Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Children of the Popcorn!


Well, I can't believe another week has gone by! Time flies when you are doing the work of the Lord. I absolutely love being a missionary! It is just so nice to wake up every morning and think I am a missionary. I am representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!
 At Sandy's Pizza

I know that this week we saw a lot of small and simple miracles. We had more of our progressing investigators drop sadly. I know that the Lord has other people in store for us that are ready right now to hear this great message!

 We were able to do a lot of unplanned opportunities of service this week. I love love love service! It is great because when you're helping you're happy! We were walking around a neighborhood one afternoon tracting and contacting because our appointment fell through. We were able to help a few people rake their leaves and bag them. It was great too because it was a blessing in their lives. One was an older couple and they were tired, so we came at the perfect time to help. They were so grateful! I loved it. The other was a man that let us help and we had a 30 minute conversation with him about God after because he is atheist and he committed to read the Book of Mormon!  We were also able to do service for a few members this week as well! It was great! We broke down boxes for a family that just moved in! They are the Hallings! They are awesome! It is a mother and father with their daughter and son in law and grandson that all moved in together. They are so so wonderful and are going to be a great asset to this ward!!  We helped clean out boxes that hadn't been touched for 15 years for another...lets just say I couldn't breathe after that. Then we raked leaves for another family! It is so cool to see the Lord's hand in our everyday lives! We went out to rake leaves for non-members, but the members were the ones who needed us that day, and were so grateful for it. After we raked for them they asked if we were good at taping for painting. I told them that I had done a lot of it in my life because that is what my dad always made me do. I taped a whole room for them in like 10 minutes and they just said," thank you, that would have taken us an hour." It was funny! Thanks dad for making me tape and paint all growing up!  We are building great relationships with the members of this ward! It is amazing because we are starting to see them use us more as a resource which is exactly what we want them to see us as!!!
Stokes Grandkids

We are starting to work with some new amazing people! I know that we are going to find many new investigators this week and see more miracles!

Brody is doing well and he is now reading a chapter every night. He is doing all the things he needs too. We love Brody and totally see him as a future apostle or something!

Us and Brody at the Library
We went out tracting one night and it was pouring down rain and super dark. Almost every person we tried was home and let us in! We taught a couple lessons on porches since we can't go in if there isn't a female present, but it was great! We met this awesome lady named Peggy. She was sitting in her garage and we contacted her. We talked to her for a while and she doesn't have a set religion. She said she wanted to find a church for her family and doesn't feel like she knows her purpose in life. Every question she asked and every concern she brought up pointed directly to the Gospel! It was amazing! She has 6 children form the ages of 5-16! She also told us that she would have never talked with missionaries before. We asked her what changed and she said she just felt like she needed to! MIRACLE! She is very prepared! We will trey her again this week and see what happens!
We went up to Fort Branch on Wednesday and had dinner with the Martins! We don't go to Fort Branch very often because it is 45 minutes from our house. It is a less-active woman and her non-member husband. They are hilarious! I love teaching and meeting with them! We also so our investigator Matt. Boy oh Boy does he have some interesting stories that I do not want to hear! haha! He tells us all about his life in detail. He would progress so much faster if he was out of his living situation,but hopefully that will change soon.
On Thursday we saw Brody! We met with him and a member at the library. His dad walked in during the lesson and told him he needed to work on his homework. We then dropped the lesson and helped Brody with his homework because he needs to obey his father. It was a miracle that we finally got to meet his dad though!
We went to the Ruperts that night for dinner! They are an amazing family! They had a good friend over Brother Dave Armstrong. He was a mission president in Uruguay and came home after a year because his wife got injured badly. He was awesome! We talked with him about all the things of a mission. He gave us great idea's and tips! It was wonderful! 
We saw an older widow lady in the ward on Saturday night and she is amazing! We taught her and then she asked us if we could play dominoes with her, so we did!! She is so cute and we built a great relationship with her because we were able to do that with her!
Also, last Monday we got our haircut and I became best friends with two of the girls. They both said that they would come to church and friended me on facebook because they want to be friends after my mission! haha
What we do when are bored!
Mission life is the best life!! I hope you all have a great week!
talk of the week: Read Elder Oaks talk from conference! It is amazing about how we need to just love everyone!
Challenge: Pray to know what your weaknesses are.... humbling experience.
Prayer: Pray for Brody and that Brody's dad's heart will be softened. Pray that we can find new investigators this week!
I love you all!!

Sister Bradley

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