Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Crazy, interesting, sad, awesome, etc... week!‏

HELLO MY WONDERFUL FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!! Welcome to the best blog of your life where you get to read about the good ole mission life in Kentucky! 

SHOUT OUT: to ADDIE my adorable niece whose Birthday is this week!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Nana Loves you!

Well let me tell you about my week....

Tuesday- We had zone conference in Lexington! I got to meet the new Mission President and his wife, President and Sister Brough. He is hilarious!!! They are so great!! We all stood in a line as they came in, so they could meet all of us. Sister Vikari and I think we are hilarious, so we decided to sing a song to him when he got to us. We sang the primary song "Hello Hello" we changed some of the lyrics though. He loved it! He has lived in many places around the world because he was in the air force. The training's were great, and of course I learned a lot! After zone conference was over President got a call from Sister Vikari's mom that her aunt had passed away. She was really close to her aunt. President let her talk to her mom, and they decided to take us home instead of the elders. It was really sad, and I just tried to comfort her. She is such a  strong sister!! President and Sister Brough drove us home and took us out to eat at Olive Garden. We got to know them and talk with them! They truly are amazing! Sister Vikari is doing well and is so strong!  


Wei-   He is as amazing as ever! He came to church for the 4th time yesterday. He is still on track for Baptism on July 26th. He is praying about the date, but we know that he is ready for Baptism. He meets all of the requirements in D&C 20:37. It is amazing how much happier he has become as he has grown in the Gospel! We taught him a lesson on Faith, and that is the thing he is working on right now. He is a very logical and scientific thinker. He hasn't relied on faith much in his life. He believes that his faith can grow as he exercises it. We were able to read Alma 32 with him. Brother Simmons in our ward came with us. He was an asset to the lesson and was able to help Wei understand faith from a scientists perspective. It was fantastic! 
We also taught Tom Jackson! We had a great lesson with him about recognizing the spirit! It was a great lesson! 

Kelly- We weren't able to teach her  this week because of her crazy work schedule. We saw her briefly on Saturday evening to make sure she was coming to Church. She was and then Sunday morning her cat ruined her clothes, so she didn't come. I was devastated because I really want her to make her Baptismal date for August 2nd. She is still on track, but with her work it will be hard for her to come two Sundays in a row.  I know that the Lord can provide a miracle and make that happen! She was sad as well because she really wanted to come to church. She is still doing everything else though, and continuing to grow! She is amazing! I just love her!

Sam- Sam is back on board. He explained to us that he is working a night shift job from 10-10. That prevents him from coming to church for now. We are going to see if he would like to attend sacrament in the 11:00 a.m. ward. We will continue to work with him. He told us he still wants to be baptized and he wants to be baptized soon! 

Carrie- She was in a predicament this week that caused her to get injured pretty badly.  It was heartbreaking to see her in so much pain, but she was very positive about it. She said that all she did was pray! The elders were able to give her a blessing. She said that she felt the Spirit so strongly. She told us she had been reading and praying. She also said that she knew the Book of Mormon was true. She knows that she is on the right path, and is hopeful and excited about what the Lord has in store for her. I am so ecstatic to continue to teach her!

Chastity- We have been working with her for a few months. She is friends with a member in the ward. We have only met with her a few times because of her busy schedule. She has two children who are 9 and 4. They are great! We were blessed to be able to teach her the Plan of Salvation this week. She loved it, and it really made her think. I know that she is taking the things Heavenly Father is teaching her and really pondering them. She asks some of the best questions. Her desire is to just do what is right and what the Lord wants her to do. 

The Richmond ward is so AMAZING! They continue to be better member missionaries everyday! We might not receive a lot of referrals from them, but they are trying to share the Gospel. They are great at fellowshipping and coming out to lessons with us. They are so loving, and have so much charity!

We ate at members homes every single night this week! It was crazy! We had some great lessons with the members!! 

I tried Kentucky HOTBROWNS!! A Kentucky specialty! They were pretty good,but very thick and rich! It is toasted bread with turkey, ham, cheese sauce, bacon and tomato on them. 

Youth Conference was this week at EKU! We were walking on campus to an appointment and I got to see some members from Somerset!!! So exciting! I got to talk to the Cooks! It was great!! 

I hope you all have a fantabulous week! 
Love you! 

Sister Bradley

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