Wednesday, September 3, 2014


We had a conference this week with Elder Cardon of the seventy! It was fantastic!  I learned so much! We talked a lot about how to recognize and understand the spirit. We also talked about praying with families and how key it is to have the head of the household pray in lessons. It was really great!!
We had a power outage this week and some really crazy storms. The lightning is seriously so cool here!!! One storm was CRAZY! There was lightning everywhere! Our power went out while we were making eggs, so we had to go out to eat. It was funny!

Abby and I! She decorated my face!

Evansville is fantastic and continuing to progress!! We were talking to the Hermana's this last week and we decided that Evansville is truly about to EXPLODE! There are so many people here who are just waiting for us to knock on their door or contact them! There are also many that we are teaching that are definitely going to get baptized as they continue to progress and gain their testimony. I just love this work so much! There truly is no better work than the Lord's work! We are teaching three FAMILIES! Best thing ever! I dream everyday about seeing a family get baptized, but ultimately sealed in the temple! I know that is going to happen here in Evansville!

We were able to do quite a bit of service this week! I absolutely love service! Like the primary song says, " When you're helping your happy and we sing as we go." It warms my heart to be in the service of others 24/7! It was very touching because twice this week we got to work with older folks. They are so precious and have lived such wonderful lives! It was really cool as well because they were so kind and loving. We made cards with one group and then we played bingo with another! It was fantastic! It was definitely a tender mercy from Heavenly Father by being around them. We also did service for a soup kitchen. It was great! We had a great time with the members and people!
FUNNY STORY: We knocked on this house and she was like you are in the wrong area, and was waving her finger around everywhere. Then we drive and are stopped at a light but can't go through the intersection because there is a train. The person behind us does some rude gestures and then gets out of his car and starts dancing! It was hilarious!


Matt- He came to church again yesterday! That was great! He is so wonderful! He is trying to find his place and direction in life.

Jean- She is just going with the flow. We are trying to push her a little more, but she wants really little baby steps. She is reading everyday and praying. Her next step is coming to church, so hopefully we can help her get there this next week.

Nick- He came to church yesterday! He only stayed for the first hour, but that is better than nothing. He enjoyed it and hopefully he will come again. He is really searching for the truth and wants answers to his prayers. He is really great and has such a sincere heart. He played professional soccer! Isn't that cool!

Freda and children- We picked them up this week! They are AMAZING! We felt prompted to teach them the plan of salvation first, so we did. It was one of the best Plan of Salvation lessons I have ever been apart of! She has three children. They are Jillian (10), Justice (10), and Jackson(13). They were so enthralled in the lesson, and asked the best questions! They also knew more than most people about the plan! It was amazing! The children wanted us to come back the next day, but unfortunately they were going out of town. We won't be meeting with them again for a few weeks, because the children will be at their dad's house. Right as we were leaving, Jillian got out a piece of paper and said, " I am going to write down all of my questions for next time." It was so cute! I love when people really have a desire to learn, especially children!

I wasn't able to attend most of church yesterday because I went and took care of Hermana Butts. She had the flu and Hermana Hopwood had to translate at church, so I went and stayed with Hermana Butts while they went to church. She was not doing so well, but she is feeling better now. It was really weird missing church as a missionary.
Sister Short! She is going home soon!
Prayer: please pray for Nick to be guided and directed!
Challenge: I invite you all to really pay attention to how Heavenly Father speaks to you, and strive to recognize the promptings of the spirit.
I love you all and hope all is going well! Have a fantastic week!

Sister Bradley

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