Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Merry Christmas to all of you! I know that it is a week early, but I won't get to e-mail next week. We are having a mission wide Christmas party in Louisville next Monday. I am so excited!
- Sister Heywood and I went to interviews wearing the same outfit! It was hilarious! We both have the same skirt and sweater. We have a shirt that is the same color too, so we wore the same outfit! President and Sister Woodbury loved it! President told me that he was going to write about it in his journal. I told him I was stoked that I made it into his journal! haha. Sister Woodbury said that we were a companionship made in heaven! Everyone thought it was Hilarious! We are going to probably wear it to the Christmas party next week! I forgot to take a picture of it, so we will next week. 

- We biked almost all day on Tuesday because are miles for the car are really low this month! It was really fun and I actually miss biking a lot! I never thought I would say that.
- I tried a tomato this week. Yea they aren't that bad, but they are really bland.
- I also tried meatloaf!! I told myself I would never try meatloaf. It was okay, but I will never eat it again! 

- The other night Sister Heywood came out of the Bathroom and I scared her! It was hilarious because she jumped about 5 feet!
- We spent 30 minutes looking for an address yesterday with our map and GPS. When we found the road it was closed. so lame but whatever haha what can you do!
- We had the branch Christmas party on Saturday. It was loads of fun! We had delicious food, and we played jeopardy. Sister Heywood and I were in charge of the activity, so we made up a jeopardy game. The branch loved it! The best question we had was about Elder Black. How much has Elder Black gained since he has been on his mission? Almost the whole branch was jumping up and yelling out answers or laughing their heads off. It was great! Elder Black approved the question before we asked it, so it was all okay.

-Well this week was delightful! We were able to get quite a few new investigators which is great! We also visited with a lot of less-actives. I love meeting with the less-actives because they are all so kind and willing to listen. Well most of them are. haha. It is amazing because a lot of them we have to teach just like our investigators because they don't remember anything.
- April is doing great! She is so great! It is sad because she has such low self esteem, but we are working with her on that. She is still on track to get baptized in January. It was awesome because she prayed in front of us and started crying afterwards. We talked about it, and explained that it was the spirit. She told us that she feels so happy and peaceful every time she prays and comes to church! It was fantastic!!
- We met with a girl named Samantha Meece this week. She is 17 and a super genius! Her mom and grandma are members of the church. We committed her to baptism as well! It was awesome! Her and April have the same baptism date for January 18th.
- There is one new investigator named Ramona who is so cool! She is a single grandma in her 50's or 60's. She asked us all these questions. It was sweet because for the first time every question she asked I thought of a scripture that could answer it. We answered all her questions using the Book of Mormon, and it was great! I was like woah I suck at remembering scriptures where did that come from. It was definitely not me that is for sure!  It was the Holy Ghost all the way!
- We are teaching a woman named Claudia, who doesn't speak English. I think I mentioned her last week. We took one of the young woman with us this week  to teach with us, and it was a huge help. Her name is Heidi and she speaks fluent Spanish. She was able to translate everything for us, and teach in Spanish as well. It was really amazing!

-We had interviews with President Woodbury this week. The assistants did an amazing training, and I loved it! It was about exact obedience! We were obedient before, but now we are trying to be exactly obedient in everything! It is fun and I enjoy it! haha.
Well I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!
Happy Holidays, and remember the real reason why we celebrate Christmas!!!
Love you all!!!
Sister Bradley

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