Monday, February 10, 2014

Where did the keys go?

Welp hello family and friends!

So... you are all wondering about the title of my e-mail this week. Well let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there were two sister missionaries, Sister Bradley and Sister Heywood. They decided to walk to district meeting because they had hardly any miles left. They grabbed gloves from the car before they left, and then started on the trek. They had a fantastic spiritual district meeting. They went out to eat with the district afterwards. They got a ride from the senior couple Elder and Sister Hoopes. Well, after all of these wonderful things, the Hoopes dropped them off at home. Well, they went to leave and guess who couldn't find the their keys, Sister Heywood. The sisters searched hi and low with no luck. They retraced their steps all the way back to the church. They searched the church, bags, apartment, and anything else they could search. They called the Hoopes and the restaurant. The keys were not in the Hoopes car or at the restaurant. They were over by the mall, and had to be to a members house in that area in an hour. They went and talked to people, went tracting, and then went to dinner. They had a lovely dinner where Sister Bradley tried okra, ( I don't know if that is how you spell it)  which was really good. Then the member took them to the apartment,and they talked to the landlord. No one had turn the keys in, so they went to the church again. They called the Senior missionary who is in charge of cars. He told them a bunch of things that they would have to do if they didn't find them. They would have to get a new car key, change the locks on the apartment, and mailbox. Another words spend a lot of money. Well, they prayed real hard. When they got home that night they grabbed flash lights, and decided to look outside the apartment one more time. They looked under, over, and around the car. They decided to walk over to the grass by the street and look. While looking the flashlight spotted a pink key ring. Sure enough the lost keys were found!! It was a  miracle. It was also a great relief. On the plus side they saved miles that day, so they could have more the next day. THE END.
I hope you all enjoyed that little story. It was a fun adventure, but very annoying. It definitely tested my patience in trials. I just wanted to do missionary work not look for keys, but all is well.

This week was pretty great. We are starting to work with more families. I am really excited! One of my goals as a missionary is to teach and see a family get baptized. Then be able to see them get sealed in the temple. The families we are working with are awesome!  We were able to receive quite a few potential investigators this week. They are all very promising, but were busy when we went by. We will try them again this week.
We are struggling with getting a lot of lessons. We feel as if we are working hard, but are lessons have been really low lately. We are going to do more finding again this week, so we can find fantastic people who are prepared.
So, we go and see everyone on the roster pretty much. We went to a couple new people this week, and two of them are getting their records removed from the church. It is so hard to have to take their letter and give it to the branch president. I think in my head " YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING" Then I try the best I can to teach them or help them feel the spirit before I leave. I know one day they will accept the gospel again.
 The Cahills, a less-active couple, came to church yesterday! It was so exciting! I wanted to jump up and down, but I refrained. I love seeing the fruit of my labors. That was such a missionary phrase. It is Fantastic (ponyo- for Beau Bradley)  when I say missionary phrases. I love it! haha. I know that they definitely felt the spirit during sacrament meeting! I recognized that we had a consistent, persistent effort with them. We were also able to serve them multiple times. I compared it to Ammon, who served the king in the Book of Mormon.  He was able to teach him and help him by first serving him. Serving others really helps gain that trust and relationship with people.
We walked a ton this week because we had hardly any miles. We walked in the freezing weather. One day I had a wonder tee, shirt, cardigan, jacket, and a big coat. Then I had a big scarf wrapped around three times, ear muff headband, and a hat over that. Then I had 1 pair of fleece leggings, 2 pair of normal leggings, and a pair of thermals. I also had 1 pair of normal sock, and a pair of wool socks. I had leg warmers under my boots, and three pairs of gloves on. So.... I had a lot of layers! I felt like the kid off of the christmas story! I was still cold too! haha. It was 2 degrees outside with a negative wind chill and humidity:)
We taught the old adorable couple Jim and Vivian this week. They are so precious! She told us she is going to adopt us! We had a nice visit and lesson with them. They gave a box of chocolates, and Jim put 20 dollars in it without us knowing. When we left he said have dinner on us. We had no idea what he was talking about until we got home and saw the money in the chocolate. They told us that they sold their house in Florida. Well, their house in Florida was on the PGA national golf course. I thought that was really cool!
We had a broadcast with Elder Perry, Rasband, Zwick, and other general authorities on Saturday. It was for 11 stakes over in this region. It was a great conference! It was about how we can hasten the work. I loved it! Elder Perry has so much energy! He is awesome! He called out a lot of people it was hilarious.
We talked to this lady on Friday who was walking on the side of the road. Well, lets just say we could hardly say two words. She kept going on and on about weird things. She told us the Book of Mormon was false and that Joseph Smith was a false prophet. I was fuming inside when she said that. I knew that she wasn't going to listen, and the only thing we could do it bear testimony. I bore a powerful testimony, and it made her be quiet. She didn't say anything about the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith after that, but she did keep talking. It kills me when people deny the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith when they haven't even given them a chance. It was cool how the spirit bore testimony though.
We are working with Samantha who has a baptismal date. She is doing pretty well. She is struggling with her commitments, but we are working with her on that. We are going to start seeing her more frequently, so we can read with her.
We have a new investigator named Jason. One Sunday morning we had to get our roster from the car. After I grabbed it I saw a guy (Jason)  walking in our parking lot. I went and talked to him, and taught him about the Book of Mormon. We got a return appointment, and we taught him this last week with a member. He now has a baptismal date for March 15th. I love how when we talk to everyone, the Lord does put the prepared people in our paths. It is great too because he lives in the same building as us. Those that are prepared are all around us. We just have to find them.
I love this Gospel more and more everyday! It is fantastic! I have never been happier! This is truly the Lords work!
I hope you all have a great week!
Love you all!:)
Sister Bradley

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