Monday, February 10, 2014

"I do not boast in myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things."

Dear Family and of course friends,
 Why the title of my letter this week? Well, the reference is Alma 26:12. The scripture and that chapter seems to sum up the week pretty well! This week was probably one of the best weeks of my mission so far! I mean every week is amazing, but this one was definitely better. Heavenly Father works is so merciful and blesses us in SO many ways!
First off this transfer has been pretty rough with investigators and such. Week after week people dropped us or we dropped them. Most people just kept cancelling on us and so on. Well, this last week makes up for all of the previous weeks this transfer.
Alright I will tell you all the amazing things that happened! Let me take you through the week...
Monday: We had great lessons with two Less-actives. The Georges came with us to one of them (ward mission leader).
Tuesday: All of our morning plans fell through so we had to quickly change the schedule because we weren't going to a certain area anymore. It ended up working out because we randomly stopped by our investigator April and we had a great lesson with her!  We saw a less-active woman and her husband, who isn't a member. we had a great time with them and they want to learn again! woo hoo!
We got to do service for the cooks, and then she fed us breakfast for dinner! YUM! We also got to see sister Cahill and we had a super great lesson with her!

Wednesday: We had a fantastic district meeting, and then ate out for the last time as a district before transfers end. They end this week, but we aren't having district meeting. We have a zone meeting this week! We then saw our investigator Maureen. We had one of the best lessons with her. She really understood things! She has read the Book of Mormon twice by the way, Joseph Smith History, Our Heritage, and who knows what else. Isn't that awesome! Then we had a great lesson with the less-active Sister Peirson. We went to New Beginnings because Samantha came!! YEAH!
Thursday: We had a member come with us to a lesson with Jason. He is so great! He loved the plan of salvation. We had an appointment scheduled with April, but she had to cancel. It was alright though because we rescheduled and she told us she was bringing a friend to our next appointment. We then saw the best older couple, Jim and Vivian. We taught them, and Vivian has read a lot of the Book of Mormon. A member came with us to an appointment with a family, but they weren't home. We went to a recent converts instead, and were able to have a good lesson with her. We also were able to help her out a lot!
Friday: The Cahill's took us out to eat, which was really nice! We set up an  appointment with a family, who are now investigators. We got to see the wonderful Brother Alexander! We also got to do more service, and then we saw the Jones. We had a super spiritual lesson with them, and I have never been so bold in my life. Brother Jones while we were reading asks, " Why do we even study the scriptures. A couple years ago or so  I studied John chapter 3 and now I don't remember anything I studied." I looked at him and said, "well... do you want me to tell you." He replies, "yes." I go," well, it is because you aren't reading or praying or going to church. Why do you expect Heavenly Father to help you remember if you aren't doing your part." After that came out of my mouth I was a little shocked. the spirit was totally there and he wasn't offended at all. He just looked at me, and was thinking about it. It was awesome!
Saturday: Saturday we went contacting at the mall. There was a pageant thing at the mall, so there were quite a few people to talk with. A daughter of one of the families we are teaching was in it. We also met some members from Cincinatti. They saw us and were like "Sister missionaries sister missionaries!" It was funny! Then we went to the Georges home, and we went out with them. We went and saw four or five less-actives. It was great! Then the Georges fed us dinner. We went through the whole roster and talked about every person! They are seriously the best Ward mission leaders! They go out with either us or the elders every single day! They are awesome!  We then had a super amazing lesson with Samantha! We really got to know her needs and desires. We sadly had to drop an investigator, because of language barrier, and she just wanted to stick to her catholic religion. It was sad.
Sunday: We finally got to see some of the fruits of our labors! The JONES came to church. Mark Ping, a less-active we have been working with, came to church with his two little boys. Sister Cahill came to church again. Rosa, another less-active, came with her two boys. Last but not least Samantha came to church! It was so nice because the chapel was almost full. Our chapel is a lot smaller by the way. There were over 70 people! WOO HOO! We also taught relief society, and boy oh boy it was a great lesson. The spirit was so strong in that lesson! Half the woman were in tears, it was great!  We had lunch at the Bartletts which was great! One of the Young Woman named Heidi brought a friend to church. Well, her friend wants to learn more and wants to join. We are teaching her today in a couple hours during our p-day because she wants to learn so badly! How cool is that? AWESOME! We are so excited! Her name is Brittany and she is a senior in high school. She works with a few of the young men and women in the branch.
Heavenly Father is so great! This week was so awesome! I am so grateful This next week is the last week of this transfer... I have been here for almost 6 months. I have a high chance of leaving, but I honestly do not want to leave. I will do whatever the Lord wants me to do though.

I hope you all have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!
Sister Bradley

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