Monday, September 22, 2014

There's a first for everything!

This week was simply...FABULOUS!

-Is 19 and just graduated from high school this year.
- Is a dancer :) 
-Has a younger brother and sister. 
-Is from Kaysville Utah
-Loves licorice and anything chocolate
- Wants to be an elementary school teacher
- She loves to have fun and hates seafood just like me!  

So, pretty much she is awesome!!! I love her to death! 

The things that are a first from this week....

1. Driving for the first time in a year! 
2. being with a new missionary
3. Eating Toroni's amazing pizza!
4. Taking an investigator's vodka away from them because she asked us too and because we might have slightly persuaded her because she was already drunk..haha...sly! 
5. Helping someone move in one hour
6.Having an investigator tell us that they went to Jail in the week that we didn't see them
7. Tracting into a members home...( look at bottom of e-mail for story)
8. Tracking down family history all the way back to Adam and Eve. 
9. Having someone tell me that I was super hip and asking if I grew up in the hood! He is pretty much my favorite person! His name is Bobby! He is legit! 
10. Last but not least... Having a bird fly super hard into our patio door and break its wing. It was seriously like on the movies where a bird just hits a window. It was a brand new sliding door that they had just put in, so it was super clean. It was HILARIOUS!! Also, it was really sad because we are pretty sure it broke it's wing. We called to see if we could take it anywhere and no one takes wild birds. Hopefully it is okay! 

p-day skipping rocks
The investigators are doing well! This area like I have said before is about to explode! 

Sherrie- She is an investigator that I have only met with a couple times until this last week. We helped her move, we taught her, comforted her and strengthened her. She is going through a lot  and is having a rough time. We were able to teach her the plan of Salvation and she absolutely loved it! She agreed with everything and believed it was God's plan. I had Sister Hinton commit her to Baptism and it was super powerful! It was Sister Hinton's first time and Sherrie said YES! It was so great! We set the date for October 26 and she wrote it down on her calender. She wants to tell everyone that she is getting Baptized and is super excited! She then came to church on Sunday and loved it as well.

Nick- He is doing well! We were able to teach him a couple times in members homes this week and we taught him the Plan of Salvation! He had quite a few questions. They were great questions and we were able to answer most of them. He is a thinker and really desires to know that this is true.

Jean- She is an investigator we have been working with since I have been here. She is wonderful, but always wants to take baby steps and not be pushed. Well, she has been reading and praying everyday so we convinced her that she needed to come to church. MIRACLE- SHE DID!! She was so defiant last week about coming to church, and then this week she came! HALLELUJIAH! It was amazing! She didn't answer our phone calls Saturday or Sunday morning, so we didn't know if she was going to come. She did though!! It was awesome! At our lesson on Friday a member, Sister Hartgrove, came with us for the third time. Jean told us a story of how she needed a car part for her car and someone to fix it. She knew this man and paid him to do it all and he spent the money on other things not pertaining to the car. She was very distraught about it and said how she would have to work weeks to make up that money again. When we promised blessings after committing her to church Sister Hartgrove promised blessings as well. After Sacrament meeting on Sunday Sister Hartgrove came up to Jean and said, " You know how I told you that you would be blessed for coming to church?" Jean replied, "yes." Sister Hartgrove then proceeded to give Jean an envelope and said, " Here is for your car part." She then got up and walked away. Jean was in complete shock. She didn't know what to say or do! Neither did I for that matter. Jean had just been telling me how much she loved sacrament meeting and then you add that to it and her mind was blown. Jean was shocked that a person whom she had only met a few times would give her this good chunk of money for her car part. It was a miracle and tender mercy in Jean's life. She was so grateful. She just looked at me and said, " what church is this?" I replied, " Welcome to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." I really believe because of the whole church experience and the car part miracle that Jean will get Baptized soon enough. She is wonderful!

We had a few minutes to spare before we needed to go to a dinner appointment one evening. We decided to drive and tract a few doors on the way there. We were driving and we both looked at this house and decided we should try it, so we did. We pulled up and knocked on the door. They welcomed us right in without even asking who we were, so I was a little confused because no one does that. We sit down with them and we offer a prayer. They then proceed to tell us that they were members or are members. We don't know for sure yet because they aren't on the roster. It was really cool though that we decide to try one house and it just happened to be a members home! They said that they don't come to church because they work night shift. They were very welcoming though! We had a great discussion with them and said a prayer. We will hopefully go back in the next couple of weeks because they are busy.

Brodie- He is an amazing 15 year old that we are now teaching! He heard at his Lutheran church people talking bad about our faith. He said he was really confused because he knew a girl and she was not anything like the things that they were saying about our faith. He then at school asked this girl about our church. This Girl is Ana, and she is in our ward. She invited him to church and he agreed to come. He came once and we as missionaries all noticed him, but they left before we could talk to him. The next Sunday I introduced myself to him and told him who we were and what we did. That week we got a text from one of the youth and said that Brodie wanted to meet with us. We met with him for the first time this last Wednesday and it was a super powerful lesson! We taught him the message of the restoration and the spirit was so strong! The two youth Ana and Cody were there and they bore powerful testimony as well! It was so cool! Brodie has now been to church 4 times and he committed to Baptism yesterday for October 26th. He wants to be baptized, but he has a father that might not let him. We called and talked with his father and we are going to meet with his dad in a couple of weeks. We are excited! Brodie is awesome!

We had so many investigators at church once again! It was amazing!!! 
The primary program was yesterday, and it was so precious! I love the plain simple truths that they sing and bear testimony of! It is so cute! 

Well, I have another companion down. Sister Vikari has gone home! I will have two more companions going home in 5 weeks! CRAZY! 

Last P-day we went down to the river to that song.. Anyways It was really fun! We had lunch, took pictures, and skipped rocks. We were going to go to a trampoline park and I was stoked, but they are closed on Mondays! Yea I was super upset! 

 I hope that you all have a fabulous week!

Prayer: Please pray for Jean and Nick will receive their answers!

Challenge: I invite you all to try and write down 10 things you are grateful for everyday! 

Scripture: Moroni 10: 32

Love you!
Sister Bradley


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