Monday, January 26, 2015

Cuttin up is the best medicine!

It has been an AMAZING week here in Louisville Kentucky! Where we say Ya'll, and love to cut up!  many of you probably have no idea what cut up means, so I will explain. It just means joking around, laughing, or having a good time! I love the great Kentucky lingo!
A recent convert is speaking in sacrament about following Christ and says, " I am in love." slight pause. "I am in love with Jesus Christ and my wife." It was so funny!! He also said this another time." One time I was walking and I was like hey whose with me, oh wait it is the Holy Ghost that is with me, Hey Holy  Ghost."
This is for my siblings!!
    A member told us this about kids yesterday:
oldest child - I make the rules
middle child- I am the reason for the rules
youngest child- I am the exception to the rules!
Story time/spiritual:
Phillip- He is a new investigator that we taught a couple lessons to this week. He is so prepared for the Gospel! He has had a rough life and the Gospel is helping him already so much! He is a single father of 3 children, and is great at it! While we were teaching him the other night. We were laughing about something at the beginning, and he looks at me and says, " I bet you have brought  a lot a of people to Christ with your personality and sense of humor."
Ladicia and Abraham- They are amazing and came to church for the first time this Sunday! They enjoyed it too! They apply everything to themselves and blow me away every time we go!
Katie- She is a member that has come out with us a lot the last week! She is in her 20's and is Hilarious! She came out with us and rode her bike with us to an appointment on the day that it snowed. What a trooper. It was a ton of fun! She also drove us to a funeral on Saturday up in Indiana that we went to for a recent convert that Sister Briggs taught.
Jessica- She is my soul sista! Literally, She is the reason I am serving in this area! I love her to death and she quit smoking this last week! She has two adorable little girls and a wonderful husband who is a member. They will definitely be in the temple next year being sealed as a family! She at first was so against learning and her heart is changing a ton! We go over now and she throws all these questions at us. We answer them with the Bible and Book of Mormon, and she literally just sits there and goes," these Mormons are right..." It is quite funny!
It was a great week! My e-mails are going to be shorter in the next weeks because we are going to be busy doing fun things around Louisville!
Prayer: pray for Jessica and John to continue to not smoke.
Challenge: Remember to be yourself and be the person that God wants you to be!
I love being a missionary, it really is the best thing of my life! There is no greater joy than sharing the Gospel! I hope ya'll have a great week!
Sister Bradley


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