Monday, February 9, 2015


The title of my e-mail is ONLY THE BEST LIFE, because missionary life simply is  THE BEST LIFE!
ALSO, I am so excited that I am an AUNT Again!!! CONGRATULATIONS Tyson and Morgan!!!! I am glad that I have another redhead in the family!
Also, SHOUT OUT TO HAILEY, my niece, who turned 13 this past weekend!!!! LOVE YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
1. Glasgow sisters
This week had been pretty hectic and awesome!
Monday and Tuesday we were at the Brough's fro MLC! Super fun, spiritual, and revelatory! It was great! We learned more about how we need to
1st. Seek to understand before we can be understood.
2nd. Teach correct principles
3rd Let them govern themselves by setting goals and seeing a vision of area, themselves, others.
4th. Let the Govern themselves
That is how we can truly build the desire in others and see them change. If we can really understand their desires and the root of their problem, then we can know how to help them change by teaching correct principles. IT IS AMAZING! We can't just expect people to act. A lot of times we teach to get people to act instead of teaching to build their desire and belief and letting them choose to act for themselves.  I have seen this work SO WELL as I have done it with sisters on exchanges and with investigators! SO COOL! I invite you to use it because it works miracles!
I met a guy named Bradley, so I was able to talk about Family history with him! It was pretty much awesome and hilarious!
Sister Vikari came to visit!!! She was one of my former companions and her and her mom took us out to lunch! SO NICE! It was so great!
2. braided our hair together with Hermana Graham!
We have this sweet investigator named Greg that we met at the tire place while getting a new tire! Even getting a  flat tire is inspired of God, because now he has a baptismal date and is doing great! MIRACLES! Another proof that God's hand is in every aspect of our life!
We had another meeting on Wednesday and then we exchanged with the wonderful Sister Ward and Sister France. I was with Sister Ward in their area. Let me tell you how much I love Sister Ward! SHE IS AMAZING! I seriously learned so much from her in a short amount of time! It was cool too because I got to meet the sister of Papa John, the pizza guy Papa John. She is a recent convert in their area. She is awesome! We helped her set up for a party she was throwing, and I had to open wine bottles. I never thought I would open wine bottles, let alone on my mission! It was hilarious! I got to meet some other amazing people while I was there!
We had a great lesson with my Brother Moore! We brought a family over and we had a powerful lesson with all of them and him!
Jessica got a blessing and then quit smoking the next day! MIRACLE!
Saturday we had to do a unplanned BLITZ to Glasgow. We went down Friday night and then were there Saturday and I was there some of Sunday too. A sister down there is having feet problems and the doctors haven't been able to figure out what is wrong, so I was with her, and she has to stay off of it as much as possible. We didn't get to do much missionary work. Then I went to their church on Sunday while sister Briggs and her companion came up to Louisville Saturday night, so they could be in our area for church. It was crazy and complicated, so I am not going to explain haha! I had a ton of fun with the sister though and was able to build her up and hopefully help her due to this long week! She is super strong and not letting the medical issues bring her down!
It was simply a great week! I learned a lot this week, and I love my companion!
All I know it that I am so undeserving of the Love that Heavenly Father shows me constantly and for all that he does for me! I absolutely love this Gospel with all my heart and being able to serve others everyday! THIS IS THE LIFE!
prayer: pray for Jessica to continue to not smoke.
challenge: express your love and Gratitude to those you love this week! HAPPY VALENTINES!
Have a HAPPY VALENTINES!! We get to be with Elder Christofferson on Valentines day! SWEET!
the pictures
!3. Deer and moose, and elk heads! creepy....
2. squirrel! museum of animals at a members house...
Sister Bradley

 Sister Brough and I! Checking out the missionaries that engraved their name into the wood on the beds in the mission home. NOT cool! We had to go around and check the softness of the beds to see which ones should be replaced. haha!


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