Monday, October 21, 2013


The title of my e-mail this week is just fitting. Let me tell you why!
Well on Saturday they had a thing downtown called Zombie walk. We went and contacted for a couple hours, and boy was it fun! We talked to a ton of people! There were a lot of people dressed as zombies, but we talked to them anyways. We will hopefully get some new investigators since we talked  to so many people!

I crashed on my bike yesterday. Yes mom I am still alive and fine. We were going down a hill and I was going pretty fast. I was trying to be cool like my companion. Well I accidentally went off of the sidewalk onto the grass. I tried to get back on the sidewalk, but that did not work out so well. My handle bars went all crazy and my bike went down. I skidded across the sidewalk and everything flew out of my bag. Sister Peterson was ahead of me, and just heard the noise. I got up and my hands were all bloody along with my elbow and knee. I was more mad because it ruined my shirt, belt, and skirt. My hands/arms and my knee are pretty bruised today, but what can you do. I am all good and life is great! The tire on my bike is bent up, so I have to get that fixed. 

We met this older couple while tracting this week. We chatted with them, and he was in the army, and had a lot of inventions. He told us of one invention that he made for cars. He modified his car and he drove across the whole country on one tank of gas. I thought he was joking at first, but he was dead serious. We talked about it, and he said he couldn't tell us  anything about it. He told us that he tried to sell it to different companies, but they wouldn't buy it. They won't because of people high up in the company that would lose their jobs and money if they bought it. He said that when he got home from trying to sell it there were cops waiting at his house for him. They told him  that if he ever reveals that invention they will throw him in jail. I thought it was pretty cool! I was skeptical about it at first, but by the end I totally believed him. Wouldn't it be nice to drive across the country on one tank of gas!
We met another older couple who is in our branch this week. They are the Hensleys. They are like one of three people in the branch that live in our area. He was a combat surgeon for the army, psychologist, and realtor. He has done a lot in his life. His wife was an engineer for the army, a realtor, and a beautician. Brother Hensley said he could tell our personalities just by looking at us. We didn't say one thing about ourselves and he told me I was a natural born leader and headstrong. It was funny! He then proceeded to tell me about my future husband. He said I would have a husband who is also a leader. He said he would be a millionaire!! oh yeah! He also said specific dates that would be important. It was weird, but he is an awesome guy! Sister Hensley was baptized this past April. She was really nice! We are going to their house again this week! I am excited!
I would tell you cool spiritual stories about investigators, but we only had  a few lessons this week. Yea, so sorry about that.
Transfers are tomorrow, but I am not getting transferred. Elder Chrichton, the big samoan guy and our district leader, is getting transferred. I am really sad about that! He was an awesome district leader! We are going to a going away dinner for him tonight. 

I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you all!!
Sister Bradley

We had a low week with investigators, and everything, so it was a dead (zombie) week. We probably tracted like 20 hours this week and contacted almost 200 people. The average that we contact normally is around 100. We are working hard to find new investigators because we had to drop so many. We are back to square one, but it is all good. You just keep pushing along. 

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