Tuesday, January 13, 2015

BROUGHS are amazing!

First off I want to tell you all how I have the best Mission President in the WORLD! President and Sister Brough are AMAZING! They are just so loving, so fun, and such great examples! I know you all are so jealous that you don't get to serve under them! haha
Let me tell you about the week in a summed up version:
1- A fun pig statue outside the bowling alley
Funny things that happened:
The elders came and gave one of our investigators a blessing because she was sick. Well, she has a huge pit bull that is harmless and he was all over one of the elders. Our investigator says," He is making out with the elder, that is the most action you will ever see on your mission." It was so funny and the elder was so embarrassed! HILARIOUS! I probably shouldn't have shared that, but it is hilarious!
When we are on an exchange and our investigator thinks that Sister Wu, who is Asian, is Hispanic and says, " You have huge eyes for being Asian. Are you sure you are Asian." Sister Wu's parents are both from China by the way.
When some members are talking about Joseph Smith and how so many people don't believe that he saw God and Jesus Christ. They said, "how can you not believe that, but believe that Noah put every animal on a boat and the whole earth flooded. Or that Moses talked to a burning bush...hmmm I think they should believe Joseph Smith if they believe that." It was hilarious! They were so into it!
We are teaching our investigator Andrea and at the end of the lesson she is talking about prayer and having faith to receive answers to prayers. She gave an example of a person praying for a refridgerator, and then the member that is with us, says " do you know someone that needs a refridgerator, just curious?" She responded and said,"I was using it as an example, and I don't know why, but we actually do." The member then precede to tell her that they have been trying to get rid of a refridgerator for a few weeks. SO FUNNY and so cool at the same time! They were both just laughing and blown away at the miracle that just happened!
We had MLC this week which is missionary leadership counsel. It was so much fun, and so spiritual! I learned so much! We came up with a mission vision for the year, and it is....drumroll.... SHEPHERDING GOD'S CHILDREN TO THE TEMPLE! We decided to go along with what the stakes are focusing on and how we should not just be trying to get people to baptism, but to the temple. That is the ultimate goal!
We also learned from the assistants a really cool thing at MLC. They were teaching us how we can better help missionaries and they taught us these things.
1. We must first seek to understand then seek to be understood.
2. Then we must teach correct principles according to their needs. build their desire/vision
3. Then the missionary must govern themselves by setting goals according to those principles.
4. Help them govern themselves.
We talked about how we need to build desire so much that they become self-motivated and we don't have to follow up because they will do it themselves because of their desire. It might not sound very cool to you all, but it was super powerful and amazing!
We went Bowling with our district last Monday at the oldest bowling alley in America! So cool! A member owns it and let us go for free! Super fun!
2-  Emanie and Marie! Emanie- a recent convert and Marie we are teaching
We had an amazing lesson with a less-active and she wants to go to the temple now! When we first starting meeting with her she would cancel all the time and didn't seem to interested in talking with us. Now she wants to go to the temple and is working towards it! MIRACLE!
We are teaching a new adorable family! It is Ladicia, Abraham, and their 2 year old son Abrean. They are so cute! I love them! We had 2 lessons with them last week and they are soaking everything up! They are so prepared! They are already applying the Book of Mormon to their own lives! It is amazing! I can totally picture them in the temple in a year!
We only had one exchange this week and I got to be with Sister Wu here in Fairdale. She is an amazing missionary! We had such a great day together and I learned so much from her! I love getting to be with the sisters and learn from them! It is so cool because it was so inspired that she needed to be here in Fairdale that day. We saw so many miracles that wouldn't have happened if she wasn't here.
I learned a cool thing from a member this week. E+R=O Which is event + response = outcome. He talked about how we all have Agency and when something happens it is our response to it that makes all the difference of what the outcome will be. I thought about it a lot and am trying to pay attention to how I respond to certain situations.
It was so cool! Andrea, the one I talked about earlier with the refridgerator, she is amazing! We were teaching her the plan of salvation, and we were only to earth life  when she said she had a dream and she feels like there are different levels of Heaven. We just sat there with our mouths open for a minute. I love when Investigators have questions or responses that are exactly what is taught or answered in the Gospel! It was amazing! She is awesome!
We are teaching a part member family where the wife isn't a member. It is so cool because every time we show up at her door, she is always like, " I hate you all." We asked her why, and she says, " because every time I pray for something or ask God a question you all show up at my door." It was hilarious! It is so cool to see hearts soften on individuals. She was so adamant when we first met her on not coming to church and only going to her church. Well, last week we went over for our lesson and she said she hated us again because she doesn't feel like her church is home to her anymore. Guess who came to our church on Sunday! SHE DID! It was awesome! She is progressing quite a bit and I know that she will continue to do so!
I have so much to say, but don't have as much time anymore!
prayer: Pray that Marie can receive a clear answer.
quote: Act, don't be acted upon.
Challenge: Try to use the E+R=O this week!
Sister Bradley

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