Monday, February 24, 2014


Hello there family and friends!

I have left the great area of Somerset Kentucky! My homeland for the last 6 months! CRAZY! I will miss the people there so much, but I am so excited for this new adventure in Richmond. It was hard to say goodbye to some people, but I will see them again when I come back to visit. I have a lot of pictures. I don't know if I will have time to send them this week. I wasn't that excited at first to come to Richmond, but I am so stoked now! It was my time to leave Somerset, and I know I have been sent to Richmond for a reason. 

My new companion is Sister Durfee. She is from Grantsville Utah.  She is amazing! I am sooooooo excited to be with her! We have a lot of the same views on things as missionaries! We are going to work hard and make this area prosper. 

Richmond is an hour north of Somerset. It is 30 minutes from Lexington. There is a University here called Eastern Kentucky University. I am now in a ward. I am also on a bike again! WOO HOO! I am excited to be on a bike again! 

Everyone told me that this area is one of the hardest areas in the mission. They have hardly any Baptisms ever. Well, Sister Durfee and I are going to change that! We are going to work super duper hard, and change everybody's  perspective on the area. 

I now live in a house. It is two floors, two full bathrooms, and three bedrooms. So super nice! A member owns it, so that is why it is nice. 

It is funny because Richmond is where Sister Heywood (my last companion) was before Somerset for 6 months. She trained my MTC companion Sister Hall here, and that is who I replaced. Funny stuff! What is even more hilarious is that I worked in Richmond for a day when I became companions with Sister Heywood. It is really funny!

We are the downtown area, and the elders are in the car on the outside. The elders in Richmond are the zone leaders as well. 

Well, that is about it for the week. I hope you all had a good valentines day! I hope you all have an amazing week!


I love you all!

Love the one and only,
Sister Bradley

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