Tuesday, September 30, 2014

two to four in one day!

So, this week there were many great things that happened!
The Hermana's are now living with us! They moved in with us due to some circumstances that they were living in. It is super great to have them! I love it!
2-The wonderful QUAD!

We got to see and preview the movie coming out called "Meet The Mormons." It was amazing!! I totally recommend everyone seeing it opening weekend. It comes out on October 10th! 
The Women's Broadcast was amazing! I loved it! I love when Elder Uchdorf talked about how we are all Children of God and he truly has a perfect love for us always! No matter what are weaknesses are or what we do in this life...HE LOVES US! I also loved how he did the Umbrella analogy with blessings. Heavenly Father never withholds blessings from us. It is us that put up umbrellas to stop them from pouring upon us! So great! We had a dinner and chocolate fountain thing before hand which was awesome!
Investigator status:

Nick - He is doing well! He finally came to a conclusion during our lesson with him at a members home that he lacks faith and doesn't trust God. We committed him to live like a Mormon for 3 weeks by reading and praying everyday and coming to church. He is trying and we know that he also loved the Fireside last night in Louisville. He is going to know it is true soon enough!

Jean- She is so wonderful! We had a wonderful lesson with her on Friday with Sister Hartgrove and she set a Baptismal date. She set her own because she wanted to do it six months out. We know that she will be baptized way sooner though. She came to church way sooner than she thought already, so Baptism is next. She is loving everything! She reads and prays everyday. She wanted to come to the Broadcast and church this last week, but couldn't because she was sick.

Sherrie- She is doing fantastic! She came to church and the fireside yesterday and loved them both! She is reading and praying as well! She is so willing to do everything God asks of her.  She was sick this last week and received a priesthood blessing from the Elders. She loved it and felt the spirit so strongly! It was great! She is awesome!

Tiffany- She is so amazing!!! I can not put into words how Elect she really is! She is reading whenever she gets a chance since she is a mom of three. We taught her the Plan of Salvation this last week and she absolutely loved it and thought it was intriguing. She grew up in Church of Christ and converted to Catholicism later. Well, there are things in both of those faiths that she does and does not agree with. What is great is that everything she disagrees with such as infant Baptism we can answer! Everything she does agree with in the other faiths we also believe! It is wonderful! Now we just need her to realize that this is exactly what she is looking for. Her husband is slightly holding her back because he is satisfied with his faith. It will all work out though!

We met a new awesome family! It is the Moerce family! They are so great! We had a great time meeting them and we are super exciting to start teaching them this week!
One little tender mercy of the week... We were buying construction paper, so we could heart attack a member of the ward. Well, we met a guy while we were getting the paper and had a lovely discussion with him. He was so grateful for us being out here and sharing a message of Christ. He then bought the paper for us! It was super nice! I felt like I was in Utah for a minute as a missionary!
We had interviews with President and Sister Brough this last week! They are just so wonderful! I love them so much!
Everything is great in good ole Evansville! I hope everything is going well for all of you!
1- My man from the hood BOBBY!!!
Love you!
Sister Bradley


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