Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Go Go Evansville Sisters!!

Go Go Evansville Sisters...bum..bum ( sing to power rangers). So, I made up jingles for everyone in our district. Every time we call each other we have to sing the other companionship's jingle! It is great! I did it with Sister Vikari in Richmond as well. Our theme here is superheros!

​This week was simply busy busy busy and crazy!!!

Let me tell you a little bit about it in a summed up version without the mundane things...
Monday- We tracted for a couple hours and got some free tomato's! It was cool because our 8:00 appointment fell through, and so did all of our backups. After that happened a random members name popped into my head. I have never even met this member yet because she has surgery. Well, we decided to follow that and she was home and let us in! Perfect! I love promptings! Heavenly Father is great!
Tuesday- We had the beloved zone conference! It was amazing! I learned so much! It was cool because one of the trainings was on how literal and important our calling is! These two sisters did the most amazing musical number! It was a Joseph smith medley! We recorded it another day, but I can't send videos in e-mail. We taught Nick afterwards with a member! It was a little weird at first because we taught him at the church and sister Stacey was with Sister Brough in an interview when he and the member got there. I had to teach part of the lesson by myself which was weird. haha! He committed to being baptized on October 19th though! President Brough is having us do an hour of Family History each week now! I am excited for that!
Wednesday- We did service at the recycle center and had lunch with all of the volunteers after. It was great because they all asked us a ton of questions!  We saw this wonderful member Sister Holmgren! She is amazing! and has a powerful testimony! We also had an awesome lesson with an investigator Sister Kuhlenhoelter. She is married to a member and she is so wonderful! We taught her the Plan of Salvation! It was powerful when we got to the atonement!
Thursday- We saw a new investigator Rebecca. She is super sweet! She is getting Baptize in October as well! We had a meeting and also had dinner with a member. We saw one less-active member named Sandy! She is so cool! I just love meeting with her! She has so much charity!
Friday-  We did service for a member that was recently activated.  We helped her clean out a bunch of boxes. I suffered because I didn't take my allergy medicine and she has cats...bad mistake!  We had a great lesson with an investigator and some members! His name is Mark. He used to be an investigator last year and we are teaching him again. He is so prepared! It was a powerful lesson! Then the craziness happened... We went out to eat with two members at a buffett with the elders and Hermanas. Well, the hermanas were going to be late and then we got a call from them saying that they got a flat tire and neither of them had fixed one before. Then the elders had to leave because they had to fill up the font for a baptism. So, one of the members goes and picks them up and brings them to the buffett. Then one of the members sits down in her chair and falls over to the ground and gets injured from falling. It was a crazy night! All because we were going to a baptism after dinner! The baptism was amazing!! It was super powerful! We had an investigator come and he loved it!
Saturday- We did a whole lot of service. We cleaned and organized for a member. Then we went and helped an investigator paint their deck. We had dinner and then has an amazing lesson with the CUNDIFF FAMILY! So, whenever we teach them the parents haven't really been paying attention. So, Sister Stacey went and taught the mom while I taught the children. It was a super powerful lesson! Just picture me and 4 children ages 8, 9, 10, and 11 talking about the plan of happiness! It was amazing! They told me that there uncle had died this last week and started to cry. it was so sad. They started crying when they found out that they get to see their uncle again! It was so tender and precious! The spirit was really strong! Sister Stacey also had a powerful lesson with their mom! While she was teaching her we finished and I played games with the kids to keep them entertained!
Sunday- Church was great! I had to teach Gospel Principles, and it went well! We had a great lesson with some less-actives! We also had dinner with the Isaacson's! They are amazing! I love them so much! We had a great time together!

Have a fabulous week! I love you all!
Sister Bradley

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