Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happiness runs in a circular motion!‏

Well hola family and friends!!!

I hope y'all had a wonderful week full of happiness, joy, and fun!

Shoutout to RICK WINWARD my awesome Brother in law! HAPPY BIRTHDAY next Sunday! Have a great day!

 We did service for quite a few people this week. I really feel that by the time we are done doing service for the Christensen's in our ward I am going to know how to flip a house! We went over there this last week and helped. Dad, you will be so proud! I power washed their house and gutters. They didn't know how to work the power washer so I volunteered to do it. It was a lot of fun! I had to clean out their gutters too! It was quite an adventure! I will send pictures to show!

Last Monday we went over to a members an hour or so before P-day ended and we played hand and foot with them, Kara, and a nonmember. It was super fun! Sister Vikari and I also earlier that day played ticket to ride at this board game place! I love games on p-day! 

We had interviews this week! That was exciting! We had a great training from the assistants. President and Sister Brough are great! I love them! 

The work:

Wei- He is progressing more and more everyday. We had a few lessons with him this last week. His faith is growing! We read Ether 12 with him and he really understood it. The member that came with us to his lesson was completely on his level and helped a lot. It was wonderful to see Wei feel the spirit and grow his faith. He came to church again and loved it! He is great! We also after one of our lessons took him to ice cream because he was so down and out. It was super fun to make his day happier!

Heather- She is doing great as well! She came to church this week! She is cruising through the Book of Mormon and understands it very well! We hope that she will recognize her answer soon. She knows it is true and has to see that in herself. She is truly ready for baptism! 

The Lyon family- Well I have some great news with the Lyon family for you! After Roxy dropped us on Wednesday. ( YES a recent convert tried to drop us...hahaha)  she called on Saturday night and said she and the kids wanted to come to church. We were ecstatic and frantically found a ride for them. They came to church and seemed great! We are grateful that her non interest didn't last long.

Brittany- We were able to pick Brittany up as a new investigator this week. We had our first lesson with her, and she had visited mormon.org. Most people don't really visit that website when we invite them to. We were able to teach her the restoration with a member and she loved it! The spirit was strong and she committed to baptism for august 30th. She is truly one who we were lead to that is prepared for the gospel right now. She is fantastic! 

There were a few miracles this week that I wanted to tell you about. 
1- We went tracting in a place that I have felt prompted to tract. While we tracted we didn't gain any new investigators just potentials and a few referrals. We were on splits the next day and I went to try the referral that we hadn't contacted yet. Well, I am happy to say that we gained a new investigator. I know that it is a family, but we don't know how big or anything yet. We talked to the husband Tony and he was very open and wanted us to come back! I am excited to see him and his family this week! 

2- That same day on splits we were able to try a house of a former investigator who moved. Sister Vikari felt prompted to try it and see who had moved in. Well, We did and we gained another new investigator. We prayed with him and he said he was looking for a church. He is engaged, so we have an appointment with them on Wednesday. 

3- Also that same day while on splits we tried a potential that I had felt prompted to try, and sure enough another new investigator. He was awesome! His name is Kayleb and he already has a Book of Mormon. He is so ready for this great gospel! 

Those were all very exciting miracles that happened this week!  This is truly the Lords work as all of those were promptings that we were able to follow and Heavenly Father provided new people to teach! The moral of the story is always follow the spirit! 

It was a fabulous week in the life of Sister Bradley! Stay tuned next week as transfer calls are this Saturday...What will happen next...TO BE CONTINUED.

Prayer this week: Pray for Heather to recognize her answer!

Challenge: Everyone should pray specifically for the missionaries serving in your ward or area. Also pray for their investigators by name too!

I love you all and hope you have a splendid week! 

For the Bradley family...HAVE FUN AT THE TETONS!!! 

Sister Bradley

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