Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Give me Mountains to Climb!

first of all... SHOUT OUT too....  Team Revolution and Justen Millerbernd! Good luck this weekend at the KLI! I love you all! Happy Birthday Kalon Ludvigson! 

hmmmm.....This week..... equals.... amazing, great, weird, crazy, every emotion you can feel.

DESTINY GOT BAPTIZED!!! WOO HOO!!! That girl has been on a long road to Baptism. She is your typical 13 year old. She is super funny though and blunt! I love it.  It was an amazing experience to see her enter the waters of Baptism and get confirmed a member. Her Baptism  gave Nicki, her mom, a big push to quit smoking. I think that by watching her daughter get baptized, and receiving a priesthood blessing she will really quit this time around. There are quite a few people praying for her as well.  We were able to have three investigators at the Baptism. They all were able to feel the spirit, and recognize what they will be doing soon. 

   Jada is right on track to get baptized March 29th. We could move her date up a week because she is so on track. She finished the 15 step program successfully, and has come to two baptisms. She is also coming to church every week, and staying for all three meetings. The Gospel is changing her. Everyday I am so grateful for her desire to grow more and more in this Gospel. She is already in Mosiah, and has only been reading for about two weeks. I am amazed at her testimony, and how much it grows from day to day. I love her and being able to watch her grow and learn. 

 Charlie is also right on track for his Baptism on March 29th. He came to Church for the first time yesterday, and loved it. He was able to feel the spirit really strongly. The members were able to really befriend him and love him. He will be finished with the 15 step program today! We taught him the program in a members home last Monday. It was the most spiritual lesson with the 15 step program ever. The members were so supportive, and it really helped him build the confidence to quit. He is so great, and his testimony is already so strong in this Gospel! 

Jeff is a newer investigator. He has a Baptism date for April 12th. We have taught him a couple times now. He is so willing to do anything we ask or commit him to do. He came to the Baptism on Saturday, and to church yesterday. We taught a lesson to him last night with a member. It was amazing to see him feel the spirit strongly during the lesson. I love being able to point out the spirit to people, and help them recognize it. He is progressing really well. 

We also made this thing called snow cream. BEST THING EVER! All you do is add some vanilla flavoring or any extract or flavoring of your choice, sugar, and milk. You mix it with some fresh snow and it is ice cream! It is so good! 

We are continuing to work hard, and I know that the Lord is blessing us. The Richmond ward is fantastic, and so willing to help. I love this work! I don't think I will be able to ever say that enough.

I hope ya'll have a fantastic week! 
Sister Bradley

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