Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New President, New transfer, New Investigators!


SHOUT OUT: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my adorable niece ARI this week!!! Also, a shout out to MACIE and MIA who get Baptized on Saturday! I am so excited for you both!
There have been many wonderful miracles that have happened this week in Richmond! We are working with amazing people!
So...One day this week we got to go to a  wedding reception! haha. It was a Sister who got married and she was one of Sister Vikari's old companions. She is my grandma in the mission world posterity! It was fun and we got permission to go! Don't worry we wouldn't have gone without permission. Obedience in Key! haha. 

We did some great service projects this week! These members bought a new house, but it had been foreclosed for the last 4 years. Sister Vikari and I got the privilege of cutting down all the bushes around the house! They just let us go at it, and we had the bush clippers or choppers ( whatever they are called). We did that for two hours straight. We weren't prepared to do yard work because they said it would be in the house. Needless to say we had no gloves, we had capri's on, and we are in Kentucky. GOT EATEN ALIVE BY WHO KNOWS WHAT KIND OF BUGS, SPIDERS, CHIGGERS, THORNES, etc. It also downpoured in the middle of it, which was a nice cool off! I enjoyed every second of it and would do it again! It was very rewarding to see mounds and mounds of bushes gone BYE BYE!

That same day that we did the bushes we went over to see Destiny! Nikki wasn't home, so we decided it would be fun to surprise Nikki by cleaning! We cleaned the kitchen, and then we cleaned and organized Destiny's room! I loved it! Nikki really appreciated it as well! 

Sam - He is going to be baptized on July 19th! He is doing really well! His wife got baptized a few weeks ago and is doing great! Sam has already read the whole Book of Mormon and is going through it a second time. He truly has prayed and received that witness that the Book of Mormon is true! Him and his wife have three beautiful children and one on the way! I know that the Gospel will continue to bless their lives and that they can get sealed in the Temple one day! 

Kelly - We had an amazing lesson with her this week! We taught her the Doctrine of Christ by reading  2 Nephi 31! It was super powerful and she loved every second of it! She finally has work off and gets to come to church this Sunday! She is getting Baptized on July 26th

(NEW) Mckayla- She is an 11 year old who is the niece  to a less-active in the ward. She is going to be Baptized on July 30th. We taught her and her mom for little while back in March, but had to drop them due to them moving. She is reading the Book of Mormon and decided to come to church for the first time yesterday. She said she enjoyed it and wants to come again! We are excited to continue working with her! Hopefully we will start working with her mom again soon.  

(NEWish) Wei - He is this amazing guy that is from Shanghai  China! He is searching for the truth and has a strong desire to learn. We watched the hour long restoration DVD with him in a members home this week. He really enjoyed it and it touched him. He is slowly gaining a testimony, and it is fantastic to watch him grow! He is HILARIOUS! He told us this story about how he found a quarter on the ground and it was a UTAH quarter! It was a "sign" haha!

(NEW) Carrie  and Jose . They are a couple that we met this week! We were able to find and teach them for the first time this week. They are amazing! They are going to get married soon which will be great! She was so excited to read the Book of Mormon! 

(NEW) Judith and her family. We didn't get to meet her husband because he was working, but we met her two cute little boys! They moved here from Kenya 8 months ago. She is super cool! She speaks 3 languages. One of them being Swahili! We meet with them this week for the first lesson! SO EXCITED!

This week was great! With all great things there has to be opposition,but that didn't stop Sister Bradley and Sister Vikari! 

PRAYER: this week please pray that Sam can come to church, and the Wei will accept a Baptismal date! Thank you! 

INVITATION: I invite you all to watch the hour long Restoration DVD if you haven't in a while! It truly is an amazing video! 

"Shall we not go on in so great a cause!" 
Love you! 

Have a fabulous week!

Sister Bradley

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