Monday, January 27, 2014

Sub Zero to Tropics

Hi, How ya'll doing! Yes, I say ya'll all the time now. Don't judge. I love it!!
Well I know you are all wondering why the title is sub zero to tropics. The weather was in the negatives/single digits at the beginning of the week. Then by the end it was in the 60's. The weather here is nutso! I love the change though it is nice.
We went to dinner last Monday at the Richardsons. They are such a cute family! They have this little daughter, who is one, named Ella. She loved me and wouldn't leave me alone the whole time, it was hilarious. It is a rule that we can't hold children or let them sit on our laps. Well... we were sitting on the ground doing family home evening with them, and she just came and sat herself down on my lap. I wasn't going to make her get off because she is just so cute! She kept hugging me and reaching for me to pick her up. It was precious!
There is this less-active couple, the Jones, that we go and visit a couple times a week. Well Brother Jones told us that if either one of us ever leaves they are never letting the missionaries back in their home. He was joking, but they are hilarious. Brother Jones is super sarcastic and Sister Jones never stops talking. It is always an adventure when we go over there. They love Karaoke as well. We told them that they have to do Karaoke for us one day.
We have a new investigator named April. Yes, another April. We had three and now we have two. We are teaching her and her son Michael. They are so humble, and I am so excited to get to know and teach them more.
Sister Crosby and her daughter Brianna are recent converts. They got baptized in August. We are working with them because they are somewhat active. I love going and visiting with them. They are struggling with reading everyday, so we put up sticky notes with chapters or verses all around their house. It was fun! Then every time they read one of the verses or chapters they get to take the sticky note down. It is totally working, and I love it! Sometimes you just have to think of creative ways to help people make read. 
We have this other investigator named Ramona. I feel like she is the perfect investigator. She seriously loves everything we teach her. She asks us a billion questions, but all of them we can answer through the Book of Mormon or Bible. It is awesome! 
Did I ever tell you all about Sister Hamm. Well, she is this older German lady who is less-active. She is a fashionista, and is always dressed super nice! She has this cute accent too!
There is this older couple that we tracted into a couple of weeks ago. Their names are Jim and Vivian. Vivian is this super tiny petite old lady, who has a little amnesia. They are funny and she wanted us to help her do her make-up because she goes to the salon every Wednesday. We will be doing service for them, which is exciting!
 Samantha has a baptismal date for February 1st. She is doing well, and came to church this week. She told us she wanted to be baptized for her grandma. She doesn't know for sure why she wants to be baptized for herself. We are working with her. She keeps all of her commitments, but isn't converted quite yet. We are helping her realize the importance of Baptism and the Book of Mormon. We want her to love the Book of Mormon. She is a very smart girl, and understands the things that the spirit teaches her.

   Amy has a baptismal date for February 8th. She is finally starting to keep commitments! She is realizing that she has to act on her faith in order to gain a solid testimony. She loves the Book of Mormon! I am so excited for her to keep progressing towards conversion and baptism.

  We are still working with many of the less-actives. We are meeting at least one or two new less-actives a week. We are teaching most of them the lessons. We are also leaving commitments with them such as reading, praying, and coming to church. We are hoping that this will help them regain their testimonies. This branch will be a ward by the end of this year! With the help of evreryone I know it can happen!
It was so cool because on Saturday we were so busy we were literally at someones house all day long. We went from one to another with absolutely no free time! It was great! I love super busy days when we don't have to go tracting or anything.

   I love the people here in Somerset Kentucky! I love this work with all my heart! I am so grateful everyday for all the people I get to meet and teach. I love being a servant of the Lord, and seeing miracles happen.
random fact: I have met over ten Breanna's on my mission so far! Crazy huh!
we saw this pillow at walmart with the frozen characters on it. We decided that they made one of them after me! She looks so much like me!! CRAY CRAY!
Well have a great week! I love you all:)
Keep on keepin on!
Love your favorite missionary,
          Sister Bradley

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