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We got transfer calls on Saturday and I am super sad that Sister Stacey will be leaving me this next transfer! I will miss her tons and have learned so much from her! She is an amazing sister!

                                       Sister Stacey and I!
I received the news that I will be training this next transfer. I am going to be a mom of a brand new missionary!  It will be an exciting adventure! The thing I was scared of most when I received the call was that I have to drive and I haven't driven in over a year! I have been on a bike for most of the mission...haha! We will see how my driving skills are this next week! haha. My child will be born into the mission tomorrow!
This last week was fabulous!! We had over 6 investigators at church and let me tell you that hardly, if ever, happens! It was so exciting!!! We had three people come that we weren't even expecting! We also are going to start teaching a friend of a member in the ward that has come to church a few times! So exciting!! His name is Brody and he is so prepared! We get to teach him on Wednesday!
The Investigators are doing well!
Nick- He came to church again and he is continuing to find direction through the Gospel!
Grandma Robisons Birthday Party
We got to teach one of the Cundiff children at her mom's house because it is a split family. Her name is Sharandah and she is 11. We taught her and her friend and they both came to church and brought two other friends! So, we had four children at church and we had to entertain them/ teach a lesson during the Sunday School hour because the primary was practicing for the primary program...Super exciting! She loves the Gospel and is excited to learn even more! Now we have to get the parents and other children to come to church.
Eric is new and he is hilarious! He always tells us all these bible jokes! They are fantastic! He is doing well and I am excited to work with him more!
We had dinner with members every night this week! It was amazing to get to know more of the members and build relationships with them! There is one person in the ward that is from Pocatello! Her name is Emilee Wood. Her maiden name was Cook, so if any of you Pocatellians know her I am in her ward! They are an amazing family!
Our District!
The Dixons are another family in the ward! They were baptized three years ago and they have 3 children! They are sooooo cool and super strong in the Gospel! I love seeing convert families!
So, I want to mention how much I love Family History work!!! It is the best! It has only been 2 weeks since we started doing an hour every week of Family History, and I love it! I have read so many cool stories of ancestors!! I invite you all to go to and look up your family members! See their pictures, read stories, and add things that you know about them! It is so cool to see what our ancestors went through and did!
Here is a story from my ancestors that I want to share with you all!

Maria fends off wolves
MARIA CHARLOTTA ANDERSON SHORT STORY as remembered by Lynne Warford Maria Charlotta and John Alfred Newren lived in a log cabin in a densely wooded area of Utah. The cabin wasn’t much. Just one room with a cook stove, table and chairs, a bureau of drawers, a bed, dirt floors, and a stone fireplace. It was a snowy, bitterly cold winter afternoon.. They didn’t have much food and wouldn’t be going into town any time soon, so Newren had taken their only rifle and left the cabin to try to find some kind of meat to get them by for a few days. Maria lay in bed and nuzzled Alfred, her new born son. He was perfect; but he certainly took his own sweet time arriving. Other women had warned her that the first child was usually the most difficult to deliver. She hoped they were right! She carefully got out of bed and added some wood to the fire. It had been a hard, cold, winter and the wolves had been bad that year. She could hear their sounds in the distance. She worried about Newren. He should be home by now. She crawled back into bed and fell asleep. She was awakened by a thud, then a scratching sound at the cabin door. “Newren?,” she said. No answer. “Newren?,” she said more loudly. More scratching. It wasn’t Newren at the door; it was a wolf trying to dig under the cabin door. There were more wolves nearby. Newren had the gun, but what kind of a match would he be against a pack of wolves? Now she was afraid he WOULD come home. The wolf continued to dig and claw at the frozen earth. Slowly the tip of a nose appeared. More digging. Nose, then eyes and ears appeared slowly. She realized there was no safety anywhere. How could she protect her baby, and, how could she stop the wolf? She knelt at the side of her bed. She prayed for Newren to be safe and she prayed to know how she could stop the wolf from digging in any further. She prayed that, somehow, they could all be safe. Maria looked around the cabin. The cook stove had an oven. It hadn’t been used that day, but was still somewhat warm. She could put the baby in the oven, and maybe, maybe, she could prop the oven door open just a little with a small piece of wood to allow air. There was no way of saving herself, but maybe she could save Alfred. He was asleep now, but for how long? Frantically, she looked around the cabin one more time. There was a straw broom leaning against the stonework of the fireplace. She may have had a dirt floor, but she keep it swept and free from other debris that was walked or blown into the cabin. She knew what to do! She could now see most of the wolf’s head. She put the straw of the broom into the fireplace. It caught fire instantly. She then shoved the flaming broom into the wolf’s face. With a howl, the wolf backed out from under the door. She could hear its cries as it ran from the property, the other pack members running after it. Newren came home. He had found game. He lost his breath when he saw wolf tracks and the hole under the door. Miraculously, his little family was safe for now. But then, they were only beginning their life journeys.

Isn't that cool!!! I think it is!! That is a story from my Great Great grandpa on my Mothers side! SO AWESOME!
It was another amazing week in the life of a sister missionary!
Prayer: Pray that The cundiff family can continue to progress all together!
Challenge: Do family history!
Scripture: Ether 5: 3-4. This scripture can be compared to member missionary work! How three of us together is always better! (missionary companionship and member)

Have a fantastic week!!! Remember who you are and...Remember who I am!
Sister Bradley

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