Monday, October 21, 2013


I can't believe I have been out for 2 Months! That is crazy business!
 Funny stories of the week: 
    Our neighbor who is an older guy thought that we were nuns. He asked us if we were allowed to get married. We told him we could after our mission. He then asked if we can have kids. We told him we could after our mission, and after we were married. He then said, " Well God bless ya, hope you have a lot of kids." It was pretty funny! That is definitely on the top ten of strange things that have been said to us.
While we were tracting we came across a lady who said she would pray with us. Before we prayed with her I asked her what her name was. She then said, "sorry, Robin." I am pretty dumb, and didn't hear her say Robin, so I go " well nice to meet you sorry, that is a cool name I have never heard it before." Definitely a "could of had a V-8 moment right there." It was slightly embarrassing but oh well. 
The branch had a trunk or treat and chili cook off on Saturday night. We invited a lot of people, but no one we invited showed up. Not much we can do when people have their agency. It was a lot of fun though. The kids were all dressed up and looked really cute. The four of us missionaries had to judge the chili cook off. Yea, I tried two of them and  then just let the other three judge.
The weather this week was sort of crazy! We had fog every single morning. It rained quite a few days this week too. When it rained it was usually a misty rain. We would still get soaked because it was a constant mist. It was strange. It is starting to get chilly at night, but still pretty warm! 

Brittany, the 12 year old girl, is doing really well. She is understanding all that a 12 year old mind can understand. She has such a strong desire to get baptized, which is so great. She is doing better with keeping her commitments, but we are still working with her on scripture reading. She came to church yesterday, so that was exciting. We will be setting a new baptismal date with her this week since the other one fell through. She is our only progressing investigator right now, but I know we will have more by the end of this week.
Things are starting to look up more in Somerset. We are getting more investigators slowly but surely. The members are getting more involved, which is really nice. I am excited to start teaching all of our new investigators this week.
We had zone meeting this week, which is always great! I love being able to learn more, and know how I can be a better missionary. It is also fun to  get to know other missionaries.
The new Elder in Somerset with us is Elder Beale. He is from New Mexico and has been out for 14 months. I worked with his sister in law Ariel at Pizza Pie Cafe. I thought that was pretty funny.

Well that is about it for the week! I love Somerset Kentucky and all the people here! I hope all of you have a fantastic week!
Love you all!
    Sister Bradley

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