Thursday, May 29, 2014

9 Months....SAY WHATTTT!!!!!


FUNNY STORY: Well, one day we were eating lunch and we saw that a wasp was flying around our apartment. We didn't know how we could kill it so we had our neighbor Crystal come do it. Yes, I was a wussy. That was exciting! That night we were teaching a lesson outside with a member and the tornado sirens started going off. We continued teaching because it wasn't even stormy and everything was fine. We finished the lesson and got in the car. The minute we shut the car doors it started POURING with super crazy winds. It was insane! Then halfway home it started hailing good quarter sized hail. We ran into our apartment form the car and were soaked by the time we got inside. Then we planned for the next day and went to go to our room. Well, little did we know that while walking to our room we would walk through a huge puddle 4 inches deep. Our apartment was slightly flooded! We got it all cleaned up and taken care of though. It was an adventurous day to say the least.

All of the sisters in our zone.
This week was such a marvelous week. Sister Vikari and I are seeing many great miracles! We are being blessed with so many wonderful people to teach. The members are so involved in missionary work here. They are always so willing to come out with us, and let us into their homes.
We had a very spiritual lesson with Tom this week at the Bishops home. We did a spirit sandwich with the Book of Mormon. We had everyone testify of the Book of Mormon, and how it has blessed their life. It was a powerful lesson. At the end we all knelt and said a prayer to ask if the Book of Mormon was true. It was amazing to see how every single person felt the spirit strongly! Tom has a strong testimony of the Gospel. Now we need to help him recognize it.

Brother and Sister Greff are amazing member missionaries in our ward. They come out with us frequently, and are always trying to share the Gospel and find people for us to teach. One day they came with us to contact a referral that they gave to us. While we were contacting them Brother Greff went and talked to their neighbors who were outside. We finished and Brother Greff walks up to us and says, " You have an appointment with this family Sunday at 3:00." Yes, He got us a family to teach! They came with us on Sunday to teach this family, and it was an amazing lesson! It is the Henry family. There is a husband, wife, 8 year old daughter, 16 year old son, and the mom of the wife. They are so prepared for the Gospel! They have a baptismal date for July 12. I am so excited to continue teaching them! They asked great questions that neither Sister Vikari or I have ever been asked. 

The whole Lyon family came to church this week! Sam, the husband, finally came! We took the Elders Quorum President with us to teach them a lesson. He befriended Sam and made Sam feel more comfortable. They are continuing to progress! 

One night Sister Vikari and I were with a member and the appointment fell through. We had many back ups, but decided to pray about where we should go. We did and the Lee family came to my mind. We go there and they weren't home. Sister Vikari and I knew one other person that lived in this same apartment complex. We felt like we needed to go there. Her name is Lexi, and she is 11. We have been trying for weeks to meet with her because she came to church with Hank about a month ago. Well, she was home and so we taught her the first lesson. She has read the whole Book of Mormon already! We brought her with us the next day to dinner at a members home who has a daughter Lexi's age. They bonded and became friends quickly. Lexi also came to church as well! She is ready for Baptism! 

On Saturday one of the members had a BBQ at their home. There were many people from the ward there. They invited the Lyon family and they came as well. They also invited some of their nonmember friends who came. We talked with this one couple, and were able to set up an appointment with them for this week! The members are simply amazing here in Richmond. 

We are meeting with a part member family in our area as well. It is the Samuel family. The wife and 10 year old son are Baptized. The husband and 8 year old son are not. We are going to teach the 8 year old with the whole family involved. We think that will help the Dad as well. They come as a family to church every week. Everyone in the ward thinks he should be a member. He told us if all he had to do was sign a paper he would be a member. We are going to try and help resolve his concerns. 

Crystal is a less-active that we have been working with for a while. A few weeks ago we made goals with her, and her main goal is to go to the temple. We were able to teach her the 15 step program last night! She is excited but nervous to quit smoking! We know that she can do it though!

We also has zone meeting! It was fun to see everyone, and be spiritually uplifted! 

There is a family in our ward who is moving to Rexburg next month because he got a job at BYU Idaho. They are excited! I told them all these places to go to, and things to do! 

It was an amazing week!!!!! I am so blessed! We have so many people progressing towards baptism! I have only told you about a few of the people that we are teaching! We have 12 people right now with Baptism dates and quite a few people who will have them by the end of this week! The Lord is truly Hastening His work! I am blessed that I get to be an instrument in his hands! 

don't laugh but I fell asleep in a lesson.... We were watching the restoration movie. The investigator was sitting next to me and was super into the movie. It was a long hot day and I tried so hard to stay awake but apparently it didn't work. A member tool this picture because she thought it was so funny!

Sleeping Beauty!! HAHA!
Have a fantastic week!

Sister Bradley

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