Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I can not believe that I have been out for one year! That is simply crazy!
This week was sooooooooooooooo HOT and HUMID!!! I literally could not be outside for 1 second without sweating. It was great though! I am getting used to it.

This week has been full of so many tender mercies and miracles. I am full of gratitude to my Heavenly Father who hears and answers my prayers every single day. We have been led to many people who are truly ready and prepared for the Gospel. I know that we are going to continue to be led to those that are ready.
We were tracting one evening this week and here are some experiences from it:
1. We knocked on one door and a man answered it and instantly went " pound it to my fellow Christians oh yeah." It was hilarious! He then went off about Christianity and then offered us a bottle of water. It was great! We had a nice chat with him.
2. We then knocked on another door and a mom with two young children answered. We offered to say a prayer with them and they said Yes. We then proceeded to ask them if they wanted us to pray for something specifically. The little girl ( age 6) whispered something into her moms ear. Her mom then says, " She wants you to pray that her Daddy will find Christ." It was so tender! The little boy wanted us to pray for his ninja turtles! HILARIOUS! Well, we pray with them and they thank us. We then say a few things and ask if we can come back. The little girl instantly says, "tomorrow, come tomorrow." Her mom said that they had a church and no thank you. The little girl continues to beg her mom and says," Mom I like them, please come back tomorrow." The mom told the daughter that she likes us too, but that they had their church. We said alright and told them to visit mormon.org. We are definitely going to be going back another day. It breaks my heart when children know that we are representatives of Jesus Christ, but the parents don't listen to their children because they don't realize how close to the spirit they are. They will get baptized one day though!
Here are some of our great investigators:

Myer Family- They are a wonderful family that we felt prompted to try. They were a potential in the area book. We stopped by and Sister Myer let us right in. It was amazing! We taught her and her 9 year old daughter the first lesson! It was a super powerful lesson! I love when sometimes you teach and words come out of your mouth that you personally would have never said. It is such an amazing thing to know that Heavenly Father was truly guiding that lesson. They committed to Baptism and set their own Baptismal date for January 31st. They want to read the whole Book of Mormon. We all know that they are going to find out it is true way before January though.

Cundiff family- They are so great! We were able to teach them again this last weekend. We just taught the children this time, and we are going to try and see the parents during the week. When we try and teach them all together the parents don't usually participate. The children have such a strong desire to be baptized and come to church. They are adorable! They are an example to their parents as well! It is simply amazing!

Nick- He is Golden! He met with missionaries last year before he went to Oregon for 8 months. He got back in contact with the Newburgh elders and they gave him as a referral to us. He is super duper prepared! We met with hi m the first time and he remembers a lot about the lessons he was taught. He said that he felt as if the spirit was nudging him this way. It was fantastic to hear that! He also had many questions about Baptism that we were able to answer and help him understand. He was a professional soccer play too! So legit!

Jean- She is doing well still! She is reading and praying everyday, which is amazing! We are really hoping to get her to church this week. We have had to move slow with her and church is the next step! She is soooo funny!
There are some fun things for the week! We are going to Lousiville tonight because we have a conference tomorrow with Elder Cardon of the Seventy. It will be great!
Prayer: Pray for the Myer family and Cundiff family to continue to accept the Gospel.
Scripture: Alma 27:27
Challenge: It says in Alma 27:27 that they had ZEAL! I invite you all to have ZEAL or EXCITEMENT in the things that you do! Be distinguished for your zeal!!
I love you all and hope you have a fabulous week!
Sister Bradley

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