Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bitter Sweet...

Well hello friends and family!

It was nice talking to the fam bam yesterday on Skype! All the grand kids are getting so big! Well, lately Sister Durfee and I like to relate everything to the Gospel. We were compared riding our bikes to the Gospel, or playing chess to the Gospel, or how eating can relate to the Gospel. It is quite entertaining and hilarious! 

  Our District
Sister Durfee is leaving me tomorrow! Sad day. She is an awesome companion! She is becoming a sister training leader, and staying in my zone. Luckily I will still get to see her quite often! It is a mystery as to who my new companion is. In order to find out tune into to my Blog next week where the new sister will be revealed! haha

A creepy picture
There was many miracles this last week that happened. They continue to happen every single week! We are now teaching a couple families. We were able to gain very promising new investigators. We were also able to contact many wonderful people. The Lord continues to bless this area and help more and more people accept the Gospel. 

Destiny came with us last Saturday. She walked around with us from appointment to appointment. It was amazing. She bore powerful testimony of what she knew to be true. It brought the spirit into the lessons! That was a miracle to see her willingly come with us and to hear her beautiful testimony. 

We are now teaching the Lee Family. It is a husband, wife, and three kids. The kids are 18, 15, and 12. They have a strong foundation in Jesus Christ. They are very open to the Gospel and to learning. We taught the mom last week, but tonight we are teaching the whole family. I am super excited to see them progress in the Gospel as a family! 

We taught the Lyon family a family home evening lesson. It was a lesson on how to grow your faith. We taught towards the kids, so it was simple and direct. The kids are being a strong example to their parents. They pray during the lessons. They love to talk about Jesus, and they pray for their parents to quit smoking. Roxy is doing well and continues to progress. 

This member in the ward had surgery and her daughter doesn't know how to cook. We went over there one day and made dinner for them and taught her how to make breakfast for dinner! It was great and they were so appreciative! 

Let me tell you all about the Christensen's. It is a couple that lives two blocks away from us. They helped us so much! They fed us dinner frequently, gave us rides places, let us teach people in their home, and many other wonderful things. We were able to get to know them very well! They sadly left this week to Bear Lake for the Summer. They told Sister Durfee and I that we could come and stay with them next summer! I am super stoked! 

The work continues to be amazing here! I love it more and more every single day! I have never been so happy in my entire life! Who wouldn't want to serve a mission. It brings happiness, spiritual and temporal knowledge, peace, joy, friends, spiritual strength, and many other wonderful things!  Who wouldn't want to experience all those things??

I am so grateful for my Father in Heaven who truly knows each and every one of us perfectly. He is very aware of our circumstances, and the desires of our hearts. He knows how to best help us, and can do anything as long as we put our trust in him! Thi Gospel is simply...AMAZING!

Have a great week! Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful women in my life!
Sister Bradley 

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