Tuesday, July 22, 2014


We had sooooooooooooooo much food these last 2 weeks! I don't want to eat out ever again. I don't want to eat ever again... just kidding! We really have had so much food though.  Members have taken us out to eat so much and we have been fed more than ever before. We ate with members  every day for either lunch, dinner, or both! CRAZY!  It was nice and I am super grateful, but it is so much food! haha...

Sister Vikari's birthday was this week! She had a wonderful birthday! I put up signs all over the house for her.  We went out to cracker barrel with a bunch of the woman from the ward. That was super fun! Another member took us out to dessert that day. We taught some super spiritual lessons and it was great!! 

Investigator, recent convert, and less-active time:

Carrie- She and her boyfriend Jose are amazing! We had a lesson with them, their neighbor Samantha, and her kids. It was five investigators with us and a member! We taught the plan of salvation! They all loved it and the spirit was strong! Carrie and Jose were going to come to church this week, but Carrie was sick unfortunately. 

Wei- He is doing well. We found out a lot more about him this week. He has three degrees. He is a doctor of medicine. He has a degree in microbiology, and in genetics. He is going to school right now for his masters in computer science. He went to John Hopkins for two of his degree's. He is so smart, which is great! We are working with him on faith, and how he can grow his faith. He is amazing! He will be baptized on August 2nd hopefully!

Heather- She is so great! She understands the Book of Mormon so well! She could get baptized any day, but she just has to recognize her testimony that she has! I love her, and she always does fun things with us on P-day! 

JEFF- He is back!!!!! He is back and better than ever! He is not going to let satan stop him from being happy anymore! I was so happy when he decided to come back! He is great! If you didn't know he was baptized in April. 

Mutai family- the mutai family is so cool! They are the ones from Kenya. They have two adorable little boys who are 7 and 3. We are working with them and they are starting to understand more and have more of a desire to learn. They are just so amazing! 

CRYSTAL- She is a member we have been working with. She lives across the lawn from us. She is the best! She came out with us to some lessons this last week, and sang to us amazing grace! It was hilarious! She is always making us laugh and she calls us her children! She is one awesome woman! She is going to come out to Utah next summer and I said that she can stay with me! I hope that is okay mom and dad! haha

We got to go to a fireside last night in Lexington! Those are always fun! Jeff and Jada came with us! They are awesome! The firesides are for investigators and recent converts. It is cool for all them to see that they aren't the only ones taking the lessons and going through trials. 

We did service at the Christensen's again this week. It was the classic cutting down trees and such! Yea, we cut down another forest! haha. 

The coolest thing happened in Sacrament meeting yesterday. There is a family who has four autistic boys. The mother was there alone without her husband yesterday because he was out of town. They were passing the water during the sacrament and they missed one of the boys who is 8 or 9. He starts crying and is super upset that he didn't get the water. They got it to him and he was so happy when they did. It was touching though because that is how we should all be when we don't get to partake of the sacrament. It is an ordinance that we get to have every week to help us renew our covenants, remember the Savior, and complete the repentance process. It made me that much more grateful for the sacrament and that I get to have it every week! Children are such great examples! 

We got this super cool red shelving thing that was on the side of the road from out neighbor that was getting rid of it. We decided to take it, so we could put all of our media in it! It looks so cool! I am sending a picture of it! 

I hope that everyone had a great week and is enjoying their summer! I can't believe TnT Nationals were in Louisville this last weekend and were so close to me! Cray cray! 

I love you all! 

Prayer: Please pray for Wei that he will recognize his testimony. Pray for Heather that she will as well. 

Challenge: This week I invite you all to read Alma 5, and ponder it. I read that this week and it is so powerful! How converted are you???

Sister Bradley 

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