Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Radical Richmond for another 6 weeks!

Well hello my dear family and friends,

I am pleased to tell you  that I get to be in Richmond with Sister Vikari for another transfer!! WOO HOO!!!

Monday- We went to a trampoline park with Hadli! It was super fun! I still have some tricks up my sleeve! For those who know skills I got to do double tucks and pikes, half-outs, all the twisting skills, whips, and some other fun things!  When we drove up there we got to ride on the ferry which was cool!

 trampoline park!
Sam Lyon told us he wanted and was ready to be baptized!!!!!!!! He told us he had quit smoking for two weeks already. He has to come to church two more times, so he will be baptized on July 12th. We are super excited! He has a testimony of the Gospel and is truly ready for Baptism! His wife Roxy is doing very well. She is absorbing the Gospel. She asked us who her home teachers were and wants to be involved. It is amazing! I can truly see them going to the temple in a year to be sealed as a family! 

our awesome district! Our zone all got hats so we wore them for out district picture! Thugs for real!
We are teaching a former named Wei. He was an investigator back in January of this year. He was dropped because they lost contact with him. Sister Durfee had told me all about him when I first came into the area. We always had a hope that we would see him or that he would call us. Well, Sister Vikari's first week here he called, but we were in a lesson and could not answer. We tried calling back but it was a number that you could not call back on. I prayed and prayed that he would somehow get in contact with us again. This last week he searched the universities data base and found Shannon Crouch's e-mail address and e-mailed her. She was his fellowship when he was being taught! He contacted her and said that he wanted to come to church! He came to church yesterday and we are going to start teaching him again this week! We are so excited! He is so prepared and ready for the Gospel! 

Kelly is doing well. She is reading and praying everyday. She is searching for that witness and truth of the Gospel. She is also related to Joseph Smith!!  Her family is big on genealogy. We thought that was pretty cool. There are so many things that have led her to the Gospel! I am so excited for her to continue to progress! 

Lindseys  leaving. She goes on her mission next week! She came out with us all the time and is amazing!
We dropped quite a few investigators this week, and many dropped us. We are going to be finding new people quite a bit this week. We know that the Lord is going to direct us on where we need to go and how we can best go about finding new investigators who are ready for the best message of their lives!

I hope you all have a fabulous week! I love you!
Sister Bradley

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