Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fairytale Fairdale!

The details of the week here in Fairytale Fairdale!!!!
It is fairytale land because I feel like everyone we talk to or teach is prepared and ready right now for the Gospel! UNREAL! It is awesome!!
Monday- Downtown Louisville where we were all Good in the Hood! We had dinner and Family Home Evening at the Wilkerson's because they want us to teach their 8 year old daughter the lessons!
Tuesday- W had some Jehovah Witnesses knock on our door during study! That was interesting. We tried trading with them pamphlet for pamphlet, but they wouldn't. They were sweet ladies though. We saw my Brother Phillip Moore! He is so awesome! He is a single father of 3 and changing his life one day at a time through the Gospel! We saw my girl Jamie too! We helped her clean and organize, have I mentioned how much I love cleaning and organizing! Had dinner with Dawn Renee and we helped her get started with her family History! Then we saw my sister Jessica! She is doing wonderful and I love her!
Wednesday- We had an exchange with Shepherdsville sisters! I was with Sister Jensen in Shepherdsville! That was super fun and we had a day full of miracles and some great people! I love when you pray and your prayers are answered like 5 minutes later! SAWEET! It was really cool because during the exchange I realized how much I have grown spiritually in the last year and a half. Sister Jensen is a lot like how I was at the beginning of my mission. I am really Grateful to Heavenly Father for knowing my weaknesses and helping me make some of them my strengths.
Thursday- WEEKLY PLANNING! We did family history with Sister Elliot and I found out that I am related to the missionary that Baptized her back in 1942! SO COOL!!! I love Family history! Had another amazing lesson with Brother Moore, Jamie, and the cutest family ever Ladicia and Abraham!
Friday- We got a flat tire and so we had to change it before district meeting! That was fun and definitely the first time I had changed a tire! We called the Elder Rodericks who takes care of our cars on what car place we should take it etc. He told us to call the elders and have them put the spare on for us. We called the elders and they go " well, do you know how?" We told them w could figure it out and, so they just didn't come! haha! We got it and it was super easy...sort of! Once we got the lugnuts off! We had a great dinner that night with Brother Weston, Katie and a nonmember friend of Brother Weston's! It was super cool! The friend's name is firas and he worked for the embassy in Baghdad! It was sweet talking to him!
family photo! hahaha Brother Weston, Katie, and Firas
Saturday- We had an amazing lesson with Aranya Bella! She is a new investigator and understands everything so well! IT is crazy! I got a migraine for like the 2nd time in my life, it was awful! I couldn't see and was super nautious and had a headache, so I unfortunately had to rest for a few hours! LAME SAUCE! We saw this member Brother Gary that shared his testimony with us! It was amazing!
Sunday- We had a ward fast fro missionary work and then broke it together with a taco bar after church! IT was awesome! I love Sundays! They really are the best day of the week! We did family History with Marie and Emanie that night! And during testimonies Dawn Renee said that she was going to quit smoking because she "caught the spirit of Elijah" while doing family History work! SO COOL! MIRACLE!
IT was an amazing week!!!
A quote: "Happiness must be earned today."
funny quote by Jamie our investigator. " My baptism was on HBO I did it like a cool kid."
Prayer: Pray that Jessica can quit smoking and that Marie can recognize her answer!
Scripture: Mosiah 15! Our bodies are SUBJECT to our Spirits!
I love you all!
Sister Bradley 

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