgent for them.

We were able to have a powerful lesson with Charlie this last week, and set a baptismal date with him! It was truly a spirit guided lesson! He realized that he can do all things through Christ, and with our Heavenly Fathers help. 

We are also meeting with Tom again. He is striving to really know the truth and gain a testimony. He also has a baptismal date. He is really studying everything out in his mind, so he can know that this is the right decision in his life. I am excited to see him continue to change! 

We are also meeting with two older sisters named Gladdis and Emma. They are wonderful! Emma is spunky and asks a lot of great questions. Gladdis is more calm and really ponders everything we say. They both have a baptismal date for June 21. 

We are also continuing to work with the Lee family.They are so prepared! We are trying to meet with the whole family. It is really hard because they are all so busy. I know that the Lord will help us to work with them more and be able to teach all of them. 

I am grateful for another amazing companion! I am so blessed, and have learned so many things from Sister Vikari already. She is a fantastic, diligent, obedient, fun sister! 

I love you all and hope you have a fantabulous week! 
Sister Bradley

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