Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A weekend with an Apostle....BLISS

It was another fabulous week here in the GKLM!
Professional Jockey's
We went with a recent convert to Churchill Downs last P-day! Super fun, and I will come to the Kentucky Derby one day!
Spiritual things of the week:
We had this amazing lesson with Sister Elliott this last week and an active member came with us. They are life long friends, so she was able to be super bold with Sister Elliot! It was amazing! Sister Elliott will definitely make it to the temple soon enough! She is reading, praying, coming to church, doing family History, got her patriarchal blessing. She is doing all the right things! So cool! It is so amazing because even though She was less-active and knew the Gospel, it is cool to see her grasp it again after 40 plus years of being less-active and seeing how much happier she is!
It was cool because one morning I felt like I should study patience during personal study, so I did. I thought olay Heavenly Father must be telling me that I need to work on patience, which I always do need to.  Well, that night we went on an exchange and the sister I was with says, " I am really trying to work on patience, do you have any suggestions." Wow Heavenly Father is so amazing!!
So, Something that I have been asking at the end of the exchanges  to sisters is
What did the spirit teach you today? Now, what are you inspired to do or change?
It is so cool to hear their responses and see what the Holy Ghost taught them! As I thought about these questions I realized these are questions that we should ask ourselves all the time! So you all should do that! What did the spirit teach you today?
a qoute that I liked this week:
" The difference between God and the devil is God gives us all of our needs and the Devil tells us that our wants are more important."
We had the coolest weekend with Elder Christofferson! We had a mission conference with him Saturday morning with him and Elder Soares of the seventy. It was simply amazing to be able to just sit on the front row and have a spiritual feast from one of the 12! I went to the conference with a few questions in mind for investigators and myself and they all got answered! It was ana a,azing experience! It was sad because the closing song was " God be with you til we meet again." I was sitting between my MTC companion and Sister Briggs, my last companion. The spirit was so strong and it sort of hit me that I was going home soon. I just started to cry because I was overwhelmed by how much I love my mission and how great the last 18 months have been! Don't worry though never fear I still get 2 full weeks of being out here! SO EXCITED! I love the work of the LORD!
 our lunch table at zone conference
Marie was able to Shake Elder Christofferson's hand and it was so cool because he told her " God See's you." That is exactly what she needed to hear because she is looking for her answert right now! SO GREAT! MIRACLE!
Someone asking Elder Christofferson what his definition of Heaven is and his response was, " my marriage." haha!
When a creepy albanian man lets us into hi apartment while we are looking for a referral, and the woman leaves the room and he keeps telling us how " beautiful we are" so creepy! He told us he was going to take us to Albania and have us be his wives their and spread the Gospel! so weird... haha!
When our investigator and recent convert show us the dance moves they learned at the Valentines dinner dance they had at the church! haha!
Life is amazing and I love being a missionary and serving everyone around me! Have a great week!
 another awkward family photo!
Pray: That Marie can recognize her answer!
I love you all!
Sister Bradley


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