Monday, February 24, 2014


First and foremost.... I LOVE RICHMOND KENTUCKY!!!!
It is fabulous! This week has been amazing!
I got here Tuesday morning, and Sister Durfee and I talked and set goals for the transfer. I love it because Sister Durfee and I have the same work ethic. We both just go go go until we drop. It is great!
Let me tell you about the week....
First off the weather was pretty nice this week compared to how it has been. There was a huge storm on Thursday night with a high chance of Tornado's. Well, Sister Durfee and I slept through the storm, the sirens, and everything. We woke up the next morning to all these texts from our District leader, and members asking if we were okay. We just laughed!
Since it was warmer there were a lot more people outside! So, normally we are supposed to talk to 20 people a day who aren't investigators. Most of the time we don't get twenty a day because there aren't twenty people to talk to outside. We should usually get 140 a week, which I have only gotten a couple times on my mission. Well, Sister Durfee and I talked to 219 people this week. It was crazy! We decided at the beginning of the week that we were going to talk to everyone no matter what. Yes, at I did run across streets to talk to people, I got strange looks all the time, and it was all totally worth it!
Out of those 219 people the Lord blessed us with 19 new investigators! I have never gotten that many investigators in one week! CRAZY!! MIRACLES!
We also had lessons with most of our already investigators.  Almost all day every day this week we had an appointment every hour. It was crazy! It was way cool! At the end of the week we have to total all the lessons of investigators, less-actives, recent converts, and with members. Well normally it is in the 20's. This week Sister Durfee and I got a total of 46 lessons!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! AMAZING!!!!!
We met some awesome people too! Some of the people are sooooooo prepared for this gospel! It is crazy! I am excited to teach them more! We also met a guy who wanted to teach us how to be thugs. It was awesome, except he was really drunk when he told us that! Another awesome guy made us yell his name in the middle of the street goin " BROTHER MILLER BROTHER MILLER" he was an evangelist for his church. It was hiarious. The best quote of the week form an investigator was, " I have had more stitches than a quilt has." hahah. It was full of a whole lot of other funny and great things, but I don't have time to write them all!
Sister Durfee and I were so blessed this week. I know that I was only an instrument in the Lords hand! He provides miracles when we not only do our part, but we go above and beyond!
All I can be is grateful this week for Heavenly Father! I know that as I have the vision to baptize, work  hard, and trust in the Lord that miracles will happen. I love this work with all my Heart!

I hope you all have a great week!
I love you!!!
Sister Bradley 

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