Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!

Well, I can't believe another Halloween has passed and that the Holiday Season has started!  CRAZY!

Hello Hello! I hope you are having a marvelous day! This week has been interesting to say the least.... It was one of those missionary weeks where almost all investigators are ignoring us, dropped us, or aren't keeping any commitments. It was a very humbling week, but we all need those or have those. I know that we definitely saw miracles still! 

One miracle. We got a referral from Headquarters, and it is a family who was taught by the missionaries in Alaska. They have lived here for a year now, but we just got the referrral for them because some members in Alaska got it and sent it in. It is a husband, wife, and 13 year old daughter. They know so much! They were taught all the lessons and have been to church, and a baptism. They had many friends who were members in Alaska. They also know all the missionary lingo, such as dying and being born. It was hilarious. We are going to start from square one with them since it has been over a year. We are super excited, and they are even feeding us in the next couple of weeks! 

Another Miracle: We were eating at a members home last Monday for dinner. We shared a message with them and talked to them about how we are and want to be a resource to them. They loved that and then gave us a referral without even asking. I know it was because they trusted us, and knew we were here to help. We tried the referral which was their next door neighbors. They are a new family in our investigator pool! So exciting! It is a husband, wife, and a 2 year old baby. We will be meeting with them tonight to teach the Restoration. They are awesome!

We had a ward trunk or treat and it was super fun! Brody came with us and the ward had booths set up. It was great. The Hermanas and us did the donut on a string game! It was hilarious. I wish I could send videos because we recorded it. 

We saw an investigator Ty, and she had so many questions. She is reading a book that has some anti about the church, so we told her to just read the Book of Mormon. She is so awesome! She is so lost and confused in life. She broke down crying and is trying to find out what to do with her life. 

We ate at this members house the Rathfons. She is like wonder woman! She makes everything from scratch and studies the science behind nutrition and everything. It was super cool! We learned a ton from her and a lot of tips and hints about eating healthy.  She is pretty amazing!! 

We went to a members house on Halloween and ate dinner with them! It was great! 

It was another great week! We did a lot of finding and saw miracles! 

I hope that you all have a fabulous week! 

Prayer: Pray that Brody's dad's heart will be softened and let Brody get Baptized!

I love you and all!

Sister Bradley 

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