Sunday, October 13, 2013


What is up family and friends?! I hope you all had an awesome week!
  How did everyone like general conference? I thought it was amazing! I loved it all! I loved S. Gifford Nelsons talk he was so enthusiastic.
Well lets just say that this week has been interesting. We went from three baptismal dates to zero.
We tried Louise three days in a row and she wasn't there. The last night we went over there she wasn't home. Her neighbor said she was next door at her other neighbors apartment. Well we called her before we walked over, and a lady answered saying we had the wrong number. Well we decided to go over to the neighbors apartment that she was at. We walked over and the door was open. I looked in and saw Louise. I said, " Hi Louise." Her friend looked at us and told us to go away and was just rude. Louise hid behind her friend while she yelled at us. Her friend was also the one who answered the phone ans said it was the wrong number. It was weird and I was pretty upset. She texted us the next day and told us she was simply not interested.
  Brittany's baptismal date was dropped because she needed to come to conference and didn't. She forgot about conference. We are still working with her though.
We don't know for sure if Debbie is still interested or not. She cancelled on us the other day. We saw her yesterday morning and her neighbor yelled at us and told us to get off the property or he would call the cops. He said there was no soliciting allowed. She just told us it would be best to leave. We asked her if she was still interested, but she wouldn't answer. We will see about that, but we aren't going back to those apartments.
We met a lady named Jackie who writes poems for God. They were actually really good!
We were bringing our bikes into our apartment one night, and a cat ran in. We chased it from room to room trying to get it out. We were making weird noises and doing everything we could to get it out. We were finally able to chase it out. It was really funny!
Oh my goodness listen to this funny story. I called a person the other day and they didn't answer so I left a message. This is what I said in the message, " Hi this is the sister missionaries we were just calling to see if we could meet with you sometime. We are so grateful for thee... (pause as I realize what I just said)." Sister Peterson was laughing her head off. I started laughing and then I tried to say our phone number. I said the first three numbers and then Sister Peterson had to finish. It was hilarious! I literally was saying a prayer or something in the middle of a voicemail. I hope that person doesn't hate us! haha. It was really funny though.
That was about it for the week. There was nothing to exciting. We did a lot of service for members of our branch and other people. We stayed super busy though!
I hope you all have a fantastic week!
Love you all!!
Sister Bradley

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