Tuesday, August 19, 2014

awkward moments...

Hola familia!  I am learning Spanish from the Hermana's in our ward! haha.
Well, this week has just been full of awkward moments. Literally a mission is just one big awkward moment! ha!
1. We go up and knock on a door, the son answers and we ask for his parents. He shuts the door, and we wait....and wait.....and wait....awkwardly hearing them talk inside about who is at the door and who should answer it...Then the father comes and simply says not interested.
2. When we go to a members home for a dinner. We show up a few minutes early and all the kids are finished eating or are eating outside. We eat inside while the mother is still making pizza's, and the dad is still at work... oh and we were part of the birthday party after dinner... then there is chaos and they don't really talk to us the whole time we are there unless we start a conversation... AWKWARD! haha!
3. When a member wants to take us and the Hermanas out to eat for dinner after P-day. Well we show up and the member pays for us and the Hermanas and leaves. They didn't stay to eat with us...awkward...

4.When my companion trips and almost falls as we are going to contact some people and they all start laughing
There are so many more and I could go on and on! It is hilarious! I am always laughing because of how many awkward moments there are on a mission! It is great!
We are working hard and seeing many miracles and tender mercies here in Evansville!
We are doing a Book of Mormon reading club with a member in the ward. We all read the same chapters for a week and then we get together and discuss it! It is super fun! Random tidbit: that member has over 300 board games!!
We go and do service for a Recycle center where we break down boxes with a bunch of old men! It is so much fun!!
We are teaching a few new married couples! One is a miracle! We just decided to stop by and the sisters previously had said a prayer with him and he mentioned that his wife would never be interested. Well, we stopped by and he and his wife were home. They let us right in. She was very standoffish at the beginning, but by the end she wanted us to come back. It was great! We are now teaching both of them and they are excited to learn more!
We are still teaching Matt! He is doing well! He absolutely loves the Gospel ,and now we are working on his reading daily! He is great!
We had lunch with a bunch of women from the ward for Sister Andrade's birthday! It was great! Sister Andrade is a convert of about 3 years. She is amazing! We went to her house last night for dinner and she is so strong! She has been through so much in her life and is truly an inspiration that anyone can overcome trials and be apart of this Gospel!
We had one of our investigators Sister Kuhlenhoetter who is married to a member over to dinner at the Vanwormers. It was great! We had a lesson where we read a chapter in the Book of Mormon and talked about it as we read. It was super powerful and the spirit was strong!
We did an exchange on Saturday and I went over to Mt. Vernon Indiana! I was with Sister Priebe! It was way fun and I just love her! We had a great day and taught some super awesome people!
Yesterday it rained and rained and rained. It was a downpour all day! Well, I left my umbrella at the church dumb me. So, I didn't have it all day. I just had my rain jacket. Lets just say that I was completely drenched because we tracted most of the day! When we got to Sister Andrade's house for the last hour of the day she made me put on some of her clothes so she could throw mine in the dryer! haha it was great! I taught a lesson in a t-shirt and sweat pants....SUPER WEIRD!
It was a great week!!! I love Evansville!!
I hope you all have a fabulous week as the school year is starting!
Sister Bradley

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