Wednesday, June 11, 2014

His Grace is Sufficient!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cute nephew KAYLEB Winward on Wednesday! I love you!

For all of you that know what key indicators are we got 22 Member presents this week! That is a lot for our mission! It was crazy! All of our leaders keep asking how did you do that?? It was funny!  We had members with us almost every hour of the day. It was amazing. We were able to teach many great lessons with members. We also had many times when members were with us but appointments fell through. Luckily, we have backups for that reason. I am so grateful for all of the members and how willing they are to come out and teach with us. They are simply amazing. We now call ourselves Richmond Sisters who don't bike, because members are with us all the time! 

Roxy gets baptized this week! That is exciting! She really is prepared for this. She is trying her best to stay strong and continue to grow in the Gospel while being a mother and being pregnant. We are excited for her!
a funny sign we saw.
We are working with this fantastic person named Kelly! She saw the Elders at the library and waited for the Elders to come out of the Library one day, so she could talk to them. She told them she wanted to learn more. We met with her a couple times this week! She is more than prepared! She has been through a lot in life, but knows this is what she needs. She is reading the Book of Mormon, and wants to know if it is true. She has such a strong desire. She has a baptismal date for July 12th!

dulcimers- an instrument here
Tom is continuing to progress. He is the one that is Jehovah's witness. We had a great lesson with him the other night on the Plan of Salvation and were able to address and answer many of his questions and concerns. 

I went on an exchange this week with Sister Durfee!! That is old companion! It was so much fun!! It was an easy exchange because we already taught well together. We contacted these people and literally for three straight sentences we said the same exact thing. After the contact we walked away and started laughing so hard because we are still unified! haha. It was hilarious! It was a great day and we were able to teach some amazing lessons! 
Third art hands- they are all over town.

We are meeting with this amazing couple as well! There names are Alexxis and Dario. We taught them for the first time this last week and they are so prepared! They have a baptismal date for July 19th! 

Crystal is a less-active that lives across the lawn from us! She is amazing! She is quitting smoking and it is great because she is doing everything she can! She got a blessing, fasted, and had us fast. She comes to us whenever she needs a little boost. She is reading, praying, and doing everything in her power to do what is right! I am so excited for her! Her goal is the temple!!

We went to Berea last Monday with an investigator! It was super fun! Berea is a town 15 minutes away that is super crafty and cute! I will send pictures from that day! 

Huge rocking chair
I watched a talk this week called His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox. I invite you all to go and watch it! Just search it on I loved it and I know you will too! It is all about Grace and the enabling power of the Atonement! 

I love working with Sister Vikari. She is so much fun! We have a great relationship, and work well together. She is an amazing missionary, and I have learned so much in the short amount of time that we have been together. I am so grateful every single day that I get to be with such an amazing sister! 

Everything is great in good ole Kentucky! I am working on my accent everyday! 
Sister Bradley


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