Tuesday, November 25, 2014


HOLA Hermanos y Hermanas,

yes, the Hermanas are teaching me some great Espanol! By the time i get home I will be fluent in Bearing testimony in Spanish! oh yeah! haha!

Let me tell about this wonderful week because I know you are all waiting in anticipation..haha! Probably not! 

- It was another week in the Cold GKLM!! 

- We were at the recycle center this week and it was literally so cold! We were layered, but by the end my hands and feet were completely numb. I couldn't feel my feet for a good hour after that! Hello winter!!

- BRODY- He is soooooooooo FANTASTIC! He has the strongest spirit ever! Seriously, I could picture him as an apostle! He is simply amazing! So humble, gentle, loving, kind, etc. He has so many Christ-like attributes! It was his Birthday this week and he turned 16! We celebrated with him on his Birthday and brought him a treat! 

-We were with a member last week, and found out that her anniversary was this week and her Husband passed away 6 years ago. I felt prompted to get her flowers and a card and deliver it to her on their anniversary. So, us and the Hermanas did and we doorbell ditched it. She loved it! She was so appreciative! It was so touching! 

Sister Andrade is now a ward missionary! So stoked! She has been a member for 3 years and is such a great member missionary! She is on top of everything missionary it is awesome! She got back from her vacation in Thailand this week and she got us all gifts! She is so cute!

We went to visit a less-active on Wednesday and while we were there she was really stressed out with everything she had to do. We offered to help, so we helped her order Christmas gifts over the phone. It was great! 

We had a lesson with the part member family, the Martins, in Fort Branch. Sister Martin showed us all her gem/rock collection! It was so cool! She gave us earrings that she made from rocks she has polished and made. We taught them a lesson and they took us out to a place called the Log inn for dinner. It was a restaurant built in 1825, and Abraham Lincoln ate there! So cool! It was so good too! 

We went to a members home for dinner with the Hermana's. During dinner the mom told us that sometimes in life we meet people that we feel like we knew  before this life. She then said, " I feel that with you four. I truly love you in my heart and feel that bond and trust." It was such a huge compliment! I just love Sister Rathfon! She is an amazing member and inspires me to be better! 
Friday we had zone conference with President Brough! It was amazing! We had such an amazing conference on Planning, Setting Goals, and seeking Revelation! It was amazing! 

That night we had a lesson with Our investigator Ty Wilson! She is amazing! She is so open with her concerns and questions! It is so great! the lessons with her are always so spiritual! It was cool too because her daughter who is 9 brought out her Bible and asked us questions. She was fully involved in the Gospel Discussion! It was cool! Ty told us that her daughter had been asking for a week when we were coming back. It is so cool because children just know that we have the truth! It is so cool! 

We had a Birthday celebration for a spanish member in the ward Esteban. It was awesome because during the lesson even though I couldn't understand anything i could feel the spirit! It was awesome!

We had a lesson with our amazing investigator JO! She is so adorable! She is in her 50's and just loves us! She is such a devoted Christian! We are going to do service for her this week and help her make pies for thanksgiving! 

It was a great week! I love the work of the Lord so much! It is such a blessing to be able to share the Gospel everyday!!!

Prayer: Please pray that the Libbs will have a desire to continue to learn. 

Challenge: Remember that the Heavenly Father loves you! 

Have a fabulous week! 

Sister Bradley

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