Monday, December 29, 2014


I HOPE ALL OF YOU HAD A SUPER DUPER CHRISTMAS!!!!!! I know I did! I love being on a mission for Christmas because I get to just focus on Christ and the real meaning of Christmas without all of the gifts and things. It is the best!!
Since I didn't e-mail last week I have a lot to say for this e-mail!! I hope I can say everything that I want too! haha...if time permits!
So, The week before Christmas I got to go on two exchanges. I was in the other area for both of them and it was so much fun!! I love these sisters so much, and I learn a ton from them! I went to Hodgenville Kentucky for the first one with Sister Herald! She has only been out for 2 months and is amazing! I was blown away! We had a great day full of miracles and laughter! I got to teach someone in Sign language while I was there! Who knew that my 2 years of sign language in High School would come in handy for my mission!
I then got to go to Highlands, which is downtown Louisville, on a bike! That was super fun! It felt so great to be on a bike again! I miss it! I was with Sister Griffiths who has only been out for a few weeks! We had such a fun time together! I just love these exchanges because I get to learn so much from the other sisters! We saw so many miracles from talking with people on the street and had great success that day! It was fabulous! I was really sore the next day because we biked about 40 or 50 miles. She got lost a lot since she has only been out for a few weeks, which made sense.
This last week:
 We had a mission conference/party as a whole mission like we did last year!! It was so much fun!!! I love being able to see all the missionaries I have served around or with and talking to them! We had some great musical numbers, and then played some hilarious games! Our team was Comet, and we totally won! It was great! The tetons came into play because I got volunteered to do the egg toss for our team with another missionary. We totally won! That is one thing that has not changed about me...I am still competitive! haha  That night we spent at the mission home with President and Sister Brough, and Sister Ellsworth. Sister Ellsworth was going home a couple weeks early, so she could start school. We were her companions for the night! It was great to be able to just sit down with President and Sister Brough and hear stories! I love them so much!
Tuesday: We went on an exchange with Shephardsville Sisters! I was in our area with Sister Galloway that day! We came out together, so it was an amazing day to say the least! We talked about miracles, and stories from our mission! It was amazing! We have this family that we are teaching, the Bonamou's, they are so prepared! They are from Africa and they are so smart! We are teaching the mom, and the two daughters. They know it is true, but can't get baptized until their dad gets here from Africa. They are going to be one powerhouse Mormon family!  ANSWER TO PRAYER: The night before Sister Goodrich and I decided to pick out some members in the ward that we wanted to see that week, so we could build relationships with them. We picked like 5 and two of them were the Mushala's and the Hall's. Well, while we were on the exchange we get a call from the Mushala's inviting us to come over for dinner that night. It was the exact hour that we didn't have an appointment and the Hall's were going to be eating with them too! CAN I SAY PERFECT! They are amazing families, and we had a great dinner appointment with them! We saw a lot of other people, but I don't have time to talk about it all.
CHRISTMAS EVE!! We painted a closet at a recent converts house! That was fun! We taught a few investigators some awesome lessons!  We then went to the Moons and had dinner with them! They are hilarious! The mom is a recent convert and the son is not a member. It was a really good dinner, and they are super sarcastic, so it was hilarious to say the least!  We weren't allowed to proselyte after 6, so we went over to the Hebdons, who are members of the ward! They are sooooo FUNNY! We ate dinner with them too! SO FULL! It was delicious though! We frosted cookies, and then acted out the nativity scene! The spirit was really strong and it was a great time!
We spent that day at the Thorns! All 8 of us missionaries in the ward spent pretty much the whole day there! It was fabulous! We got to Skype, play games, and nap! It was a great relaxing day, but I was ready to go to work on Friday!
We had a great district meeting about consecration and developing Christ-like attributes! We had a great lesson with our wonderful investigators the Coffey's. Brother Coffey cracks all these cheesy jokes all the time it is funny stuff! They are progressing so well in the Gospel and want us to come over everyday! We did some more service at the Revolus house! We taught a few other people as well.
Saturday: I loved this day because we got to do a little bit of every aspect of the work! I love those days! We had some great lessons!
Sunday: Was amazing! I received so many answers to my prayers at church! I love being able to receive revelation at church!
It was a great couple of weeks!
I met a boy named ZION!
President during the chubby bunny game yells..." we will go until they gag."
I challenge you all to study Repentance. We had to give a training on it, and I have learned a lot about repentance and experiencing repentance! It is really cool! We really have to change our thoughts one day at a time!
Pray: For Jamie to be able to make it to church
I love you all! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Sister Bradley

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