Monday, January 27, 2014

Mansions, accidents, snow, and zone conference‏

Well this week was crazy, but great!
We went tracting last night on this street with MASSIVE houses! They were all 10,000 square feet and higher. Some with basketball courts others with gates. It was crazy! We met this great family who told us to come back because they were putting their kids to bed. We also met another family who lives in Florida every other week. They prayed with us, and were super nice. We met Baptists, non-denominational, Muslims, and Jews. It was quite a diverse neighborhood. I am excited to go back and try that family that told us to come back!
We are teaching this family with three kids. The Jones family! They are great! We haven't been able to teach them that often because they are so busy. Hopefully we get to teach them more these next couple of weeks. The dad, JD, is in nursing school. The mom, Tasha, is a dental hygienist. They have an 11 year old, 9 year old, and an 8 year old. Two boys and one girl. I am so excited for them to progress in this gospel! They are definitely going to to get baptized!
We pulled up into a parking spot and it was dark...well Sister Heywood was going really slow and we hit a curb. Neither of us saw it. It only broke of a little piece of the fender that can be hooked back on really easily. It was all good.
We got 5 inches of snow on Friday night and Saturday morning. It felt like home. We had planned to ride our bikes that day, but instead we walked. It was definitely an adventure. We walked a good 10 miles that day through a lot of snow. They don't believe in shoveling here. haha.

 Writing in the snow for everyone to see.
The beautiful snow angel I made and put my name tag in.
We had zone conference on Wednesday. That was really fun! I won the cleanest award again! what what! I learned a lot at the conference though! They are pushing us to have more lessons in members homes, and to bring less-actives to lessons with us. They are also pushing exact obedience more because a couple missionaries just got sent home apparently! I love learning about how I can be a better missionary!
We are teaching a lady named Ramona. I don't know if I have mentioned her before. Well, she is super duper fantastic! She asks so many questions, and I love it! I love it because they can all be answered by the Book of Mormon! haha. She is really starting to progress! It is awesome!
I got to see Brittany on Saturday! She is doing pretty well, but has been sick quite a bit lately.
We went to a members home on saturday night. They are our neighbors. It is a younger couple, the Boohers, and they are awesome! She showed us her dead bug collection, which was cool! We had the most interesting conversations with them. It was amazing! They are hilarious!
We had a member, the Cox's,  take us out to lunch on Saturday. They just happen to drive past us while we were walking in the snow. They pulled over and took us to lunch! It was so nice! I have been in this area for 5 months and have never really talked to them. They are both lawyers. Sister Cox just talks your ear off, and has a great southern accent. She is so nice. It is funny because she is a lawyer who builds things for fun like fences, bridges, who knows what else. She also owns a farm with horses and other animals. She is a total farm girl lawyer! haha.

I forgot to tell you all! Last week I tried Indian food. This family that is the elders investigators from India, made us some real authentic Indian food. It was actually really good! I am broadening my horizons everyday!
It was a pretty great week! I love Somerset Kentucky! I hope you all have a great week!
Sister Bradley

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