Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015...Here to soon!!

I can not believe it is 2015!! HOW CRAZY!!! The year of 2014 was definitely the best year of my life because I got to be on my mission for the whole year!!! LOVE IT!
Here are the highlights of the week:
This cute family from Haiti that we teach said.... The dad talking about his son said. " Emmanuel looks like a guy from a movie." Then the wife says, " who 50 cent." it was hilarious!
A member of the ward said this to us the other day.... " I am a confirmed Bachelor."
on an exchange someone said this. " My kids baby mama rebounds faster than Lebron James."
When we are teaching someone English and they keep swearing because they are trying to say it and can't.
A recent convert ... " I hate the word convert, I am not a convert I am a switcher. "
That moment as a missionary when  we say so many prayers that I  forget to even Address Heavenly Father and I just start saying the things we are grateful for in a group prayer with a member.
member- " We had teeth until we came to Kentucky."
I got to go on two exchanges this week! I was able to be with Sister Ward and Sister LeFevre!! They are both super duper amazing sisters!! I love learning form other sisters!
It was such a cool moment to sit in Gospel Principles Sunday school yesterday and see that  everyone in the class was a convert, and 95% were in the last 2 years!!! SO COOL! There were about 20 people in the class.
We had interviews this week and we had a sweet training by the Assistants! Talk about spiritual overload!
We learned a lot about INTEGRITY!
I am going to share some thoughts about it.
Integrity is the heart of Spirituality.
It is our true intent, doing right regardless, who you are when no one is watching, being accountable.
There are 7 attributes of integrity:
1. Foundation of our character and virtues.
2. Not just what's legal but Christlike
     Are you a loophole looker?
3. Making Decisions based on eternal consequences
     Don't give up what you want most for what you want now
4. Disclosing whole truth and nothing but.
5. NO alibies/excuses
    Justification is repentance worst enemy
6. Keeping covenants/commitments despite inconvenience
    Miracles occur when we make  the right choice despite inconvenience.
7. Not governed by others, internally driven.
  Creator of circumstances, not a creature of circumstances.
I love integrity!! It is amazing!!!
I hope you all have a great week! I love you!
Sister Brradley

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