Monday, June 16, 2014


HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the wonderful FATHERS out there!!! 


ROXY GOT BAPTIZED this week!!!!!! It was an amazing experience as always! She had such a glow when she came up out of the water. She couldn't stop smiling the rest of the day! She felt the spirit so strongly and knew that she had truly made the right decision! We went to a fireside last night and she bore her testimony! It was so precious!  I hope her husband Sam will come around now and be Baptized. He is slowly but surely progressing. I love to see this family continue to progress in the Gospel! It is truly changing them! 

Kelly is doing fantastic! She is reading everyday and praying to know the truth. She asks us questions and she is right on track! She had a slight concern about Nephi killing Laban, but we were able to hopefully resolve that. We are praying that she will be able to come to church. It is hard for her because she works almost every Sunday. She is seriously so prepared though! She found the missionaries and she wants so badly to know the truth of the Book of Mormon! 

We are doing  an 8 week program with our ward called the M&MTC. It is the Member missionary training center. We teach the members how they can be missionaries. We help them answer questions that they have been asked. We do roleplays with them. It is great!!  The members are loving it, and we are starting to see a change in there confidence. We are excited to see them progress in missionary work! 

We started working with a couple of former investigators this week. We are working with a couple Brenda and Jason.They are a young couple who need direction in their life. They are also wanting to start a family, so it is the perfect time for them to have the Gospel!  We are also working with Heather

. She was recently dating a less-active member, but is no longer doing so. We are hoping that she will gain a testimony now that He is not holding her back. She has been to church many times, and has even spoken in church. She is amazing! I know she is going to receive that witness that the Book of Mormon is true!

We were meeting with one investigator named Chastity. She is simply amazing!  She has many friends that are members and that is how we found her. Well, she told us last week that after we came the first time her kids have been playing " Mormon Bible School." They take the Book of Mormons and pretend like they are reading them and her daughter teaches her son. They call themselves Sister Maddie and Sister Jack. I thought that was hilarious! She told us she had to confiscate the Book of Mormon's from them! haha. 

We got permission to go to Relay for life this week! We went with some members and contacted people all evening. They did the awesome lighting ceremony and lit the lanterns like tangled! It was really cool! It was amazing as well because all the stories they told of people that had cancer all involved God and Jesus Christ in their story. They all said that they wouldn't have made it through without God and Jesus Christ! 

I found out at zone conference that an investigator in Somerset that I found who was supposed to get Baptized soon died. That was very sad. I know that he will be able to get his temple work done though! 
We had zone conference this week with President and Sister Woodbury! It was their last one. They leave next week:( so sad! The theme of zone conference was the Book of Mormon! All the training's were on the Book of Mormon! It was amazing and spiritually exhausting! I learned so much! The Book of Mormon truly is the most powerful and correct Book on the earth! It can bring you closer to God and Jesus  Christ more than any other Book!  It powerfully testifies of Christ and his suffering and sacrifice for us! I invite you all to read the Book of Mormon again. Pray to know the truth of it if you haven't already. If you have pray to know the truth again and re-confirm that testimony of it. Go through and highlight all of your favorite scriptures of Christ! Also, read 1 Nephi 1-4 and compare that to the Restoration of the Gospel! It is amazing how the correlate in every way! Christ, Nephi, Abinadi, Moroni, Joseph Smith etc. all suffered SO much so that we could have the Book of Mormon today! Are you using it to it's fullest? What will you tell them when you see them again? Will you be able to tell them that you used the Book of Mormon to your fullest ability! I hope I do and I hope you do as well! 

I hope you all have a marvelous week! Enjoy the sunshine and remember Smile, Be happy! 

I am going to do a new thing at the end of my e-mail and that is ask for all of you to pray for someone specific that we are working with! 

Prayer: Sam. Please pray that he may gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon! He is amazing! 

I love you all!

Sister Bradley

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